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Chapter 486, the best art, right!

Until the two sides gathered to the battlefield center, the battle between the two sides also stopped!

At this moment, if it is at the top, it also clearly sees the sophisticated rocky rocky and the fog, and the two sides are broken, the pitted ground.

At this time, all people are a bit unclear. How do you play such a situation? Take the initiative to make such a big rocky rock, and some don't understand.

However, in this Kung Fu, the parties to the Ninja began to distinguish the fast recovery of Chakra and physical strength.

"Loess, I have made such a big move, what do you want to do?"

Looking at the most in front of the foggy troops, look at the opposite, tone.

Loess naturally won't answer the beauty, because he is not clear that Didala wants to do.


"There are so many viewers, it is really a grand scene, and there is only such a scene to show the eternal of my pursuit of art!"

Didala, which was sitting on a white big bird, I have already stood up at this moment, and I opened my arm to send a shouting.

Didara is so arrogant, immediately caught a lot of fog's hidden ninja full of killing, and even some ninja, directly engaged in the air in the air, Didarah bombarded the past.


Dida Dare is so arrogant as all of the people, naturally, I have long been able to improve the white birds, and normal sickness can't get this position.

Didara stands in the high altitude and feels the eyes of the eyes, no matter how it is killing in these eyes, or it is still good to see neuropathy, anyway, in the heart of Didara is Looking up at yourself.

Didala has a wish for "art" for many years, and finally can express their feelings to the whole world!

"! Although we have different ideas in art, or don't score up, from today, my art will be remembered throughout the world!"

"I have gone a big step than you !!"

Didala sounds with a little excitement.

In the process of self-speaking, Didala will release a white little flying bird that has long been pinching, quickly flying from Didala's palm, flying to the direction of the loess.

Guarded the terracotta next to the loess, and saw the white little bird brought toward the loess. It took a trace of cautious. Just wanted to play it down, he was stretched by the loess of the side.

"Reassured, I believe in Didala."

Loess looks relaxed look at the white little flying bird falls on his shoulder.

Under the crucial, doubtful gaze, this white little bird seems to say something next to the loess, the face of the loess is extremely dignified and serious.

"All people pay attention !!"

"Immediately release your best, the most good, to protect yourself, protect yourself!!!"

The loess is turned to the head, and the ninja of all people in the rock.

Are you ready to be aligned? Didara!

However, if this is the case, you can really eliminate all people of the mist, and I have not tasted it is not a powerful strategy! !

"I am afraid that Yan Yin Village is destroyed and can pull all the hell of the fog hidden force, quite good!"

After the loess shout, the nervous look on the face has retired some, laughing and opening the mouth.

All the Ninja of the rocky, although there is still nothing to know, but still quickly accepts the loess instructions, use the most good-time sole defense tolerance!

One-sided hard soil and various duct defensive endurance will continue to rise from the ground.

The fog hidden side saw the movements of the rock villages, and the beauty of the beauty is not only a bit of a bit of hesitation, but they have no attack, what are these people in Yinyin Village?

at this time!

Didara stepping on huge white flying bird, has come to the sky.

"What is Yuxi Boupe, what is right, rock is also good, Xiaomi, I have never changed, the old man!"

Dida La Zhang's hand pointing to the sky, emit an exciting laughter, followed by tipping from the foggy troops to the bottom of the air.

"I got sublimation in the explosion, grabbing the eternal moment in the ! This is my true work!"

Didara opened the clothes at the chest and took out a clay to the mouth of the chest.

"Art is explosion!"

Didara with a big laughter, the whole body turned directly into a pure black, followed by slowly disappearing, all Chakra gathered into a black horrible sphere.

C0 - self-explosion!

A moment in black spheres!

On the entire battlefield, whether all the ninjas of the fog is hidden, or all the Ninja, the rock, can clearly feel the threat of death.


"This madman is intended to kill everyone !!"

According to Meime Ming, Ghosts, Qing, and Changzhou Lang have felt that the unable to describe the death, Qi Qi, turned and flew flying.

But this moment is late!

The pure black sphere is in half, suddenly bursting out unable to describe the rays!

This shiny light carrying the dead breath is almost enveloped in the range of the entire battlefield.

At the middle, Didara has a range of 10 km away, and all people in the explosion or objects are directly sublimate, such terrorist power and scope, no one can escape!

Even if the rocky, the rock has already used all kinds of soil defensive tolerance, but after the end of the explosion, I am afraid that I still have a lot!

"Damn! The death! Didala is still hidden such a kill!" Cartry tattooed cold sweat DC, the heart is a big big.

Just think that you will be self-explosion by Didala's ultimate art, when you die!

A calm and indifferent sound suddenly sounded in the air!

"Space move - return space!"

The black sphere that is about to explode and the bright light of the outbreak, suddenly disappeared, as if there has never been there!

Until this time, the death of the death of all people suddenly rose, told that they did not disappear.

Many ninjas are directly on the ground. The clothes have long been wetted by sweat. One face is scared, and all people have a feeling from the death world!

While all the people have gas, they also look at the figure that suddenly appeared in the battlefield center!

"Right" !! "

"Right" !! "

"Right" !! "

A high, like the sound of the waves, from the fog hidden.

On the right battle, with a gentle smile, walking to this moment, there is a bit white, with a few wolves, the beauty of the beauty.

"Sorry, I have been late."

The right battle is gentle and looks mild, lifting the hand, sweeping, sweeping the beauty of the beautiful red brown curly hair, and the dust is contaminated.

When you feel the gentle movement of the right bumper, the cheeks have a little red, and the doubles are slightly red.