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Chapter 484 Didala enters the battlefield center!

Almost a kung fu in the blink of an eye, the mortar ghosts have become a blood.

If it is an ordinary person, facing such an invisible, unscrupulous attack, I am afraid that it has already completely collapsed!

However, some people still have a painful feelings from the body, and the eyes flashed in the eyes.

The time is extremely short, so it is not possible to analyze the principles of Didara. But someone is still very clear, and any of the tattooing is relying on Chakra support!

His muscle fusion forms itself has the ability to Krakra swollen and Chakra perception.

Think of this!

Cartry is still moving to the body, then senses the surrounding Chakra at the surrounding Chakra, and mobilizes the whole body, you can mobilize Chakra's ability, and try to attack the inexplicable attack on the whole body, engulf.

Didala on the white bird, looked at the bottom, but it was already in a bloody mortar ghost, a proud laugh.

"This tissue, but I deliberately invented the inheartship of Ukios, this guy is already dead in other people before the object is still there."

"But use this person to say that you can't kill you, it is also good!"

Didalawang seems to be unwilling, then she shrugged again.

Perhaps in the eyes of Didala, the chanmonter is already a dead.

At this time, the original fast-moving mortal ghost suddenly stopped, and the whole body stood in place.

Didala overlooks the bottom of the mortar ghosts, and the face is surprised.

"do you died?"

"However, according to the power of Jaga Luo Luo, the body of the mortar is directly fried into a gray."

Didala frowned, with a slice of doubts and intake in tone.

Looking at the still stiffness standing in the same place, the martial martial arts ghosts, Didala slightly slightly, quickly pinched a clay bomb, throw it in the direction of the martial arts in the lower part.

Didala is very cautious, uncertainty of the death of the martial artifact, he is absolutely will not land.

Just throw the egg Dida clay bomb, about to fall on dry persimmon ghost shark head when calloused stood motionless dry persimmon ghost shark, at the foot of a sudden move, the whole body sliding out directly.

"It's almost dead, Didara!"

Although the martial artifacts are reddish by blood, at this moment, in vivo or in vitro injuries, Chakra, with the help of the slimming, and all recovery.

"Sure enough, no death!"

"But how can this, you are completely within the explosion range of Jaho, and it is true that this trick is right!"

Didala pupils contracted, issued an incredible voice.

"This is much more thanks to absorb Chakra's ability, otherwise, it is really possible to die here today."

The mortal ghosts show some Xu Xianrui tooth, and the face is looking to Didala.

Absorption Chakra?

It turned out to be, do the miniature spider bomb becomes a dumb bullet, but the mortar ghosts can make such subtle Chakra absorb control, indeed some unexpected expectations.

"Water in the water!"

The mortal ghosts sounded a roar, accompanied by with you, spit out of the huge water flow, a wave of high waves to the sky.

Didala immediately manipulated white birds to start boost, and it is easy to avoid a wave of water.

However, how can someone who can end this end?

Thousands of food! !

The role of the role of the martial arts and the old man is easy to stand in the water, and after the hands are fast, quickly shoot on the water.

Along with "Hey!" "Hey!" Sounds continuously!

The helmemon of the martial artifacts came out, 1000 sharks appeared in this waves, these sharks appeared with the thrust of waves, leaping from the water, towards Didala in the sky Rushing over.

Didara sent a cold snoring, the clay in his hand was continuously emerging, and it was made into a bird, even other small animals, rapidly scattered from the big bird!

These clay bombs collided with the sharks in the air, constantly eating the deafening explosion!

When the battle of the mortal ghost and Didara is more hot.

The fog hidden and the rocky battlefield also became more harmonious.

The quality of Ninja, Yan Yin Village, may be less than the village of Wumi, even Yun Yin Village, the order is the number of theories, and any single rivy in the village is far less than the number of Ninja, Yinyin Village.

Under such a situation, there is no strategy of killing between the two sides!

The battle continuous upgrades, almost all people have joined the battlefield, and all kinds of

According to Meime, it is the most central location in the battlefield, with one person hard to fight the loess and terracotta!

The situation in the battlefield did not appear rubber, but the fog hidden one way forward, it needs to spend a lot of time and effort!

Bang! !

Bang! !

Just in the process of stable advancement, a huge roar, at the beginning of the battlefield periphery.

But over time, this huge explosion and roar are constantly close to the central area of ​​the battlefield, which has made some imbalance in the situation of the original temporary stability.

And the manufacture of non-explosive people who have been connected two-third, is Didara!

Original Dida is handed over with the mortal ghost, but the two people can't do anything, so the Didala is directly rotating, and the battlefield center has rushed over.

Cartry horses are ugly followed by Didala, and the time to release the tattoo from time to the air, expecting Didara from the sky.

Bang! !

Another huge explosion sounded, some fog didn't care for a while, and the clay bomb thrown by the sky was involved in the scope of the explosion center.

With Didara, this special blood session, it can be said that it is best to play the power on the battlefield!

"Earth - Tuling Troupe!"

The loess sounded a rock, using earth property challenge, strengthened its own power, directly digging a huge rock in a foot-six or so, and then smashed it in the direction of beauty.

According to the beauty of the gods, the hands were printed on the chest, sprayed out a slender water column from the mouth, and the huge rocks that were thrown out were cut into two halves from the middle.

Just solved this rock, I haven't waited for a good breath, and the terracotta has been manipulated with rocky giants, and I took it in the direction of the beauty!

Illuminate the body, then jump up from the ground, raise the thigh, kicking the terracotta, sitting on the rock giant.

"Give me it!"

The cold opening of the terracotta, while blocking this kick, while manipulating the rock giant lifted the thick arm, Qi Sheng Sheng's shot is beautiful.

According to the beauty of the heavy wind came to the ear, the look is unchanged. With the help of kicking the earthquake in the terracotta, quickly a twisted in the air, the body is extremely flexible to escape the rock giant attack.

The loess and terracotta saw that the beauty once again escaped the attacks of their two people and did not show any discouraged expressions.

The two have sent a rock, and once again rushed to the direction of the beauty, the other party was a gine, nature is not good to deal with.

Just at this time!

A sound of wings came from the air, a bird that kneaded with a burst, flew to the ground with a pose, and a constantly rushed to the direction of beauty!


The intensive explosive sound is a series of fried fried, so that the loess and terracotta two people are going to be a meal!