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Chapter 488 invites national names and holds offices!

With the hidden village of rock ultimate demise!

This unprecedented thing, completely shocked the entire community endure!

Since the end of the Warring States era, since the division of the five forbearance Village, only less than a hundred years time, five ninja village has passed.

Clear to all forbearance sector will usher in an era of no real precedent of this era will be credited to the annals of history, to become a part of history endure community!

Even the most strong one!

The entire community endure all the little forbearance Village, all operations up to the village hidden fog submit submission books.

The fog hidden village natural generosity, all of the small village endure all integrated unified, dispersed, incorporated in different places.

After doing all this, the next plane bound forbearance forbearance Village, Ninja forces have all but disappeared, complete submission and fog hidden village.

Kiba sixty three years, October 10!

Fog hidden village claimed that held the first session of the national office, while the inviting name of the water, the wind of the country name, country name soil, the country name of the mine, the country name name five countries participated in the fire!

When the receipt of this invitation, the first impression is the name the countries Banquet!

Today the fog hidden village momentum of development, has been completely beyond everyone's expectations, or that beyond everyone's control.

Especially water country name!

Endure a unified whole community, all Ninja super powers already allow countries to feel the ineffable name of threats and fear.

Faced with this situation just lost their forbearance Village Daming, absolutely no way, we can only watch as the fog hidden village continue to grow!

This time, the other party invite their party to participate in the conference, each country's name obviously an unusual smell a dangerous atmosphere.

They want to reject refuse ......

However, the immediate past national name Thunder inexplicable death, has given all name a wake.

Ordinary people face the ninja master of this extraordinary power of the individual, there is no way to fight! This is not the forbearance Village before use in other countries, to endure one village to strike a balance with myself!

Even willing and not willing to do, name the countries can only agree.

Hidden village!

Water Youth Office!

The right bumpers are sitting on the office chair, and when they turn down the documents in the hands, nodded slightly, and a serious job.

At the same time, pick up the tea to build a tea on the table from time to time.

Of course this is just a surface.

The real reality is that a picture of a picture-rich magazine in the right hand in the right fight, as for the outer skin epidermis, just a layer of cover.

Next to the desk, there is a desk with a small top one.

After Chang Shiro is sitting in this desk, the look of a few distinct resentment is now a full-time document on his desk, and looks at a leisurely right.

The obstacles of resentment are not only a little more!

"Right fighting, is it really good? Many files need you to live."

Chang Ziro was slightly silent for a while, and he couldn't help but alert the opening reminded.

The right trick is random sway: "I didn't have your permissions, ordinary things, directly signed your name, you can directly process it."

"Unless it is extremely important thing, otherwise, don't make me cheer." The right battle smiled and looked forward to Changzhou.

Chang Shiro said that the right fight said, couldn't help but twitched, which one is extremely important.

Just look at the right attitude, obviously want to be lazy!

Chang Shiro's heart is sighing, he suddenly nostalgic people.

"It's a bit uncomfortable in this time, so don't think about being lazy, Long Shiro."

Right fight seems to guess the heart of Changziro, reach out a finger shake, a solemnity!

If you want to be lazy, you are right!

Changzhou Lang turned over white, and there were some powerless to vomiting.

when! when!

A gently knocked the door sound.

"Come in!" The right bucket did not lift the mouth, and the body was slightly sat down.

The sound opened by the "" door.

"Right fighting."

Green is respectful from the outside.

"Oh, green, is there anything?" Bring a smile on his face.

"The right trick, the big name of each country is already."

Green first is a bow, then the light report.

"National name is it?"

The right fight with a little surprised look, turn the head and look at the calendar next to it, and the tone is puzzled:

"Now No. 7, is the meeting not held 10?"

Qingya is laughing: "These big names can not be dragged to the end, in advance to the village, I am afraid I want to explore the intelligence in advance."

"In addition, after these big names have begun, they have begun to connect, and it seems that I want to determine what is going on before the meeting."

"Do we need to warn?"

The right bumper hooks, a borne look: "What do these big names will do what they do, don't take it."

"Okay, right fights." The past is nod, turned and re-exiting the spoal office.

In the process of turning around, the Qing's laughter look and looked at the long jewelry of a bitter melon expression.

Hidden village hospital!

Located in the subgrade two-layer research department.

Some decorative have a simple room, and the faint tea is filled in the room.

According to the mountains and the actions, they sat opposite the two sides, pick up the table with a hot tea cup and gently got a bit.

"The ginema people have always been very busy. How have you been here recently?"

The master will put some bitter tea, it seems to be somewhat confused, seeing the opposite side of the beauty.

"It's because I have a relaxation of work, I have to let myself take a break, anyway, there is no problem, there is no problem."

"Since the small south returned to the rain, the people who can talk to me will be there."

Illuminated with a little slightly spit, with a little lazy charm.

The master is gently turned into a few white eyes. How do you feel like a beautiful show?

"Some said that the entire misty village recently seems to be more popular, and even the price of tea is doubled. It is really inexplicably popular."

After the duty stretched a waist, after soothing, I looked at the tea on the table and shook it gently.

For this little bit of bitter, the apeer is really not talking.

"Say, this is because the reason why the right old, since the right thing, the right fightept suddenly likes to drink tea, and even the other people began to follow."

"But it's good, you can make people feel clear."

With a laughter look on the beauty, I will gently get a delicate tea.

"You should want to ask here, that is called" big courier "."

"The progress is still good, there is a day to help, I can't take out the results."

The apeer seems to think about what is going on, and the opening said.

When I heard the plan, I reached out of the red brown show in front of my ears, and my face showed a smile.

"It's a good time, it is really powerful, it has progressed so soon."

"But this time there is another one of my own personal affairs."

Like the beauty, like the emerald, green, look at the view.

"Oh? What?" I heard it was a private affairs, and it was a surprise on the face.

Illuminate is just a smile, then reach out white fingers, refers to his belly.

"You are really very relieved."

The program first is first, followed by inexplicably look, and looked at the beauty.

It's just a laughter.

The master is shrugged, then pour it slightly, then rehanging the palm, gently put it in the shammed belly.

After a while.

The hand was returned to the palm, and his face took a smile and looked at the beauty: "Congratulations!"

Illuminated with the beauty of the eyes, the brilliant smile on the face is not only a bit more.