Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 485 gathered the rocky and fog of the battlefield center!

at this time.

On the loess and terracotta, Didara is riding a white big bird hovering over the top of the two men, just white explosion birds, obviously the means of Didara.

When you use the arm to cover the position of your mouth, quickly reverse it, retreat from the smoke generated by the explosion, with a few wolves.

"Didala ?!"

When I was aimed at this time, I also saw Didala in the air, and the expression was ugly.

According to the news from the pre-battlefield information, the battle with Didala should be a chanmonter, Didala appears here, is it a ghost?

Looks in the United States, there is a bad hunch, and the other side of the loess and terracotta also think of this problem, and the show on the face is a surprise look.

If one can solve the slap in the swap fog, not only the morale of the fog, but also make the other person lack an important force. The trend of the battlefield is extremely advantageous!

Just when the two sides thought that the mortar ghosts were unsatisfactory, a black figure had some wolves, never quickly jumped, a few blink of Winks, appeared on the side of the beauty.


According to Meime Math, I appeared in my own side, but I didn't seem to be seriously injured, the ghost, first, I took it in this tone.

"The glower adult, sorry, did not stop this guy."

The mortal ghosts are quite helpless, and Didara is a means of free moving in the air, which does have a large compression for his type of ninja.

Didala wants to leave, the mortal ghost can't stop!

"The ability of the other party has a flight, it is indeed difficult."

According to Meime, I reincarded the head, and the eyes were lighter, and there was no blame for the ghosts of the chanmonter.

The loess saw that the mortal ghosts did not die, but not only flashed a disappointment, but also thought that this guy was dead.

"You are fine? Didara!"

Loess lifted his head toward Didala in the air, and touched a trace of concern.

"I don't have anything."

"Such a big battlefield, but I release the best place for art!"

Didala discs are sitting on a white big bird, with a vague mad in the eyes.

From the edge of the battlefield, all the clay bombs were released all the way to the battlefield center, and Didara became more and more discovered, and it was best for such places!

He is different from the guy, and art is never the beauty of eternal. It is only the beauty of a moment, is true art!

The loess heard some madness in Didarani. It flashed a helpless in his eyes. From the past, he was clear that Didala's personality was more convenient.

Because of this, he will have a serious difference with the old man, and finally and even betray his village.

"Instant beauty ..."

Dida Lila lightly read these words, and the eyes are slightly light, and then the head is slightly lower, see the direction below the loess and terracotta.

"Hey, two of you, call all the ninja near the battlefield center, I have a great art!"

Didara loudly to the lower loess.

The loess and terracotta are at the same time, obviously don't understand what Dida is trying to do.

"Didala, what does this mean?"

The terracotta face is a skeptical look, telling the truth, from the beginning she is not trusting Dida,

"According to Didara, let all the team ninja are close to the battlefield center."

After the loess slightly hesitated, he ordered the gentle immediately, and said that he did not have any movements in the terracotta still, and even if he would even want to persuade him, the loess look:

"We have not retired now, with today's battlefield situation," lose "is just a time problem, and it is like this, it is not as good as Dida."

"Good!" The terracotta bite his teeth and cautiously looked at the beauty and the body of the ghost, and then retired a few steps, quickly leaving the original place.

According to Meime and Go Magic, the ghosts naturally saw the sorrowful terracotta, although some doubts, but the other party obviously won't answer them.

The opportunity of both sides is interlaced in the air, and after a moment, I will move again.

Various soil rushes and rushing sheds, constantly colliding, the Didala in the sky is also swaying a large number of clay bombs, and the direction of the two people is a mess!


One higher than the roar of a constantly toward the sky.

Unfortunately, there are over containment of Dida, although gone a terracotta such help, but according to the US offerings and dry persimmon ghost shark, a short time still can not win the other side!

Dida La opponents like this, in the face of large-scale battle, some of it is too disgusting!

According to the US offerings did not dare to indulge Dida out of here, those of his clay bombs for the purposes of forbearance, there will be no small trouble. Let alone for those under the forbearance and tolerance, once let Dida move on to another battlefield, and that is straw.

With the passage of time!

According to the United States and offerings suddenly find more and more rock and forbearance, which began at the direction toward the center of the battlefield gradually gathered.

The results bring to this, and that is a lot of fog forbearance followed to gather over here, after all, his opponents have left, naturally followed by chase over!

"This in the end is how the same thing?"

According to a US air offerings did not jump off the body, quickly landing escape Dida loess ninja attack, his face showing a dignified look.

Whoosh! !

Count to piercing sound, this time came from behind, blue, long jump among several Juro, who will appear in the body side according to US offerings and dry persimmon ghost shark.

"What happened green?"

US seen as deep green, quickly opening inquired.

"Sorry, adults water film, I did not find out these rocks endure in the end going to do."

"But according to the situation observed, all the rock endure even began to gather in this direction over, so our people also followed to gather here."

"The other side seems to be making some kind of plan, all the people gathered here."

Green face wiped slightly gray trace, look dignified opening.

According to the United States to hear the deep blue of the analysis, nodded, she made it pretty with the green, the other apparently deliberately everyone gathered here.

But what is the purpose of this is?

Nowadays, they are not just those who fog, and the rock is also gathered here. If there is really something wrong, no one can escape!

With the ninja, the Ninja team gradually gathered toward the battlefield center, the collisions and battles between the two sides have gradually weakened.