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Chapter 483 Fighting, C4 - Jaho Luo!

Didala's looks with a little bit, see the ground covered by huge flames and dust below.

He can't fight with the martial artist guys, this is too unique!

Use remote attacks to explode, constantly bomb your opponent, this is his combat rhythm and art!

So the Didala on the ground appeared from the beginning, it was his clay and he added a lot of detonation clay in clay.

"The power of the explosion, but it should be bombed without a martial artimot."

Didala is sitting on a white big bird on a white, looking at the ground whispering below the ground.

"In this case, then make a big guy first!"

A large number of white clants chewed from the Didala only chewed out and spit out, under the combination of Didala fast kneading.

A huge white dragon that is more than ten meters long, appears in the air.

C2 - Dragon!

White Dragon patted his wings, and also suspended in half of the air, opened his mouth, continuously spitting the explosion from the mouth and continuous bombing.

Didara is sitting on a white big bird, carefully observing the traces below.

In the process of continuous bombing in the white dragon, the shadow is in the smoke of the shadow, Didala sees a black shadow, flashing quickly from the smoke dust, keeping moving on the ground.

"See you, finally can't help it!"

Didala's wide-eyed face reveals a exciting smile, if he does not often exercise his eyes, I am afraid I can't see the blurry figure in the smoke.


The white huge flying dragon issued a low grazing, under the manipulation of Didara, flew in the direction of the vain, while the clay bomb sprayed in the mouth was more intensive!

Water (big burst shower!

The huge incomplete water is like the waves, and the moment is always occupied in the whole battlefield, and the large and even white dragons in the sky are wrapped directly.

The huge water flow released by the ghosts of the mortar, did not spread directly like normal endurance, but formed an elliptical huge water!

Didala saw his own white flying dragon was trapped in the water, and quickly reached out and made a printed gesture and sent a low drink.


Didala saw a giant water, white flying dragons did not imagine an explosion, and the face could not help but show a surprised look.

Unfortunately, the mortal ghost will not give Dida to understand things.


Rain four!

On the surface of the giant water, it suddenly rushed out of the four shark-like water, towards the Didarah in the sky.

Didara saw this scene, with a laughter, reach the casual, and several clay bombs were made into an instant, bounced toward the four water rushed!


A huge explosion with a clay bomb. Four water bombs were directly blown into countless small water flows to sputter all squares!

Just as Didara thought, it was originally sputtered in the four-week sputter, which actually became an air into a small shark water, as in the rain, the Didara, the past.

Suddenly appeared at this scene!

Let Didala have some reactions, and even the white birds continue to rise up.

But the temporary reaction came over to be slow, these small sharks, all hit it on the white big bird.

Dida pulls with a helpless look, from the white bird jumped.


White Big Bird has a huge explosion!

Didala in the process of dropping, in the hands, the white clay appears, obviously wants to make a white big bird again.

However, someone persimmn ghosts will not be easy to play Dida from the air, and how can I give Didala opportunities!

puff! !

"Didara! End it!"

There has been no mortar ghosts that have not appeared, and it will not come from huge oval waterbels, and the whole look is extremely weird.

muscle fusion form!

Cartry ghosts will integrate the big knife and the muscles into their own body, and the whole person has become half a half-fish. Although it is ugly, the strength has improved a number!

"What is the ghost, the martillamon ghost, you still have such a hand!"

Dida la gaked his eyes, with a surprised look, looked at the appearance of the ghosts.

"As a ninja, if you have no big card, you will die on the battlefield."

Coicritter is smirk, and a drop of Didala's calf position and then fierce it into the huge water ball below the ellipse.

"In this giant water, my homeland Didara!"

When the mortal ghosts open, the body folds back from the air and rushed into the water ball again.

" ... !"

After the Didara was in the water, it took two major mouthfuls, and the feeling of suffocating made Dida lanting.

However, like this kind of suffocation, the dead breath makes Didala in a little cold!

Didala is very clear, if the sky is his home, now this huge water ball is the home of the mortal ghost.

I am not careful, it will die!

And he already felt that the mortar ghosts rushed to him quickly.

Didara strongly endured the feeling of suffocation, rapidly pulling out a white clay rapid plug in the mouth. Then, it is quickly spit out of his mouth, and it is the same.

C4 - Jiaoho! !

With this short-lived effort, this is similar to that of the panel, even the speed of the naked eye is rapid!

Almost a blink of an eye, it has expanded to the extent of about three or four meters, and continues to expand quickly.

The mortal ghosts were originally in the water ball to Didala near Dida, and suddenly a fast expansion, the movement of the mortar ghosts not only toned!

When this person, this person is still not stopped, continue to expand at very fast speed, and there is an extremely dangerous feeling in my heart, and the two eyelids are straight.

Cartry ghosts don't have any hesitation, turning to the opposite direction quickly slide, stay away from this constant inflated person!

If there is a suppression of the surrounding water flow, I am afraid this person's doll expansion speed will be faster!

The edge of the canmon ghosts is left directly from the water, and it is still retreating fast.

At this time, the appearance of her appearance is almost moderate, has become a giant, the speed of the huge body growth, has made the water, this is unable to maintain the crack!

A large amount of water is like a tsunami usually rushed to all squares!

Didara stands on the top of this giant, and looks at the martial arts that is quickly staying away from this place, making a proud laugh.

"Don't think that you only have the backhand."

Dida La's face with a proud look, stepped on a bird flying over half, while controlling the giant people, move toward the direction of the martial artifact.

During this process, the body of the giant doll is more inflated, which has been made up of the original body shape into a drumful big fat man.

The giant man who continues to expand, until it is finally unable to maintain his body shape, crack!

It is constantly retreating the mortar ghost, seeing sudden cracking giant people, did not explode, and the face could not help but show the look.

Didala's tattoo failed?

The mortal ghosts have a weird look, it is preparing to open the mouth to ridicule Dida, and a very dangerous feeling poured into the heart of the mortar.

He saw a few flying birds in the sky, as if he suffered a certain kind of power, and even a little broken disappeared, even a trace of blood did not flow idol.

"What is this forbek!"

The macmon ghost face revealed the incredible look, just stopped the action, started again, and started backwards.

There is no written eye, and the chanmon ghosts naturally can't see the air, which is almost small to the micro-mobbits like Sasuke!

It is because of this!

Cotmoti ghosts can feel the terribleness of this tissue, and people can't help the cold.

puff! puff!

A small blood flower suddenly blown from the stem of the ghost arm.

Then, it seems to have formed a certain chain reaction, and the mortar ghosts are constantly implied by a blood flowers.

Not only that, the martillamon ghosts can even feel that they seem to have suffered some kind of attack, and a lot of shares will come to the whole body!