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Chapter 491, Six Pantang! Your eyes?

The huge figure of the ten tailed, as well as the shocking breath, even if they were distressed, they can feel clearly.

"Is this the power pursued by Yuxi?"

Sasuke's hard grasping fists, deeply look at the tail.

If you have such power, what is right, what is Yuxi Boupe, I am afraid it will be stepped off at the foot!

Yuxi Boi is hidden in the cuff in the cuffs, and the front view is in front: I didn't think of the right fight, I actually really gave the remaining number to Yu Zhibo spots.

In contrast to Yisi Bo, the opposite is another direction.

Location, Kakasi, Naruto, Black Soil and other destroyed nature, all remaining residual power aggregated.

"The last battle, is finally started?"

Looking at the direction of ten tail, slowly open.

"I didn't think that Yu Zhibo spheres have been catching the tail beast. Is it a terrorist creature like this?"

Kakasi saw ten tails, and the body can't help but hit.

The breath of the ten tail is too horrible. It is completely following the tail beast, and the ordinary ninja, facing such a living, I am afraid that even the idea of ​​the rebellion is there?

"Originally thought that Yuxi Bouvelle was derived, did not expect to have such a means, who did not have anyone who loses who will win."

The black soil swallowed the water, and the eyes were obviously feared.

It can be said!

The last decisive battle of the right bumper and Yizhibo spots will accumulate all the eyes of the whole.

The final loss of this battle will completely lay the future development of the endurance, who is the strongest of the endurance!

Only winners can get everything!

Battlefield Center.

On the side of the ten, I sent out the scream of the wild, the tyrannical Chakra and the horrible breath were filled over, and they could let the original sunny sky began to have a bit overwhelming!

"Right, don't regret it!"

"I will tell you, what is the power of the real six cactors!"

The reincarnation in the bumbler in Yuxi Bo is also flashing with a faint purple light, and a big laughter is issued.

Six - Ten Tailings!

Yuxibo spheres have a low drink, and the strong is distributed from the two-eyed reincarnation to form a special suction.

This force allows the huge ten ends that cannot reflect directly into a whirlpool vortex fluid, rapidly pouring into the chest of Yuxioba.

At this moment, Chakra in Yuxi Bottom, changing the shape of the shape, the aerial growth of the aerial growth, and the air around the area of ​​Yuxi Bottom, but also a inexplicable distortion, can't see Unclear it.


With the thorough absorption of the ten tails, the Yuxi spots suddenly burst out. A large number of vapor usual white fog.

Amazing powerful breath, exudes the four sides of Yuxi Bouvet, forming an invisible pressure, as if it is necessary to crush all things in this area!

Yuxi Bao flew out from the white fog, suspended in half, this moment, the appearance of Yuxi spots has been completely changed.

The original black long hair changed to pure white, wearing six cacto white windbreaker without wind, nine black, rushed to surround the life of Yuxi Boss.

The legs and arms of Yuxibo spheres become black, and there is a six-way pen stick in his hand.

Six spots! !

"This is the truly six kinds of immortals!"

Yisi Bouvelle feels that the stock can't describe, super off, but not only reveals a bit intoxicated look.


"Whether you are, or all the columns, what you do, will only be losing, this world is sick, for such a patient, can only use rude therapy!"

Yisi Bo hung in half-air and looked at the right fight in the lower arm and loudly open his mouth.

Unfortunately, the right to the right below is still indifferent, so that the Yuxi Bo can not help but show a disappointment look.

"While you have the power of six fairy, but you kind of power, after all, just use small tools available. Today, with the real strength of my six obtained than it was nothing."

Uchi Houbara continue opening, he had a right to feel terrible fight exhibited by the six powers.

But now, he gained true power six immortal, so he knows very well to fight the right time exhibited six immortal power, simply can not beat yourself now.

"I do not like you ...... right-hand fighting to stay."

Right below the hopper Uchiha spot clothing, cold tone open road.

"That certainly is no better." Right bucket laughed.

In this moment!

Uchi Houbara eyes slightly stare, accompanied by a loud roar, the right fight at the foot of the land be a huge pothole.

I put a lot of rocks between the right fight to blink wrap, sealed in a huge, rock ball about the size of nearly ten meters.

To burst Star!

Now with the power of Uchi Houbara have, do not need any of the cast process, the moment will be completed this Star burst this level of Ninjutsu.

"Seal is still your final destination!"

Opening in the hands of Uchiha spot dull eye and a black stick, and then instantly into a black blur cast out, directly inserted into the center of a huge ball of rock.

"This is a higher level of power for low-power, have full rolling."

Uchi Houbara with a trace of disappointment in the eyes, that the time to end.


Sound subtle sound, suddenly burst Star consisting of rock from the ground ball came.

next moment!

The entire Star composed of a huge rock ball, blasted directly into a smash.

A whole body wrapped in golden chakra figure exude a strong flavor and the pressure is not weaker than the Uchiha spot, suspended in mid-air to go.

Six way turning mode!

The right bucket is wrapped by golden Chakra, it is like a god, and if there is no smile on his face, it is the same suspended in the half empty Yuxi wave spot:

"It seems that your warm up is over?"

A six cactus mode, a six-way reincarnation mode, two completely different breaths collided in the air, people's energy fields, the clouds that are suspended in the air are directly torn.

Yuxi Bouvet is like this, and some silence is silent, and there is surprised, not solving, doubt and excitement.

"What is your strength?"

"Also ... your eyes?"

Unexpected looks on the face of Unechebra, and the eyes are tightly looked tightly, especially the pair of golden eyes of the right fight.

Yuxibo spots can feel clearly, and the pair of eyes on the right bucket contains the power that is completely weak in the end.

But why don't he know that the endurance does this pair of eyes?

Even I have heard of it!

"The six immortals have created" Treasure ", and has a pair of legendary eyes to look back, this is a thing that has been circulating."

"But many people don't know, the names of the six cactors are called the big tone, and he still has a brother called the big torch, this pair is the power of the big torum."

"Name" is enhanced "!"

The right bumper is plainly looks to Yishibo spots, extremely patient open mouth.