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Chapter 478 attacked the country, the battlefield of the roar!

After the big snake pill was finished, looked up and looked at it and also turned around the hoarse opening: "Let's go."

"Ah? Where is it?"

I also stunned, and I asked the difference.

"Of course, find a place first, re-picking an arm. How do you say that you are a quite important force, a matter of key moments may play a lot."

The big snake pill is like an idiot, and it is also seen.

It is also extremely unhappy, but still keeps with the big snake pills. As the other party is said, there is a lack of an arm, causing a small impact on his strength.

And their side naturally be able to increase a strength, add a power!

At this moment, the mist in the village.

After the right bumbled from the moon, he returned to the village of the mist. After the big cube house was temporarily placed, he started working with the beauty.

About one month or so.

The village in the mist is that the power of sandy village is completely turned to have it, no need to worry about the rear problem.

The Ninja in the fog hidden village has always been more war. If there is a right bumper, I am afraid that the villain of the village, I have long been working with Yun Yin Village.

Right is very clear that you have to unify the endurance, it is a true unity, not the unity of the so-called nominal, even if they have already take advantage of their strengths, but the right to keep the fog hidden village to maintain a stable strategy.

War is much more difficult than governance, and stability is the basic disk.

Middle village, spray office.

"Due to the direct surrender of sandy village, our personnel and various materials have no loss at all, and can enter the state within the first time."

Qing respectfully stood in the office, reported to the beautiful Mantan in front.

While talking, the same green look from time to time to laze on the couch, seems to fall asleep right bucket, eyes filled with deep reverence and awe.

Qing very clearly, even all the ninjas in the whole fog hidden village clearly, although the beauty is the spots in the village, the strongest power is still right.

Don't say the strength of the right fights yourself.

Single mist hidden village, the most powerful battle, the fog is hidden, the fog, the bubble, white and other people, all belong to the right trick.

Not to mention, there is still a day to a family, the next family, and the various large and small families representing the above people, and it is also all of the right people.

It can be said that any policy in fog hidden villages, if there is no right to nod, there is no chance to have any opportunities.

Fortunately, the right fights, and the water shadow, the beauty is a couple relationship!

After the young is finished, the long Ten Lang on the side is also reporting the corresponding situation, and the general meaning is nothing more than the fog hunger is ready!

Listening to the report of Qing and Changlang, show the satisfied look on the beauty, and twisted the brown neck.

"It seems that these guys have already rubbed them."

On the beauty of the beauty, wear a bright look, looked at the green and Changshuo, with a little ridicule.

Green and Changlang have nodded, and there is no hidden hidden.

"It's really good."

Like the beauty and smile, and turned the head and looked at the direction of the right, the tone was dissatisfied with a few points:

"Don't sleep!"

I heard the sound of Math.

Right, stretched out, lazy, opened your eyes, I saw it in the first time, it seems that some dissatisfied.

"Is it finished? Sorry, sorry, I didn't get late last night."

The right fight with an embarrassing look, while grabbing your hair, laughing while laughing.

According to Meime, I heard the right battle. I slept late last night, and the face quickly emerged.

"Since you are ready, let's fight!"

After the right battle smiled, the eyes were slightly flashing and dull.

"Go to preparation!" Like the beauty and smile.

"Yes, right fights, glower."

Youth and Changshi Lang look, immediately respectful gift, turn around to leave the split office and start preparing.

With the leave of these two, like the beauty of the green eyes, squatting against the right bumper, wearing a stunned look on his face.

"Let's talk, is there anything?"

The right bumper feels like a beautiful look, and the face is revealing a helpless.

"It is really boring behind the town, I have always thought of with Lei Yhaka guy, so I can sit in the rear, I can't ..."

According to Meitai, I've been right, and I look forward to the right fashion.

"The strength of the four generations of thunders is weak, you don't necessarily have his opponent."

The right bumper is slightly thinking, the plain open mouth.

"This is what it means, or when you are, I can allow you to change your posture."

Look with the beautiful lips and the small opening.

This is out.

"No problem, I will give it to me after sitting behind."

"As a split, how can you make a form rate!"

Right fighting, a positive, righteous words.

When I heard the right battle, I couldn't help but turn over the white eye, but I can fight for the four generations of Lei Yai, and I have been excited in beauty.

With the command of the war, the entire misty village is like the machine, and the rapid start is running, only less than two days, a large number of materials and personnel are ready.


Under the leadership of the beauty, a large number of foggy troops began to go to the direction of this Ray.

The huge movement caused by this, naturally, the first time was perceived by the country of Rame, and the other parties, in the face of the foggy troops, the whole country is all nervous,

The high-rise of the four generations is not very nervous, and there is a feeling of relieving a breather.

Just as if it has been suspended in the air, it is finally falling.

As the Big Snake Pills said, Sandy Village can be directly surrendered, it belongs to the special case, and the fog hidden village will never give Yun Yin Village and Yayin Village.

Just like this scene in front of you, the misty two villages directly open the troops, and did not expect to discuss.

The cloudy high-level row also rapidly evacuated some of the personnel and the future seeds in accordance with the beginning of the plan, and the people will transfer these people to the dark.

Between the country and the fire of the Lei Zhi, it is divided into two countries, one is the country of Takama, one is the country of Iron.

The hinger in the country of Taki is hereby incorporated in the village of fog, so there will be no action, even directly open the door, let the foggy troops pass through.

Only the country has always belonged to the cause of the neutral country. For the attitude of this war, it has always maintained two ideas.

When the foggy troops need to pass the country of the iron, the other party is also like the hinger, there is no slightest block, and the hangover troops have passed from the inside of the iron country.

This originally made some ninja thought that there was no happening, but not only made many people disappointed.

In this regard, the foggy troops have no excessive move. After all, who makes the other party are neutral countries, without any reason.

Moreover, the neutral country like the country is also good, or the other big and small rivotings, the fog is not very concerned, as long as I destroy the other four rivals, these big and small power, will last Active village.

The foggy troops spent about a week, and the border of Lei Zhi is getting closer and closer, and in this process, there is no attack on any cloudy troops, even traps.

At the same time, this scene is a little unexpected, and it will also be more unevenly.


Yun Yin Village is not going to engage in these little actions, do not want to divide the soldiers, and even cause anything that will lose their strength.

This is what I plan to do decorate directly with myself!

After the strategy of making it clear about the cloud, I will immediately re-recover the troops of the dispersed force, and speed up the speed of the fog hidden troops.

When the mist of the mist, I also saw the Yun Yin Force that had not appeared!

In the instant of the other party ninja troops in both parties, the war did not have any nonsense, without any prelude, simply!

Bang! !

Bang! !

The huge explosion sounds quickly about the whole battlefield, a large number of detonators, hidden lockers, and a variety of traps, if you don't want money, you will hub!

The flames and auto waves are blinking all over the battle. Countless ninja is being rolled, and the reaction is not more fly directly into a fragment.

In a war of war, it is the contest of resources and money. All the Ninja in Yunyin Village is very clear. The other party wants to completely destroy oneself!

So I didn't have to use the idea. I got up all the things in Yun Yin Village, and the Money of the National University of Lei.

At the beginning of the war, Yun Yin Village's firepower bombarded a hard-student who pressed the misty, causing the death of many mist to naugin!

As the front-line command, I saw this scene, I was so busy to rush to the front of the ninja quickly withdraw, and I also started to increase the explosion, and the bombings such as a type of materials.

"On the material! I am afraid that you can't hide!"

Green looks forward to the battlefield covered by the flame, and the murder of the face.

Absorb all the resources and substances of the two major people in the village in Sand Village, Sandy Village, and you are really not afraid of money!

boom! boom! boom!

The huge explosive sound is still constantly sounding, so that the entire battlefield is within the scope of the world, all shrouded in a fire sea and bombing.

Many Ninja close to the front line battlefield, the earth's ear is a little hurt, I can't help but hold the double ear, I am afraid that my ears are shocked!

Such bombings and the ribbling of all kinds of tissue, the hard-era continued to have a day, until the next morning, the explosion on the battlefield slowly slowed down.

However, at the same time.

Everyone did not relax because of the roar of the battlefield, but more dignified and tightened.

All the Ninja is clear, when the explosion is stopped, the real battle begins!


As the last roar begins to resolve, a lot of smoke is still not waiting for it, and a blue electric light has passed rapidly in the smoke, and it has entered the frontier of the battlefield between the tower!

Thunder Check Kra Modes!

The four generations of Lei Yai is full of tricks, and the physical activity uses thunderstorms at the same time. It has disappeared in the original place in almost a second, just like transients generally flicker on the battlefield.


"So fast!"

Some fog did not respond to the front battlefield, and I saw a blue electric light appeared in front of myself.


The four generations of Thunder Shadow had a blasting arc, and a punch is not in love with this foggy chest. It has passed directly, and blood splashed toward all sides!

In an instant, the four generations of Thunder Yingsai have disappeared here, and there is another way to never, and a simple attack is another way to solve a foggy!

A few breath left and right, the four generations of Lili Yai Ai has solved the four or five mist, strength, and it is horrible.

At this time, a fog was hidden to responded, and quickly inserted into the battlefield with rapid printing, slammed on the ground.

"Fire-inflammation !!"

The fog hidden to endure the mouth, spurting a basketball size, bombarded the four generations of Lei Ying Ai, and issued a huge explosion.

With the explosion caused by the inflammation, it is temporarily stopped from the footsteps of the four generations.

"Can you evil, Lei Ying!"

The fog hidden to endure, it is close to the four generations of Lei Yai.

Who can think of the other party of Lei Ying, directly entered the battlefield, and hit him a piece of war.

In particular, I saw the blue arc of the other party's covered hooded, which was more ugly.

Most of his sickness he has mastered is water, but it is possible to attack the four generations of Lei Xi Ai. It is very likely that it is not attacking it by the other side by means of water conductivity.

When this fog hidden to observe the four generations of Lei Ying Ai, the four generations of Thunder Yingsai did not stop, with the feet step on the ground, the figure turned out and rushed to the front.

I saw this amazing speed, the fog hidden to endure, I know that I didn't have time to use, quickly jumped backwards, I want to avoid it.

But just at this time!

Then suddenly came from a passionate sound: "Thunder plow hot knife!"

This fog hidden, I didn't wait, I didn't wait until the rear, and a violent force has hit his back. Directly add the fog to endure, re-hit the ground.

The fog hidden into a large amount of blood in the mouth, and the position of the chest is protruding from the back, showing a deformed, which is clearly indispensable.

"Don't do it, better!"

The four generations of Lei Yai is standing next to the dead fog, lifting the head, and smiling the Chilaby appearing in front.