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Chapter 492, Blocking Eye VS

Renovation of eyes?

In the mouth of Yuxi Bao, he cared for these three words, followed by sudden laughing, and the laugh was full.

"Right fight! Every time I see you, give me a different surprise!"

"This is interesting, such a battle can make people exciting!"

"Striving to the eye and the opposite eye!"

Almost at the same moment!

Right fight and Yuxi Bang, two people have two eyes secret, followed by sudden disappearance in the original place, collision in half air.

The two are extremely different, but all the horrible Chakra styles are interlaced in the air, form an amazing horrible Chakra energy field, so that the surrounding air has become extremely visible.

Yuxi Boxel is a punch, and the fist is too, it seems that the air in front is done directly, compresses, forms a large-scale air gun state, and strikes the forehead of the right fight.

At the same time, at the same time, at the same time, the entire upper body suddenly tilted backwards, forming a strange radians.

During this process, the right boused up the left leg, as a result of the string of the arrow, suddenly kicked at the chest of Yuxibo spots.

The violent power broke out in the position of the chest, so that the body of Yuxi Boss couldn't help but slightly slightly tilting, but the fierce is flashing, and the other hand directly explored, and want to grab the right foot.

Right to rapidly, but it is still slow and take a single shot.


Yuxibo spheres have a low drink, with a single hand, pull the right, and slammed it to the ground below.

However, in this process, the right bumper is expected to be generally, the upper body suddenly twisted, with this strong rotating force, breaks free from the shackles of Uzhibo spots.

At the same time, the right bucket is directly wrapped around the waist of Yuxi Boss, as with the back of the head, and slammed the Su Zhibo spheres!

Yisi Bo spots in half an air, not only don't have a panic, but in the same way, the body is quickly rotating, and all the horrific power of the world will be removed.

Then, the other foot of Yuxi Boss is like a lightning, and the foot tip is down, the sore throat is straightforward, the speed is fast, it is like lightning!


Right fighting eyes are shining, drink big drink, hands with hands in front of it.

In just a few blink of blinking, the two have handed a dozens of tricks, pure body integrity and killing skills, perfect in the two people!

The two people have walked in the peak level of the endurance!

Unfortunately, such a wonderful body intersection is hidden in all the ninja can't see it.

Exactly, the speed of the two is too fast, let some people around you can't observe, you can only see two black shadows constantly interlaced!

Super fast moving speed plus powerful strength, let every collision, all have a bombing of a mine in the air!

In the process of right fights and Yuxi Bao praised, the two people behind him also collided around the week, it is completely used!

With the launch of the battle, the more you hit the Schiso sloppy, the right bumper in front of the eyes seems to be perceived in advance, whenever he attacks, each other will make a corresponding counterattack, even mobile!

This Yuxi wave spot is in vulnerability, which quickly caught an inexplicable disadvantage!

This feeling is like a person with a written eye, and the ordinary body ninja is decided to pre-register the opponent's shot.

But he has a more powerful reincarnation of several levels than written eyes, which is not as good as each other!

Is this one of the ability to reincarnate?

Yuxi Bao Brae is quickly flashing like this thought, and then collides again, then two people will wait for a distance.

"It seems that the warm body is over."

Right to pinch some sore wrist, smiled and looked forward to Yuxi Bouvelles opposite.

This bureau is purely vivo, he won a fight!

The ability to pre-regulate the opponent's action in advance, of course, is not the ability of the revivement, but the right to swallow the "Enlink".

"It is indeed a good warm body." Yu Zhibo was twisted to twist the neck, and the reincarnation in both eyes suddenly flashed a touch of purple.

Tomb - prison!

The four shadows were split at the same time, and suddenly rushed to the direction of the right.

Yuxi Bao is followed, and these four shadows are naturally not used to attack, but to disturb the almost terrible pre-proliferation capabilities!

The right fight is full of golden Chakra. As the hand is slippery, the four seek jade is dyed with a layer of gold, followed by four golden swords, stabbed toward the four shadows. .

During this process, Yuxibo spots have appeared in front of the right fight, suddenly burst into powerful purple lightning!

Immortal - yin thunder!

Lightning appears like a branch of bifurcation, with a bifurcated attack, plus a strange speed, bombing toward the right fight!

Such a six-way immortal law, naturally can't use the jade to avoid!

The right palm of the golden yellow, suddenly flashed, raising the front of the palm of the palm:

"Space channel!"

A invisible space fluctuations quickly spread in front of the right fight, form a special space channel.

The horrible purple lightning has poured into the space channel.

Just in Yuxi Boli, when he released the purple lightning, it was swallowed by the space of the other side, and a strong sense of crisis suddenly came back behind!

I saw that the purple lightning that was originally disappeared suddenly appeared from the body of Yuxi Boss, and all came to Yuxioba.

Right to use the spatial manipulation of the revivement, and build a special space channel behind his own and Yisi Bao!

Transfer all the attacks of Yuxi Bouvelle to each other!

The ancient mutual movement is the ability to use this spatial operation, and a space channel is established between the moon and the earth.

Is the second ability space?

The buddhism of Yuxibo sphere flashed, and a low drink:

"Shen Luo Tian !!"

Powerful repulsive, Does Does Zhimbo spheres are the center of all the surroundings, and form an absolute defense.

That's this time!

"Seeking the jade gun!"

Right to send a big drink, the golden Chakra turns forward and moves with your hand to get gather, and then release a lot of jade.

The golden light of a road is formed to block the surroundings of Yuxi Boss, and it will be shortened!

At this time, the power of Shen Luo Tian just has just ended, and it will not be released again.

"The whole body must be able to !!"

Yuxi Board has a big eyes, sending a rock, the mountain peak, the blue Chakra, which appears in the martial arts. It appears in the sky.

Between the blink of an eye, it must be a huge pothole hole that is a large size of the sizes of the sizes of the jade guns.

However, while the whole body must be damaged, Yu Zhibo is more fast!

"Is this the ability of the revivement? It is really powerful!"

"Yes, right fight, getting more and more interesting!"

Sui Zhihu is smiled, and the Chicla in Luo Xiaogu is covered in full body.


Yuxi Bouvet manipulator is completely affected, and two hundred meters long huge tales have been pulled out.

Right, the trip is also laughing and laughing quickly: "Spot, next, it is not careful, but will die!"

"He worry is you !!"

Yishibo spheres, slamming the two of the giant swords that cover the six Xianke Chakra.

Every Chakra's huge sword is emitted like a horror breath and huge pressure in the destruction, and the speed of flying!

Obviously, such a huge body, but the speed is not slow, but it is extremely horrible!

Obviously, under the blessing of the six way, Yishibo spots must also become a few levels!