Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 487, seeking the jadegua! Rocky Village is destroy!

next moment.

According to the beauty, I opened my arm, and I hugged the right fight. I took a variety of swallows in the tone: "I thought it was going to die, I couldn't see you immediately."

When I heard it, the right battle was first tied, and then laughed and took pictures of the shoulders of Mercure.

"Reassure, I am there."

"Now there are so many people watching it."

Right fight with red brown curly hair in Meime, ridicule.

When I was a Meime, I went back to God. I quickly released it. Hold my arm, and the red lotus on the cheek didn't have a bit more.

She really thought that she had to die immediately, so that I saw it suddenly appeared and the all of the people who were present were somewhat small.

Ill herdied here, not only glanced at the right.

Right, I feel the eyes of the beauty, but not only revealing the helpless look, but I just came to you, how to blame her now, and in this regard, the woman is indeed very reasonable.

The surrounding blue, Changshi Lang two people quickly put their heads and did not see it.

The mortal ghosts slammed their mouths, not interested in this, I remembered the terrorist power out of Didara's self-explosion, not only have some feelings.

Fortunately, the right tricks arrive in time, otherwise, today I am afraid everyone has to stay here!

the other side.

The loess and others heard the front of the other party, came back to a cheers about the right fight, and the terrorist explosion in the expectations did not occur, the loess is sinking.


Naruto, one of Yinyin Village, also performed this one by one, the defensive soleness of the front, and the look is difficult to look at the position of the fog in the distance.

When everyone sees that standing in front of the position, the movement of the right fight is sinking.

"It seems that the right fight is out, no hope, lose!"

The loess itself is not a person who gave up, but in front of the absolute strength, unnecessary resistance is just a laughter.

At this time, even the strong people such as the loess are in the heart, let alone other ordinary cars, morale can say that they have fallen to low.


The performance has always been silent, and the changes in the emotions suddenly move forward. The original fat face is full of confidentiality.

"Even if you know how to fight!"

"If the three generations of Dongying Dafu, the big man is in the battlefield, it will definitely fight to the last moment, Yan Yin Village can defeat, but" Shi's will "will be inherited forever!"

The terracotta essays, with a bitterness from the , with an unprecedented momentum, running in the direction of the right fight.

All the rock poincby looked at this scene, the original power, as seen from the steadyness of the terracotta, and reiled it.

"Yes!" The will of Shi "will never die!"

Loess thinks that the seeds in the village have been taken away by the black soil, and the face is disappeared, and it has also emerged.

Then, the loess is also screaming, and the terracotta usually rushed to the front!

"Shi's will" will never die! "

"Shi's will" will never die! "

"Shi's will" will never die! "


All of the rock is completely infected, with a belonging on a face, a high roaring, all of the person's charge.

Seeing this scene, the villagers in the fog hidden village have a slight silence, and the eyes are sighed.

Right, I watched the rock to finger, I was firm, and I couldn't help but this way.

"It's a amazing momentum," Shi's will "?"

"As the last destroyed village in five big fortifications, this is my tribute!"

Right embarrassment is solemn, although these people are not his opponent is enough to make him admire.

Right to raise your palm to the front, the golden Chakra is like the tide of the tide, and the right fight is like the god!

Sixth reincarnation mode!

"Seeking the jade gun!"

Pretrate squats with low open mouth.

Whizzing! !

At present, a large number of convulsions wrapped in gold Chakra, released from the palm of the right fight, like a laser rain to sweep everything in front!

The power of each fist size is more than a few times more than the tail beast, and even between the two is different!

Under this simple release, all the Ninja, who is a must-have, the rocky side of the rock, is being shrouded directly!

Bang! !

Bang! !

The deafening explosion and roar, instantly covered all the things in front of the horror, the horrible gas wave is a strong impact wave around the spread.

Even if you are in the fog of the explosive, there is still a lot of people who have been flooled directly by this grade.

When the right fight was released, he returned the six-way anti-eye mode. It didn't look at the scene after watching, and went to the body of the beauty. Put it on the arm and picked up. People have disappeared.

"The next closed work is given to you, just."

The moment that the right bumper disappeared, a flora voice passed into the ears of the two people in the green and Changshuo.

"Yes, right fights!"

"Yes, right fights!"

Green and Changshuo quickly respectfully.

After the right bumper and the beauty left over a while, the remaining waves caused by the jade cannon were finally completely calm.

At that time, someone re-looked up at the battlefield in the distance, and everyone's face revealed a horror and shocked application.

I saw that the front of the front of the original rock is completely disappeared.

That's right!

It is completely disappeared, as if it is erased from the map, and all all all the ground disappeared.

"Good terrible attack, didn't even leave the body?"

Chang Ziro took a deep breath and sighed.

"This is also a good thing, at least no need to clean the battlefield."

The blue face is slightly stiff, but the heart is so calm on the surface.

The strength of the right tricks seems to be more stronger than before, more horrible!

After the shocking, everyone quickly returned to God, and the face showed an exciting look.

All the Ninja main forces in Rock Village have been eliminated, which means that the whole endurance is except for the misty village, the other four rivals have completely quit history of the stage.

Under the leadership of the right trick, they actually be successful. If this thing, if you put it before, all the fog, I am afraid, I am afraid that you will believe that you can do this!

Wood leaves for sixty-three years, September 20.

In addition to the misty village, the last rural village in the five big fortunes, Yan Yin Village is destroy!

Wooden leaves are sixty-three years, September 30.

In the village of the village in the original rock hidden village, establish a national office of the earth, mainly dealing with relevant local affairs about Ninja and civilians.

At the same time, it also establishes the ninja school in the country, recruiting the country of the country, and wants to become a ninja.


Note: The reason that has been used in wood is because the time is more familiar than the fog, the leaves are more familiar.