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Chapter 490 gathers all the tail beasts, ten tails!

The northeastern part of the fire is about a huge plain in the junction of the country!

The air in the air blows from the distant place, scrapes around the wild plains, the grass is like a green wave, slightly.

The right fight is lie in the lawn, and a dog tail in his mouth, sniffing the air is filled with fresh breath, showing a pair of expressions on his face.

In such an environment, if you sleep, you will feel comfortable. And don't worry about your cold with his current physical fitness.

But today, here, right, obviously not to sleep, not to enjoy.

The right to the right is unfortunately, this film is a good plain, seems to be in a very strange silent in the entire plain because of this idea.

As if there is any terrible thing that is about to appear.


As the footsteps sound, a light domineering figure appears at a position not far from the right.

"I didn't expect that so many years, you finally did it, you called unity."

Yuxi Board's hands have a hands, and the eyes are stunned, and the right to lying on the grass is not far away. If you say this, Yuxi Bo spokes are turned:

"But how long is this peaceful, how long?"

"If you are not there, you don't return to the resolution, to that time, your peace will become a joke."

Yu Zhibo is afraid that the opening of the opening, obviously don't agree with the so-called unified concept of rightbat, from the beginning.

Right to hear the cold minery of Yuxibo spheres, and his face revealed a helpless expression, sitting from the ground.

"People are desirable, as long as someone exists, the desire will never disappear, why should she be attracted to the desire to deal with people?"

"If there is any desire, is it a person? Is it a person? Use the current gaze to see" To or not "is unable to see clearly, everything will return to the future people to judge."

On the right fightening face, with a little lazy and casual, laughing and looking at Yuxi Boquel.

"Bored ideas." Yu Zhibo scared, obviously will not agree with the concept of others.

Right fight stall, not very much.

If Uchi Houbara really so easy to agree with other people's ideas, then he will not Uchi Houbara up.

"I promised to give your tailed beast!"

Lift the right arm fighting, random hit a snap of his fingers.

Suddenly appeared in front of a faint fluctuations in space, followed by four people around a high jar, it appeared directly in front of the Uchiha spot.

The four jars, seal the jars was with the right fight the four head and tail of the beast!

Uchi Houbara first glanced four jars, followed by another look back, slightly squinted fight right.

Right remaining four bucket can all head and tail beast to him, or some beyond Uchi Houbara expected.

To tell the truth, Uchiha spot in my heart, is entirely the right bucket will hold the idea of ​​missed appointments, not Uchi Houbara do not believe that the right fight, but Uchi Houbara do not believe that a wise man, give the opponent the opportunity to comeback.

"No matter what your real purpose bottom that can not regret it."

Uchi Houbara looked deep right-bucket, then sneered opening.

He very much doubt the right fight there are other purposes, but that's how, in the face of true power, the so-called plan, plan no meaning!


Uchi Houbara who leapt from an overbearing breath, raised his hand to the alignment direction of four jars, shrugged and then suddenly a grip.

Kacha! Kacha!

Cracks visible to a road speed, one can quickly diffuse throughout.

Irritable, angry, dark, violent Tailed Beast chakra breath constantly escaping from four out of the jar, spread in all directions toward the invisible pressure release.

For Pugong ninja face of this, the very forces of terror.

Whether it is the right fight, or Uchi Houbara did not look the slightest change, as if this pressure and terror chakra general simply does not exist.





Two tails, Sanxuan, Six-Tail Rhelling, seven-tailed heavy four huge tail beasts, from broken jars, make an angry low snoring.

Four reluctance is like a hill, appearing on the plain, emitting horrible and powerful breath fluctuations.

Originally, the endure is regarded as a powerful weapon, in the event of an instant, quickly converges its own Chakra, and observes around, and flashing the look of the frightened.

When the four-headed beast observed the situation, naturally saw the right fight and Yuxi Bouvel in the first time!

The four-headed beast is very tight, as if frying the hair!


The seven tail stunned the first to send a roar, followed by directly on the sky.

The remaining two-tailed brigadier, San Tail, six tail rhelling, also flying in different three directions!

One person has already played, not to mention two, so that it can not escape, no longer the consideration of the four-headed beast.

What can I escape?

"Where are you going? Beasts!"

Yuxi Bo is hanging on his face, reaching a shot.


"Hey!" A huge white smoke appeared on the ground.

Along with a slightly slightly duckled low, the huge outer road is coming out of the white smoke, directly open the mouth, and rush out of the four Chakra chains from the mouth.

Direction to the direction of the four-headed beasts that escape!

With the four-sounded roar sound, the four Chakra lock chains shot from the outer road of the magic, starting the rapid pulse, issuing a unique collision such as a metal chain.

Several breathing skills!

The four-headed beasts that escaped have been re-pulled back. Under the control of Yuxioba, it is directly absorbed by the outer road.

"All recovery."

Yuxi spear is flat, and the margin of the eye is tightly watching the direction of the right fight.

If you want to take the opportunity to take the tail, this time is the best opportunity, but in the eyes of Yuxi Bo, there is no half of the poem, and the face has been holding a drama. attitude.

Suddenly in a silent state, the horrible breath and pressure of the horrible breath and stress were slowly contracted.


The outer road suddenly shook the body, followed by the huge body, directly planted on the ground and sent a huge roar.

The body of the outer road of the ground, starting to have huge changes in the eyes of the right fight and Yizhibo spots.

The body of the outer road began to expand, and after expanding the extent to the extent of two or so, a thick tail started from the original appearance of the stump position.

Ten the largest tails are in the air, and each shakes produces can't fall in the seventh level.

Originally, the outer road of the original, this moment has begun to change toward the field of beasts, and the tail behind him turns into a pattern of claws. A eye appears in the head, an ear and a mouth, it looks a strange evil.

The glasses show a strange rounded shape, which is kept in the eyes.

At the moment, the shape of the municipal party committee completely formed, unable to describe horror, Chakra and ominous breath, spread from the ten tail.

It is like a terrorist feeling that is like facing the natural disaster and the end.

When the right boused, he had already left the original place, and there was a place outside the 10th tail 100 meters.

"Is this ten tail? It is not a quantitude at all with a simple end, it is really a powerful and terrible breath."

Right fighting up the head of this sky, the face flashed on his face, and sighed his mouth.

the other side!

Yuxi Boupeng saw the ten tail at this moment, and his face revealed unusually inhibited excitement.

"I finally walked to this step, real ... The power of six cactors!"

Yishibo spheres have deeply suck a breath, and the eyes flashed in the brilliance.

At the same time, at the same time, the horror ominous breath, and it was also in the case of all people around them.

The center of the right bumper and Yisi Bouchers is located on a big tree outside.

Yisi Bo belt, Sasuke, angle, flying segment, five people all lifted their heads, looking at the huge giant figure in the distance.

"What is it?"

Sasuke pupils deeply contracted, and the face is full of unbelievable look.

"Ten tails!"

"The outer road is the ultimate existence that is blended after the nine big beasts."

Yisi Bo has a quiet opening of the face, but the tone is far less calm.