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Chapter 482 Didala coming!

The little stone spit out from the loess, actually expansion in the process of flight.

It's like a solid shell, and I took the past in the direction of the mortal ghost.

"It's a powerful battle intuitive!"

Cartry can't help but sigh, no panic.

Water in the water - the water of the water!

Water attribute Chakra quickly spread from the mortar ghost body, forming a shark-type water bomb wrapped his body!

The mortar ghosts will be used in the air, which is short-lived in the air, followed by sliding in the air, and it is easy to avoid the loeffickness attack!

At the same time, the mortal ghost rushed into the direction of the loess.

At the same time, the loess face is surprised, quickly jumping up, jumping toward the rear.

The water wrapped in the mortal ghost body, bombarded at the position where the loess is stationed, and it has brought a big pit.

The mortal ghosts are smirk, and with this impact, the blink of the blink has been chasing the loess behind, raising the big knife and the muscles slashing the past.


It is a heavy big knife, skeleton, under the waving of the mortar ghosts, sending a rush to the blank sound, once in such a strong snack, even if you are not dead, there is also a serious injury risk!

"Earth - hardening!"

The loess has a low drink, and a lot of Chakra quickly spreads its body and improves the body's defense. It is harder than rocks.



Cartry ghosts with excitement, the big knife, the muscle keeps repeatedly swear on the loess, make a dull sound!

The loess hands crossed the position of their head, and she hit the stem of the martial arts!

I saw that the loess had blocked my continuous attack, and the mortar ghosts became more and more excited.

"It's really a good strength! But don't you know, can you get too close to me?"

"I am here!"

The mortal ghost is revealing sharp teeth, with a smnement, lifting the big knife and muscle in his hand, and the loess.

· Chakra swallowed!


The role of the martial artifacts in the macaroni, and suddenly, he suddenly took the initiative, followed by a spike, blue like a monster, appeared in the field of view of the loess.

Seeing this scene, the loess of the yellow riser contracted, and his face revealed an incredible expression.

Knife? It's alive!

The muscles are opened, and the bite directly bite in the shoulder position of the loess, sounding "gure" sound.

Loess returned to God from amazing, seeing although biting himself, but because of hardening, he did not go to herself of herself, the look is not only a slow!

"Do you think the attack of the muscles, is it only this level?"

The mortal ghosts saw that as if the loess is loose, if there is a ridicule.


The loess took a look, immediately felt quickly, Chakra in his body was biting his shoulders, quickly absorbed!

A virtual sense suddenly poured into the heart, letting the face of the loess become ugly.



Only in a very short time, the skin of the hard Chakra on the loess has a crack of the silk, which seems to be able to collapse at any time!

Want to break away from the muscles, but how can someone can give the loess opportunity?

Seeing the situation in the face of the loess!

At this time, there was a bird sounded in the sky, followed by a few white flying birds, flew down from the sky, rushed into the direction of the mortar.

The mortal ghosts saw these small flying birds, without the slightest, quickly recovered the big knife, the mildew, while pulling the big knife and the muscles.

boom! boom!

These white little flying birds hit the big knife · muscles for instant explosions, the power is like explosions.

The loess body is slightly shaking, gasping, just after the time, but still absorbed a lot of Chakra by a large knife and muscle.


A thin figure, this time falls from the air, standing next to the loess.

"Didala? Are you not walking with Unexpected Boss?"

The loess looks at this person, and his face is surprised and a bit of stunning look.

"Do you walked, can you come back again?"

"Don't thank me, I don't want to save you, just simply don't want to see the village of the old man, it is so simple that it is destroyed."

Didala felt the eyes of the loess, a proudly opened, Didala's eyes with disdainful look, looked with the loess:

"It's really weak, but it was done by this family."

When I heard Didara, the loess angle couldn't help but some twitchings, strong to hold the idea that I want to go back.

For Didara!

The inner emotions of the loess are still a bit complicated, but no matter what, Didala can return to the village to help, so that the old man's efforts do not have a white fee.

"Don't use this kind of eye to see me, I said that I am not coming to help."

"When I was in the past, I saw that the two guys who were unhappy and chanmonic ghosts. If you go, this guy is given to me."

Didara uses the tone of proud and orders, facing the loess.

The loess did not be angry, just slightly silent, then nodded:

"I will give you here, Didara!"

After that, the loess quickly turned to other battlefield support.


The macron ghost is holding a big knife, and the muscle is hard, and the smoke generated by the explosion is all disappeared, and it will come out.

Didala. "

"I didn't expect you to be here, it is really an accident!"

The stem of the steric ghosts is full of not good, just at the sudden attack of Didala, although not hurt him, but let him have some wolf.

"There is much nonsense, and the mortar ghosts."

On the side of Didala, I took out the clay from the cuff and lost it to the mortar ghost.

Outburst - double wing bird!

One is faster than just a small flying bird, and the powerful double-wing bird is rushed to the martillant ghost in a very fast speed.


This double-wing bird has not yet waiting for the mortar ghost, and the flame and shock wave generated by the explosion will be shrouded in the air.

The martial artifacts suddenly produced explosions, splashing blood, but these blood did not fly to the air, even turned into water drops and drops on the ground.

Is water!

Didala eyes, even busy leaving the original place, transfers toward the left side!

But the speed of the martillary ghosts is faster, the big knife in the hands and the muscles, and smashed in Didara.

In this instant, the mortal ghost suddenly saw the Dida's mouth showed a smile.

not good!


The dazzling rays broke out from the body of Dida, followed by huge flames and explosions!

At this moment, a huge white big bird in the sky flew over and took a wings hanging in half.

The ontology of Didara is standing on this flying bird, and his face is looking downward.