Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 481 Directly hits the country of the earth, the last rumor!

After the National Yunyin Village of Lei Zhi was covert, the little stock rebellion was quickly suppressed.

Because the fog hidden village has always been implemented policies, the people of the original cloud hidden, although there is some time to turn, but also quickly re-set.

The fog is very proficient in accepting new rivots, but it is not a head.

At the same time, the most foggy team did not leave the country of Lei, but directly trimmed directly.

After replenishing other war preparation materials and resources, it moved again with the haunting troops headed, and went to the direction of the west.

Next goal, the country of the earth!

The three rivals in the five big fortunes have been destroyed, and the last rushing village is left, and the mist is obviously planned to be all destroyed.

As for the Sui Zhibo spots in the country of the earth, there is a right fighter to make a good ticket in advance, Yishibo spots will not shoot, and they will be directly rushed again.

Yingshen Village received the intention of the foggy troops at the same party, and the top of one by one was panicked. At this time, when everyone went to Yishibo spots.

I found that Yu Zhibo spheres have disappeared!

In the face of this scene, all the rocky high-level naturally appreciate that he has been abandoned by Yuxi Bo spots, and it is not a human.

The rocky side also quickly called the Ninja Force, and some people surrendered to the fog hidden.

Unfortunately, the fog hidden from the beginning, there is no opportunity to give any surrender of Yinyin Village, and there is an surrender of Sandy Village.

It is the so-called solitary support. In such cases, the high-rise of rocky villages requested the national name of the country of the earth, and the national name of the Soil can be negotiated with the big name of the Water.

As a result, the big name of the country of the country hiding in the famous Great Mans, the death of the country of Lei Zhi, but the name of the country gave a wake up.

If these ninjas want to kill, the means is much more.


Rocky Village can only start with the foggy village in the border of the country of the earth.


The original flat ground is accompanied by a huge roar, completely blown, like a volcanic hair!

Numerous soil spray out from the ground, forming a large area of ​​the attack, coupled with the shock generated by the land cracking, the moment will have to endure a lot of fog in the buried beneath.

"Tudun - open soil liters dig!"

Loess hands on the ground, uttered Di.

Large range of Tudun Ninjutsu plus original flat ground completely destroyed, front fog hidden party established, or even install a trap, and buried in the ground detonation character, completely destroyed.

In this process, even a lot of fog and sand hidden hidden directly have died!

As the sand hidden village directly surrender of the reason that both the war in the country's mine or with the national soil of war, there are a lot of sand hidden added.

"Damn rock tolerance, pre-arranged all been destroyed!"

A fog hidden face unhappy opening, from ninja pocket quickly out of the pain-free.

"That being the case, then direct it on!"

In addition a fog hidden screaming.

The next moment, a lot of Ninja toward the position where the loess rushed past, I want to breath the other side to get rid of the strong.

While a large number of pain-free, shuriken were dumped out of the top of the loess is located towards the overwhelming shadow away.

"Tudun soil - Long Gun!"

At this time, standing on terra cotta hands quickly sworn not far from loess, then uttered Di.

Originally because Ninjutsu loess become abnormal soft ground, quickly rising from a very sharp soil with a gun!

These sharp soil not only withstood the gun hidden across the fog forbearance forbearance with one attack, but also some not unwittingly ninja ripped directly on the spot!

Blood splattered!


Ninjutsu launched instantly see the other side, some of the quick reaction fog hidden quickly jumped into the air, on the ground escaped the sharp sudden gush of soil gun attacks.

Terracotta see each other a lot of ninja to escape, his face did not look any accident, but showing a hint of a smile.

That's this time!

"Earth - Tulong !!"

I have prepared the loess, I saw those who jumped up, and the ninja eyes were flashed.


With the wild beast-like low sound, completely use soil attendant challenge, condensed a large number of rocks of the dragons, and the ninja who jumped into the sky was pulled.

In half of the air, there is no way to avoid!

Moreover, there is no gap between the loess and the two people. Even if these people want to use the tolerance, they have not yet come!

Just when the fog is about to be swallowed by the huge Tulong, a plain low, from the other direction of the battlefield.

"Water in the water - a big bomb!"

A super large shark shaped bullet made entirely in Chakra, which appeared in half of the air, opened the blood of the blood, and bitten the neck position of the Dragon.

Two tattooed crashes together, send a roar!

There are countless sands of the rain, from the air, it seems to have a mud stone rain!

At this time, jumping in the half-air, the ninja, I quickly lost on the ground, one more reluctant, with the appearance of the appearance.

"Loess of rock village? It is really a good opponent!"

The macmon ghosts will carry a big knife and a muscle, and a little excited look in the tone appears in the center of the battlefield.

"This battlefield is given to me, you go to other places."

The mortal ghosts are not returning, and the foggy towards the rear, and the open mouth is indifferent.

These ninja first stunned, followed by each other.

"Yes, ghosts."

The migraries have been born to the opening, then one by one disappears in the same place, rushing towards the other battlefield.

"Is the fog to defend someone elsewhere?"

The loess is tightly staring at each other, whispered muttered, revealing a little dignified, with this, and the loess facing the terracotta, the same opening:

"Cotmoti ghosts are dealt with, you also go to other battlefields to help."

"Good!" There was no one hesitated in terracotta, and turned around and disappeared.

The loess and the mortar ghosts were silently paired, almost raining, the tree shadow also rushed toward the position of the two sides.

" · !"

The mortal ghost has a sharp teeth, sending an excitement, lifting the big knife in his hand, and turning into the loess.

"Earth - rock!"

The loess is naturally halflet, and the soil attendant challenge is condensed toward the right hand, and the whole right wrist has become a hard rock box.

The big knife under the sword, the muscle collides with heavy rock boxers, and a dull sound.

The martial artificial face changed, holding the hands of the big knife, actually being numbed by this boxing tiger, the body flew out, drawing a deep trail on the ground.

"It is a son of wild wild, it is really not to be underestimated."

The mortar ghost waved a little lames, and the expression on his face was serious.


The face of the loess is followed, and a boxing is on the ground that has just take advantage of the ghosts, and directly hits a big pit.

While the goal is jumping towards the rear, both hands are printed in the air, slamming the mouth:

"Water in the water!"

The huge water flow is instantially formed, as in the sea, it is generally below the flow, and it is impact toward the lower loess.

The loess face has changed, and it does not hesitate to take the ground on the ground.

Earth - ground brake!

Under the control of the loess, the ground is quickly creep, in which the ground where the front is not far from the ground directly starts a wide range of depressions, and it is constantly spreading downward.

At the same time, the ground at the locked position of the loess be started to rise, and the continuous improvement!

Under the control of a liter, the stem of the martial arts spurted, the rapid movement of the recess is continuously surged.

And the loess stand in a higher location, but there is no shock of the waste of water.

Seeing your own sickness, it is so simple to be broken, and the mortar ghosts obviously expose a trace of unexpected look.

Since the process of mortgasmine is in the process of the endurance, the loess will not let go of this flaw.

"Snap-of-Rocky"! "

The loess hands closed ten in his chest, the lips slammed, spurred out a small stone from the mouth.