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Chapter 480 Lei Ying Dynasty, Yun Yin Village is destroy!

According to Meimei, you can put it out of the white arm and rub the blood on your mouth.

"This kind of battle is meant!"

According to Meimei, I've been a special inlet, and I have grown up my eyes in the chest.

Cactus mode!

A hidden and powerful breath raises from the beautiful body, the black special pattern begins in the position of the corner, and then forms a circular, a black mark with a size of a coin on the forehead.

That is, in this process, the four generations of Thunder Yai has rushed over, wrapped around the blue lightning attribute of Chakra arm, bombarded the forehead of the beauty.

"It's really not to be in love!"

According to the beauty of the four-generation Lei Ying Ai, the sound is slightly low open, and the body swayed toward the left side.

It turned out to be a shot of the four generations of Lei Ying Ai.

How can it be!

Four generations of Lei Yai Yiyi fists, flashing a magical look, do not say that his speed is much faster than the beauty, and it should be reacted as a beautiful. [Space]

What's more, according to the beauty of the United States, this is bound to cause a slower response!

But actually so easy to avoid!

Looking at the beauty of the beauty, the figure quickly jumped in half of the air, a violent rotation in the air, and lifted the long thigh and kicked out of the four generations Lei Yai.

The four generations of Lei Yai quickly lifted his arms forwarded in front of him.

boom! !

A heavy sprinkle sound!

Feel the force uploaded by the arms, the four generations of Lei Ying Ai is a shrinkage, can't help but retreat for seven or eight meters.

The ground between the two is slid in the back of the four generations of Lei Ying Ai, leaving a shallow black gully.

"Lei Yai, the battle is just beginning!"

Like the beauty with a brilliant smile, the mature charm is swayed, but in the four generations of Lei Ying Ai, it is full of dangerous atmosphere.

With the power of the immortal model, the beauty is greatly improved in terms of strength, or in terms of speed, it has been chasing the gap caused by the four generations of Thunder at Chakra mode.

"This is the power you master, the fairy mode? It is indeed small to see you!"

Four generations of Lei Yai Ai eyes are full of dignified gaze, look at the beauty of the beauty, the blue mine property Chakra, which is the same, and the body is boiling again.

I have also mentioned with him, and the fog hidden in the cactus mode!

The original four generation Lei Yai is not much, thinking that this power of the other party is similar to his mine at Chakra model, and now it seems to be strong than the imagination!



The four generations of Lili Yai is tightly staring at each other, and the next moment of the next time, the roar of the two people, disappeared in the same place.

Then the rapid collision in the half air!

At the same time, the entire battlefield has quickly entered white heat.

Although the trend of war is already destined, because of this, all the endorses of Yunyin Village have a desperate posture.

But unfortunately, this attack-in-one is mixed with a lot of sand in the village, plus the powerful mist.

In such a situation, whether the number of people is, or the quality of the ninja is far ahead of Yunyin Village.

Just four or five hours of Kung Fu, the shake of Yunyin Village, which was strongly resistant, has had a trend of deciding.

This is also a strong ninja, which is a strong ninja such as the four generations of Lei Yai, Chilaibi, Darui, Xi, Sami to resist most stress, and then with the amazing wisdom and command talent. Drag!

Cloud hidden behind the position!

Bark listened to a sound bung on the battlefield in front of the battlefield and explosions, deeply spoiled from the mouth.

"Is it a limit?"

"I didn't think that it was much more faster than expected, this is because the right to the fog hidden village does not appear."

It laughed with helplessness, with a little exhausted look, but it was quickly replaced by the identification.


As soon as I broke the sound, a somewhere of wolf appeared in front of Ma Buyi.

"Bella is in the third defense line area, the eighth defense line area has fallen, and what should we do next?"

This cloud is a lighter, and there is no panic look on the face of the ninja.

Specifically, at this moment, all the clouds are not fear, some only kill and firm!

"Is it basically lost?"

"At this time, the strategy and tactics have lost their role ... In this case, let us enter the last force in Yun Yin Village!"

Barbel waved in the rear of the people in love, and the big steps walked outside the ground.

There is no need to command it again!

"Yes, there is nothing to defeat our cloud, even if it is dying!"

That cloud is in the neck, and there is a roar.

With the big step to the battlefield, the Ninja, tactics, and logistics such as the rear of the front line, one by one, with the ninja bag, and their own weapons.

A eyes flashed with cold killing, and the same follows linearly striped the battlefield!

The original dazzling sun has slowly dissipated, the fire is like a fresh day, and there is a west of the earth.

The four generations of Thunder Ying Ai and the battle of beauty are also close to the end.

In the fairy mode, the Four-Year Ray, the scary movement, has not been threatened against Million.

In viceust, it is the injury to the four generations of Lei Yai Ai.


A huge rock was directly broken by the four generations of Thundai, and the extraction of the icy-covered Xianke Chakra is falling from the air, as the rain point is general, will cover the entire area!

After a long time, the four generations of Lei Ying Ai originally shrouded the whole body Torque Chakra, far, and the powerful defense of the battle was just started.

hiss! hiss!

The raindrops generally come sharply, the four generations of Lei Yai Ai could not flash completely, and these acid droplets were dripped in the body of the Fourth Generation, and the rapidly caught a size of different sizes.

The violent pain is like the tide, and the sweat of the four generations of Lei Ying is not a pain.

Chakra in the body of the four generations of thunder, quickly rushed to the range of acid rain.

Just at this time!

A rapid broken voice rang from behind his back, the four generations of Lei Yai is not looking back, directly lifting the arm, and slamming the hard position of the elbow.

During this process, the Fantai Rayy News Ai also turned around, with a effort to increase the force, and then fierce hit it suddenly appeared on the beauty behind him.


At the moment of the four generations of Lei Yai, the face suddenly changed, and quickly wanted to refund.

But unfortunately it is already too late!

The attacked Mi Ming's "" is a hm, sticky water, quickly plus four generation Lei Yai Ai Drag!

If you start, such an attack can't stop the four generations of Lei Yai, as long as you use force, you can easily leave, but you have experienced a fierce battle so long.

Whether it is Chakra consumption, physical strength, it is still slightly slightly slow.

For those masters like them, slow a moment that means the result!

When I didn't know when I didn't know when I was a four-generation Lei Ying Ai, the water just used to attract the opponent!


It's a penetrating in the shade of the beauty, penetrating from the position of the heart behind the four generations of Thunder.

Splashing a series of blood!

The four generations of Lei Ying Ai double-eyed, and then directly half of the ground.

"At the end, Lei Yai Hiss."

According to the beauty of the beauty, I will spit out a breath, and I will see the four generations Lei Yai.

"You won, but unfortunately ..."

The four generations of Lili Yai Ai is a bit difficult to mention the head, and finally, it will be drooped and thoroughly lost the interest.

Seeing the four generations of Lei Yai, the nerves who have been tight, and the nerves who have always been tight will be slow, followed by directly withdrawing the cactus mode.

"If you insist on for a while, the victory is probably unknown."

Like the beauty, I took a sigh of relief, then show a smile on my face.

Not long after!

Qing led a team to come over, the team's ninja member quickly dispersed around, and will be used as the beauty in the middle.

And the blue first is to read the body of the four generations of Lei Ying Ai, and then directly to the beauty of the beauty.

"There is no problem with the ginema, there is no problem on the battlefield."

"The cloud is really amazing, but it is over."

Green stands on one side, respectfully opening.

Wood leaves for sixty-three years, August 11.

Yun Yin Village Four Day Lei Yai Yu died.

Wooden leaves for sixty-three years, August 12.

Yun Yin Village is destroy!

On the same day, the famous country is famous because of the anger, personally leading the five thousand samurai army, dare to go to the Yun Yin Village to eradicate the foggy troops!

However, when the monarch army just started for half an hour, the National Naidu named the horse, accidentally fell on the ground, and died on the spot.

Subsequently, this soldiers of the five thousand people, returned, can't.

Sixty-three years of wooden leaves, August 15th.

In the village of the village in the original cloud hidden village, establish a Lei Zhi office, mainly dealing with relevant localities on Ninja and civilians.

At the same time, it is also established a school of Lei Zhi to bear the school, recruiting students who want to become ninja in the country of Ray.


Rocky Village, one higher than the high mountain.

Yishibo spheres have heard that after the report on Yun Yin Village, there is no change in the face.

Yun Yin Village is destroyed in everyone's expectations, no one will feel unexpected.

"The next goal of the right fight should be that rocky village is, it is really boring unified concept."

Yisi Bouvelle muttered, and it seems to have a context.

"Yuxi Boss, is we really abandoned with rocky village next step?"

There is a darkness on white, and suddenly the opening is asked.

"There is no need, since the right, you want, then give him directly that Yan Yin Village has not been a tool."

Yishibo spheres were arbitrarily swayed and uncomfortable.

Since the right fight wants a unified tolerance, let him unify!

As long as you get the rest of the beast, become a tail of the tail. He will let the right to read with the unlimited month, how pale and ridiculous.

There is also the strength of the Ten Tail, the truly six levels of power is definitely not the six-way power that relies on the small means to match!


Yuxi Bao splashes twinkling, whisper muttering.

For the current situation, Yuxi Bao is extremely unhappy, even now, he is a little incredible, and the right fight will take a step forward than him!

So now this kind of embarrassing situation can only be awaited!

Black secretly glanced, then quickly returned to the eyes, and the eyes flashed in the inexplicable look.

The original plan should be changed?

The dark thinks deep in the deep heart.

After knowing the power of the six-channel level, there is an extremely bad premonition of the faintness in the dark.

The current Yuxi Bouvet has changed from the beginning of the first one, which is definitely not black, want to see!

Because such a situation will give him an extremely uncertain impact on his original plan!

"In case of preventing case, the original plan will change."

Black in the heart is silently thinking.


the other side.

The big snake pill is extremely hidden.

The residual force of the wooden leaves and part of the Ninja that is in advance in the Yunyin Village is all in this base.

A room in the base.

I also heard the news that Yun Yin Village has been covered, with a complex look, deeply sighful.

Although there is already a reservation, I really heard that Yun Yin Village is destroyed, and there is still a inexplicable sadness in my heart.

"Hey, the next one is rocky village, and I don't know how the Yuxi Bumi will do. I only want to be the same as expected."

On the other side, the big snake pill is slightly hoarse sound, and the face carries interest and look forward to the look.

Some sadness is different from our own, Daspen Pills have not cared for the cry of Yun Yin Village.

"Since Yun Yin Village is destroyed, Yuxi Bo sphere is not shot, so it will not be concerned about rocky village."

Located, you can also packed your mood in your heart and whispered.

Speaking here!

It is also a debilled look on the face, and looks to the big snake pill:

"What is your plan?"

"It also takes a certain amount of time, but rest assured, there is no problem at present."

The big snake face with a mysterious smile and muttered softly.