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Chapter 477, the news of the big snake, plan!

I heard the three words of "big snake pill", and everyone originally wanted to attack.

At this time, the big snake pills with pale faces, from the mouth of this python, actually drill out, and the inexplicable mucus is covered.

"It's really a long time, you."

The big snake pills were drilled out from the python and standing on the ground, with a inexplicable smile.

Seeing the appearance of the big snake pills, there were a disliked look on the face of Brahi and Black Soil, almost a step back to the rear.

"Where have you been in this time?"

Looking at the big snake pills, there are some excited open mouths.

Since the last time of the wooden leaves, the big snake pill was killed by the right, and he had always been secretly looking for the big snake pill. After all, the secret of the big snake pill can be re-answer.

Unfortunately, the big snake pill is to hide, how can it be able to find a way.

In the face of the concern, the big snake face is also looking at it.

"Really miserable, no agency, throwing an arm, there is no way to re-first."

The big snake scratches with a taunt.

"Your guy !!" "" "The tap does not help but get the green gluner, and you can't let your fist on the face of the big snake.

"Okay! This is not your two sizes, how did you find here!"

The four generations of Lei Yai interrupted the other side of the two, and there was some unhappy opening. He didn't remember that there was an invitation to the big snake pill.

Originally, the four generations of Lei Ying Ai thought it was a lot of snake pills, but he just saw the looks also surprised, obviously he didn't know that the big snake pill would appear here.

In the face of the hostility and vigilance of the four generations of Lei Yai, the big snake spirit is unchanged, and the tongue has a lick.

"To say, thank you Miss Black."

Big snake pill looks to the direction of black soil, and the low laughs.

Black Soil face changed, when is it!

The black tissue is extremely unhappy to see the big snake pills, as if it is ready to attack.

"Wait a moment!"

Bark is suddenly opened, and the eyes are tightly staring at the big snake pill:

"Since you said you follow the black soil, then your direction should be the country of the earth!"

This is coming!

There is a slight change in the scene, and some vigilant look at the big snake pills, not everyone suspects the big snake pills. It is really a relatively low credibility of the big snake pill. It is not a bad doubt!

"Reassured, I can do anything with Yuxioba."

The big snake pill is open, helpless open mouth, after the tone of the big snake pill, followed by everyone:

"In addition, remind you one thing, no matter what kind of plan you discuss,"

"What do you mean?" Located on his face with a dignified look, looking to the big snake pill.

"You are not very curious, why didn't Yishibo spots don't shoot? Others may not know, but it happens to be clear."

The big snake pill licks his lips, and the sound slightly has some hoarse openings, as if not thinking about something, can't help with a slight shower.

At this moment, everyone can obviously feel the fear of the big snake pills.

"So what happened?"

The Spiritual Spiritual shock to the big snake pill, and asked.

"Yu Zhibo spheres have been defeated in the hands of the right fight, not what you imagine over fierce battle, but in a short period of time out of the victory."

"This is why, the right fight is constantly moving, the Sui Zhiwei has no movement."

The big snake pill is low and hoarse, and the sound is slowly introduced into the ear of everyone.

One time!

The entire atmosphere suddenly became extremely heavy.

Yuxi spots have lost, and it is still the winning or loss of the short time!

Everyone in the field thought of all kinds of Yuxi Bouchers did not shoot the reason, but everyone never thought that Sui Zhi Bume would be so easy to lose in the hands of the right fight.

If it is true, then they have nothing to discuss here, I have seen a hint.


"Yu Zhiwa is so easy to lose the right of the right fight, why didn't kill Unexpell?

Black Soil suddenly realized what, widened to see the big snake pill, and doubt.

With the relationship between the right fight with Yishibo spots, it is a very strange thing to kill the opponent but do not move.

When I heard the black soil, everyone returned to God at this time, just because it was too surprised, it didn't realize this.

In the face of the doubtful eyes, the big snake pills shit shit.

"This is also where I don't understand and doubt. Unfortunately, I was too far away, otherwise, maybe I heard something."

The big snake pill is licking his lips, but there is no unfortunate expression on his face.

If it is approaching, I am afraid that the first time will be killed by the right fight. At that time, I have to die again.

It is another thing that can be resurrected.

"Big snake pill, you appear here, is it to tell us?"

The four generations of Lei Ying Ai Light is indifferent to the big snake pills, and the tone is unhappy.

So said by the big snake pill, even Yuxi Bo pointers are not right opponents, no matter what they are doing, they have failed, which makes the four generations of Lei Ying Ai extremely unhappy.

"Hey, I appear here, I will tell you, don't do these useless work anymore."

Big snake pills don't have slightly hidden tidal iron, let the black soil and others have exposed a poor eye.

Located on your face, the big snake pills said that it is always so angry.

However, it is also very understanding of the big snake pill. Since the other party said, it will inevitably have a way, otherwise, the big snake pill will not appear here.

"Say, big snake pills, what plans do you have?"

The four-generation Lei Ying, which is also born, and suddenly the big snake pill, and quickly open the mouth.

"I really have a plan, but in advance, there is a thing, whether it is Yun Yin Village, or rock can't keep it."

Big snake pills looked at it, and then spoken to everyone.


The four generations of Lei Ying Amy's clenched fists, there is a blue electric house on the wrist flashing, making a sound in the sound.

Some worry is a little concern, but very fast, the four-generation Lei Yai Ai, who was originally clenched, reached the fist.

He is clear that this is a fact!

On the side of the black soil face is equally embarrassed, more is a kind of unfortunate, whether it is Yuxi wave spot, or right, it is not their deal with them.

"I am sorry, grandpa will."

Black Soil in the heart of the low language.

The news of Dashewarm has already been confirmed by them, so the wild wood in the village is naturally pretended.

But even if you know that there is a fake, what can I do?

They may be able to kill the fake wild wood, but how should Yishibo spots deal with it, once a war with Unexpected Boss, the entire rocky village will be destroyed half.

At that time, how many civilians who died were temporarily unexpected, and the village was destroyed. But their hope of victory is extremely embarrassing. After all, Unexpello,, corner, Dida, these people are not weak.

What's more, there is also a part of the high-rise in the village, and also counts the escape of Yu Zhibo spots to resist the attack on the fog hidden village.

"Before this, I made a transaction with Yuxi Bao, I got a lot of useful information, plus some of my guess, my plan has a certain prototype."

"I don't know the reason I don't kill Yizhi Boss, but when the fog hidden village is unified, this reason will appear."

"At that time, our opportunity appeared!"

The big snake pill is close to a cold, hoarse whisper.

As for this opportunity, what should I do if I don't have any? Everyone in the field did not ask this question.

"So what you mean is that in the case of Yanyin Village, Yun Yin Village is destroyed, try to save the power of the parties, waiting for this opportunity to appear."

Black Soil has understood the probably of the plan of the big snake pill.

"Is it saved?"

Bark is slightly flashing, with a thinking look on his face, injecting a feasibility.

"I know what you are thinking, intend to surrender with sandy village, then save the power of the village."

"I advise you not have this idiot idea, people in the fog hidden village are not a fool, Sandy Village can surrender, it is because they have certain cooperation relationships between their hidden villages, plus sandy village strength weak."

"This war must be dead, and the fog will not allow you to surrender."

The big snake pill smirked a lot of linen, and there was no mocking.

At a time, the atmosphere is slightly silent, because everyone knows that the big snake pill is the fact.

"I see."

The four generations of Lili Yai Ai's thick face deeply looked at the big snake pill, and turned and left.

Although the four generations did not say anything, it was obviously agreed.

Black Soil also nodded and left, several jumping rooms, have disappeared in Big Snake Pills and Location.

"I thought they would finally ask, what is your plan is specific."

The two sides who have disappeared have come to see the big helpless.

"It's a smart person, naturally, the less people know the people, the better."

"And they are also clear, I will not disclose the specificity to them. Just just understand, it is better to choose from the beginning."

The big snake pill is low and laughing.

The mouth is slightly smoked slightly. In fact, he really wants to ask the specific plan of the big snake pill, but think about it, or asked with black soil.

At the critical moment, the guy of the big snake pill is still convincing.

Of course, Yun Yin, the rock is not afraid of the big snake pill to lie to them.