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Chapter 489, a big name, complete unified tolerance!

It's gently to touch your stomach, with a smile, self saying:

"No wonder the appetite is better than it is better than it, the guy of the right, but also said that I can eat ..."

Semi-happiness of the semi-spitting trough.

"This is a pleasant thing."

On the face, I took a smile to look forward to the beauty, while the sound reminder said a note.

"Yes, I hope this thing will be confidential for me for the time being, don't let the right fight."

Like Meill, I thought about it, then looked at the master, reach out a hand pressed in the position of the lips, and said softly.

The program was stunned, and some looked at the beauty.

"There is still an Yuxi wave spot in the dark, how long does it take, the right fight will inevitably do the final decisive battle with Unexpected Boss."

Like the beauty of the beautiful opening, then continue to say:

"Although I have confidence in the right trick, I still don't want this to disturb the state of the people."

There was a little flash in the double-eyed, and gently nodded.

"In this case, then I will not bother you."

Like the beauty, stretching the waist and showing the proud body, laughing and looking at the view.

When I was preparing to leave, I'm going to have a few tangled gods on the original calm face.

"That ... there is a private matter, I don't know if you can trouble you, or as a request."

"If you encounter your own, can you spare him?"

The master is gently biting bites the lips, looking at the beauty of the geometrical gas with some low open mouth.

"Okay, no problem." I didn't hesitate to answer the way.

One of the programs, I didn't think that the other party will promise, so hurt.

"No Luanxiang, I have already said we were friends ah."

According to the US offerings in front of Tsunade waved, his face bright smile turned to leave.


Fog hidden village, located in a neighborhood north of decoration and some luxury box.

Exudes enticing aroma of a variety of food, placed in the round table, each dish is extremely delicate.

But at the moment five were sitting around a round table name, one face of silence, for reminding us of scenes put food on the table did not notice, without Dongkuai of.

This quiet situation did not last long.

"Arranged in a place like no, this is not obvious to tell the fog hidden village people, we are here to do?"

States take the lead in opening the mine name, uttered a sneer in his voice discontent.


"You just took the name, it seems not at all clear, but we are now on their site, no matter how hidden you have to hide, for purposes of these ninjas are a kind."

"Rather than hide the head but show the tail, not as openly."

Name of the country face water with a bit laid-back look, leaning on the chair and write the country name of a mine.

State name Lei, the name of the country to hear the water cynical words, his face immediately reveal angry, shoved a pound the table, with a dull thud.

"You have the face to say, either you could not control the village men, where as now such a situation arise!"

State name Thunder full wroth began.

"Well, well, now say so, has no use."

"Today or think about how to solve the immediate things right."

State name soil of his face with a smiling face, interrupted the conversation the two men, while speaking at the same time, while watching the country name like water.

"Solving? How to solve?"

"All the ninjas of the whole endure is all in the fog, and is it a common soldier?"

The country named the country called a smile, and he did not leave the opening of the situation.

"The foggy village is the power of your water, you have to give us a statement here."

The famous Fire National Name is a big name to the country of Water, and a hand is gently knocked on the desktop.

In the face of a few people in the scene, there is no intention to watch, and the famous face of the water has exposed a bit impatient look.

"I am not interested here to see you play."

"You don't don't want to know what this meeting is."

"The truth can tell you, I don't know."

The National Name of the Water got up directly, and looked at the four people present in the face, and then turned to leave this package.

With the departure of the country of the water, the whole package is quiet again.

Just a few big faces dissatisfaction, anger and the expressions such as a clearance have disappeared, and the first calm is restored.

"You said, is he said true?"

After a moment, the famous country is silent, take the lead in opening the mouth.

"Really, fake. It can be seen in a few days." The famous name suddenly laughed, and then shook his head and sighed.

Soon, several of the big names in the private market, the rich extreme dishes placed on the table, and there were no movements.


A gust suddenly sounded outside the window, and the room was suddenly appeared in the private room, and suddenly appeared.

"So much delicious dishes, it is really a waste."

Lanzi stands in the corner of the corner, the eyes of the bet on the table.

The sound of "" water is followed.

A water penetrated from the position of the roof, followed by dripping on the ground, slowly forming the ghost lights.

"What to stay, the big name can be paid, is these dishes not to eat?"

"Sure enough, this is a good thing."

The ghost lamp is pulled a chair directly, grab a chicken leg to the mouth, while looking at the wall of the Lanong.

A few days later!

The first national office meeting was officially held!

In addition to the big names of the conference, it is a high level of the entire fog.

The huge conference table is full of people, while the five major names are sitting in front.

"I haven't seen you for a long time, the shadow."

"It's really more beautiful."

The Saigan Face of the Water with a good smile, looking at the beauty of the opposite, there is no way to kill.

"Yes, that is, big name." Like the beauty smile, expose an embarrassing look.

Other big names, seeing the country of the water and chatting with beauty, Qi Qi sent a cold.

Of course, this kind of chat has not been lasts for a long time, soon the entire conference room and it is heavy, there is no seat in the forehead in the conference room.

You don't have to guess, everyone knows that this seat is given to.

The sound of the "" door opened!

Right to wear a casual clothes into the meeting room.

"Sorry, let you wait for a long time."

After the right bumper came in, some apologetically watched everyone.

"So next, I am not ready to say nonsense, the purpose of this meeting is the relationship between the big famous government and the ninja village."

"Everyone is clear, before this, the famous government is independent of the Ninja Village, but now all of the rivotings have been uniformly integrated, then such a system is naturally not adapted."

Speaking here, the right bumper pauses, gives a buffer time for everyone in the field.

The five famous faces of the five major countries are more revealing the look, a different expression, all sitting straight.

At the beginning, although I have guess, I know that the other party directly put this problem to the plane, they suddenly discovered that the right trocard is much more powerful than they expect!

Not intended to be slowly implemented, but directly solved!

In a certain aspect, this is also the benefit of high-end combat world, what do you want to do, you can go straight to you!

"Therefore, the task of the famous government must change!"

"In this case, we have established offices in countries, and this department will begin to take over the right of the famous government."

Right, I said that I watched the famous Five National Nations in the face of the face, and the smile continued to open:

"Of course, the big famous government will not cancel, all the famous" big name "positions, have local participation political rights, and auxiliary offices. "

Right Troupe will have a set good plan, nor is it five big faces.

"The saying has not been said, the rest of the specific matters and operations, you will continue to discuss."

Right to throw this sentence, turn it directly to leave the meeting room.

The five countries name silently opposed to each other, everyone can feel the anger of the opponent's eyes!

If it is truthfully in accordance with the other party's plan, then, "big famous government" is afraid only one famous!

Unfortunately, no matter how the ancestors in the hearts, no one dares to jump out and shout.

Without Ninja, this force is supported as a support, everything is just empty!

"Every name, let's talk about the details."

Look on the beautiful name, whispering open mouth.


Next, the work of each big famous government's predefined work is smooth, even if some places are not smooth, the next day, it will become successful next day.

Even if there is such a smooth situation, it has been completed for nearly one month, and the transition is completely completed.

Until this moment!

Right Trouse has been unified all parties, Ninja, and it is unified to make the endurance!

"Sharying" in the village of the village.

Right fight is sitting on the top of your own stone statue, overlooking the misty village below.

"It's a beautiful day, I want to come to Yishibo spots, the guy is so waiting?"

The right fight is hanging on a touch of smile, self-speaking open mouth.

At this time, a familiar and unfamiliar sound suddenly loud his right to his ear.

"Hey," unified tolerance "! "

"Reward, direct death!"

", Property display:"

Name: right fight

Camp: Mirna

Main line task: unified tolerance (completed)


Asian template (not dead)

Variant Black Emperor Template (Sebastian Xiao)

Direct death

Self-capacity: immortal mode, six mode, reincarnation, six way to reincarnation mode!


Right, the original casual look, the double eyelid flashed a dark blue light, followed by turning.


"It's really, I have been forgotten, I have forgotten you."

Right, I'm looking at the gods, followed by looked up at the far, with a smile on his face:

"If there is a straight-life, it is more sure."