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Chapter 479 Changshuo vs Chilabi, Lei Ming VS Lei Yai Ai!

Just now, "Thunder Heat Knife", it is clearly used by Chiraby!

"That is nature, Ai!"

Chiraby took a strange language, and the four generations of Lei Ying Ai hit the palm of the air!

"The battle is just beginning, it is better to be careful!"

The four generations of Lei Yai lifted the double boxed in the air, and the whole body arc flashed, exuded an amazing atmosphere and war.

Even if this war knows this war, the last result is that Yun Yin Village is defeated, and he must bite a piece of meat in the foggy village!

"I won't lose!" Chilabi screamed, the same whole body warfare.

The war has just begun, there is nearly six to endure, an endure, die in the hands of these two people, the record is terrible!

At this time, the Ninja in Yunyin Village, the Ninja in the fog hidden village has started to hand in the battlefield, and collided together. A sound shouting sounds out of the battlefield!

At the same time, the four generations of Thunder Ying Ai and Chiraby have made such a big movement, and naturally also caused a lot of people's attention.

Especially the book is paying attention to the beauty of the four generations. In the first moment of receiving the news, quickly rushing in this direction.

However, before this, a shadow has already blocked the four generations of Lei Yai Ai two.

"You two, give me an appropriate to stop!"

Changzhou Lang holds a double knife · , send a roar, look to two people.

Seeing the long Ten Lang, the four generations of Lili Yai and Chrati brightly lit.

"The long morality of the seven knives, it is a good opponent!"

The four generations of Lei Ying Ai face with exciting look, and the war is more powerful.

However, the four generations of Thunder Ying Ai just fell, and the Chilabi next to you has taken the lead.

"Thunder plow hot knife!"

Chiraby rushed over the extremely amazing speed, and he left a waves fluctuating in place.

Good speed!

The long figure of the pupil said, quickly pulled out the double knife behind him, and sent a low drink:

" - liberation!"

The flat round air hole is sprayed, and the whole plain is starting to illuminate, forming Chakra gathering, fiercely bombing in the direction of Chilabi rushing, with strong destructive power!

In the process of charge, Chiraby saw the powerful Chakrai who bled itself, the body was extremely flexible in the fast moving, and there were several breaths that have appeared in front of Changshuo.

Seeing your own attack did not hit the other party, Changzhou Lang quickly looked up the double knife in his hand, protect it on his body.


Chiraby strong shock hit the double knife · , Chang Shiro, this feels that a pound of interest is in the hands of the double knife, and the body is flying out by this effort.

Chang Shiro hit a piece of rock in not far, and turned over two fingers on the ground, only forcing the topography of his back!

Chang Shiro was turned over from the ground and stood up, and smashed such a numb arm, and his eyes were carefully looked at the quietness of the quiet.

I have a double knife. I have lost most of the power. Otherwise, if I have been hit by the impression, I am afraid I will suffer a small injury!

"Sure enough, it is a good opponent, yeah, grie !!"

Chiraby saw that there was no injured Chang Ten Lang, his face did not reveal any lost look, but excitedly called, with a weird cavity, rushed to the long ten.

"I will not let you be so arrogant!"

Long Shiro is calm, but the tone is full of war and killing.

Long Ten Long stepped on the ground, and rushed toward the Chilaibi, in the process of charge, the long-term waving double-knife, , in the direction of the quasi-labi.

" · Blood fog knife method · bone pull!"

Dozens of Chakra formed from the double knife · , will be shrouded in the Chilaby!

"Survival"! "

The chilabi speed is not reduced, and the two knives are pulled out from the back, and the Ray property Chakra is injected into which it will strengthen the sharpness of the knife blade, and the high-frequency vibration is thrown, so that the power of the blade is multiplied!

Under the fast swing of Chiraby, the energy light emitted by Changshuo is all shattered in the sky!

Changzhou Lang and Chiliby collided with the speed of the blade, and the two people were directly enclosed!

"It was more pretty, it seems that I can only change my opponent!"

The four generations of Thunder Yingsai have seen the two people who have fiercely fight together, they can only give up this opponent to Long Shiro, I am going to change someone!

On the chaotic battlefield, shouting, the roar continues from around.

The four generations of Lei Yai Ai Light glanced at the battlefield, so soon found the next goal, just prepared to act.

Suddenly, a small voice sounded, followed by a strong impact of the carrier from a long time, it was over!

The four generations of Lei Yai is a feet, and it is busy moving towards the back side!

"Bang", the place where the four generations Lei Ying Ai stands, the water column just now has a big pit!

The four generations of Lei Yai raised the head, and the direction of the eye was attacked. I saw that a tall figure came out of the smoke!

"Want to go, Lei Ying Hou!" Look with a smile with a smile to look at the excitement of the four generations of Lei Ying Ai, the green buddhism.


The four generations of Lilhou Xiai saw the beauty, the body was very tight, and the blue thunderous electricity of the body surface was alected, and the cautious continued to be surrounded.

Let the four generations of Lei Yai Aiqi are naturally not like beauty, but the right!

According to Meime, I appeared here. In the view of the four generations of Lei Ying Ai, the right trick should be not far from the battlefield, and I think of the horrible strength of the right fight. How can the Fantai Thunder Ai may not be nervous!

"Don't worry, Lei Yai, the right fight is not here."

"Exactly, eliminating Yun Yincun Village is not worth the right fight."

According to Meills, I saw that I was so cautious, and I didn't pay attention to the four generations of Thundai Ai, and the face was obvious with a uncomfortable look.

Haven't come?

It's really not putting Yun Yin Village in your eyes!

The four generations of Lei Yai listened to the words of Math, suddenly there was a kind of heart that didn't know how to be happy, or a bitter laugh!

"In this case, the war seems to be played!"

The four generations of Lei Yingxi twisted the neck and looked at the opening of the beautiful voice.

With the word "play"!

The four generations of Lili Yai Ai has already become a blue electric light, rushing in the direction of beauty, only less than a good breath, and has appeared in front of the beauty!


The four generations of Lei Ying Aiyi played, straight to play on the chest of the United States, I will impeach the beauty!

No blood, four splashes!

According to a beautiful body, it is a sputtering of a shares of shares. However, these water flows are not equal to the air, and they are quickly condensed in the air, turning into a roots!


A large number of water arrows emit a harsh blank voice, covering the sky, the four generations of Lei Yai.

"Thunder is the strongest arm!"

The four generations of Lei Yai sent a big scream, and it was not allowed to play the biggest, and the whole body was shrouded by a faint blue Chakra gas, even the hair was vertically.

The surrounded water arrow is also shocked by all the four-generation Lei Ying Ai, which is all shot at the same time, but it is shocking that these a large amount of condelled water arrows have not given it in the role of thunder. The four generations of Lei Ying Ai caused slightly harm.

"Just this level of attack can't hurt me!"

"If you kill your spike, even if Yunyin Village is destroy, it is not a thing that cannot be accepted."

The four generations of Lei Yai Ai is a face, and it is killing, and the boiling point appears in another direction.

"Want to kill me? That's coming!"

It's still a smile on the beauty, but it is more dangerous than the breath that is more brilliant.


The four generations of Lei Yingsai, under the state of the truth, the four generations of Lei Yai Ai is a defense, the attack, and the movement speed has increased several times.

Such speeds can not be seen in the original, and even the kaleidoscope writes, and even instantly hide the Sasuke Tianzhao.

If you start, the Four Lady Thret Festival is fast, but it is still able to capture the blue figure clearly as the beauty, then at this moment, the four generations will disappear.

"Loosen - skillful!"

According to the beauty of the gods, the rapid double-hand printing, the opening of the mouth spurted from the mouth with a strong corrosion, and quickly put this fog all around himself.

Form another kind of defense!

In this way, even if the four generations of Lei Ying Ai is fast, I want to close her, but also to break through the hindrance of this layer!

Of course, it is more stronger than the power of boiling, the power of dissolution is obvious, but the speed of Lei Yai is too fast, if you use it, the fundamental attack is not the other party!


At this time, the high-temperature fog at the right side of the beauty, suddenly surged, and came out of the "" corrosion sound!

The four generations of Lili Yai Ai made a strong defense of the thunder, but they rushed in and even smashed a lot of corrosion mist!

Illustrate the corrosive fog may be able to directly corrode the ordinary ninja, but the four generations of Lei Ying Ai barely live in a short time.

"Heavy rush!"

The four generations of Lili Xi Ai gathered until the elbows of Lei Turkla, and made a burst of sound, and he hit it.

Looking at the beauty of the United States, I can't use the sickness, and quickly pull out the hardships of my body.


The powerful impact is rapidly broke, and the bitterness in the beauty is not directly hit, and the severe pain is coming over the arm!

Fortunately, you will have a large part of the hand in your hand, otherwise this hitting the beautiful arm will directly fracture.

Illuminate did not have a half-fold back because of the severe pain, but in the same man, while hitting the hand, lifting the legs in the legs in the United States, and the fierce kicks the chest of the four generations. .

This collision of the two, so that the bodies of the two sides shook at the same time, and I can't help but refund one step.

With the four generations of Thunda Abye, it is obvious that she is a matter of life!

However, this is part of her plan!

In the state of the army of the thunder, the Four Dynasty, the speed of movement is too fast, and the simply use of scrubtock is not the other party, but it will let himself fall into a very troublesome.

Nowadays, the other party appears in front of themselves, just to seize this opportunity!

The four generations of Lili Xi said that the beauty suddenly blocked the impact of the just now, and the eyes were flashing, but there was no way to stop the attack.

"This is just this level, but it is not enough!"

A large number of Termati Chakra gathered in the hands of the four generation Lei Ying Ai, the four generations of Lei Yai Ai once again sent a burst, and the hand knife waved the past.

Thunderism level! !

"It seems that you have read you very much!"

After retreating a step, the beauty of the beauty, the eyes are firmly sent, and the arm of the arm has been completed.

Water (water matrix!

A huge waterbark squirts from the mouth of the beauty, just as the waves are general, spread toward the four sides.

The four generations of Lei Yai is not only temporarily limited, but also only lifts the handwear directly to the waves he flocked directly, but in this process, the water is still touched by his body!

The blue current of the four generations of Lei Yai is quickly rushed to the water, and the electric water flows to form another attack falls on the four generations of Lei Ying.

However, this indirectly brought trim property is good at itself, the four generations of Lei Xi Xi, who is good at Ray Character Characle, is extremely limited!

But according to the beauty of the use of this, it is not only to temporarily block the four generations of Lei Ying Ai!

"Waterfoot - water dragon bomb!"

According to the beauty of the United States, it is also completed, as the water flow in the waves, under this role of tuition, and quickly condense the huge water dragon, a large-scale water dragon, form a large-scale water dragon bomb!

Not only that, but the water dragon bomb also inclusses the current of the four generations of Lei Ying Yai!

"let's go!"

According to Meime, I will send a high drink, and the water dragon who is mixed with the mixed current is bombarded by the four generations of Lei Yai!

"Yi Lei Shen Ren"! "

The four generations of Lili Yai sent a roar.


Two horrible Chakra energy collides together, make huge explosives!

Looking out in the body, half of the ground is half a meter, and the mouth is pulling a blood!

The four generations of Lei Ying Ai also slammed out the impact of the impact, and pulled a deep pit in the far away.

However, the four generations will climb out from the inside, and it doesn't have any serious injuries, but it is just a blue current that is wound in the body, weakened much longer than before.

"The same shadow, your strength is still good, but the last victory is me !!"

"The right fight can destroy the Yunyin village, but kill you, it is the reply of the Yun Yin !!"

The four generations of Lei Ying Yi crackled his mouth, with a strong breath, and turned into a blue residue, rushed to the direction of the beauty of the past.