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Chapter 493 collides! Tiger reproduces! break out!

Tilting moment between the!

Two knives chakra, has appeared in the right position at the head of the bucket!

Strong chakra energy comes out of breath, and air fluctuations motivated when suddenly falling, even a brief let air above, into an invisible wall of air and hard!

Right off the bucket speed is not only rapid forcibly stopped, even with this space around which the force is directly locked.

"This is not enough ah! Spot!"

Right in the bucket to cover the whole body kind of golden chakra, as the flames generally boil up.

Raised his hands placed on the chest, his hands suddenly come among a number of pieces of jade golden fairway to a unique rule rapidly spinning.

Right bucket with both hands the number of stars rotating in the middle of this golden aspirants jade, forming a silver iris, followed by an energy of terror mixed with huge tornado spewing from the aperture in silver!

"Silver raw rotation explosion!"

Right bucket uttered a high drinking, the operator is incredibly powerful tornado forms of energy beam, facing over the Uchi Houbara save down two chakra knife on boom of the past!

Bang Bang!

Two shares of the energy of terror in the air quickly collide together, as if the sky falls down general astonishing explosion, heard throughout the sky!

Strong energy crisis and the aftermath of the collision generated when forming a near visible gas sweep flow in all directions.

Raining Cats! !

Eighty-nine whipped up winds on the plains below the ground in which the two men, with a layer of direct land is cleared.

Three or four kilometers from the center of the battlefield, had standing to watch the fight on a few trees Uchiha with soil and others, to see that kind of visible blast, blowing them, one by one face changes.

Uchiha with soil instantly into the blur, Sasuke directly call out almost half the children Susa can stand in front of their own.

Other angles are a few people, each with each teacher to withstand these shares terror blast.


Big tree a few people stood directly by this powerful blast to blow off down the middle, around it it is as if some invisible attack suffered, all the trees uprooted, thrown a lot of smoke filled four weeks!

On the other side, there is also such a horrible aftertaste, not only with everyone to exit a distance from rear.


The Naruto is a bit slightly unclear in the half-air.

Unconsciously, the Naruto originally cleared fists slowly.

How can they play this?

It is also the same as the face of the same face, but it doesn't have a niece, I have been directly hit.

"Naruto, don't give up so simple, everyone is here."

One hand is gently put on the shoulders of the celebrity. A smiley open mouth.

"But ... can we really win?"

The Naruto heard the voice, and his heart was full of confidence, but it was still a bit awkward.

"We are waiting for a chance, waiting for a right fight and Yu Zhibo spheres, even if there is a chance to defeat!"

Location also turned to the battlefield to look at the distance, and he saved himself from the language.

Battlefield Center!

The silver wheel of the right bucket has collided with the two Chakra knives in Uphiza spots, and a wave of energy shocks are continuously erupted.

It is a little deadlocked between a moment!

"Broken !!"

Right to send a big drink, golden Chakra constantly surging.

Originally, the powerful silver wheel reincarnation was hard to raise a grade, the tornado broke out in the aperture, and there was doubled!


Sudden changes, the original stalemate situation is directly broken, and the silver wheel is blown up, and the blanhers are broken directly, and the two Chakra knife of Yuxi Boss is smashed.


Yishibo spheres saw this scene, and his face revealed a horrified look.

Right, there is no chance to give Yizhibo spheres, and the figure will continue to fly, and it has become a golden lightning flash in the air!

Workfurt between blink!

Right fight came to the top of the whole body, located on the top of the forehead, similar to the position of the polygonal crystal.

In this position, the right fight has been able to see Yisi Bouvelles inside, the same, here, it is also to be the most hard position!

"Spot! I said, I will die, but will die!"

" - Super speed box!"

The right bumper has a smooth laugh, and the arms are in this approach to a number of blurred residues.

Every remaining shadow is a faster to the extreme, the fist is in the moment of air contact, and instantly forms a stagnative air gun!

The constant bombing of Yuxi Bouf spots must be affair of forehead, and hard must be able to have a large number of dense linear cracks with the speed visible to the naked eye.

The location of a large area begins to make a collapse!

Within almost in a short time, the right bucket has already slammed the hundred punches, so the fierce and fast attack rhythm, Yuxi wave spots are fixed at all!

"Happy, this battle!"

"Is the real battle! Right fight!"

Yuxi spots naturally not bunch hands, make a big scream, the original broken two Chakra big knife has been repaired, quickly returning!


In the process of changing the bumper, I once again made a big scream.


The golden Chakra chain is constantly emerging behind the right fight, and each Chakra chain is wrapped in a layer of golden reincarnation.

These Chakra lock chains appeared, quickly entangled together, condensed into a huge arm composed of two Chakra locked chains.

Bang! !

These two Chakra lock letters, quickly grabbed the direction on both sides, grabbed the two Chakra knives that waved down.

Block Unexpectedly!

And take this brief effort.

The boxed guns caused by the right bumpers, they cut a hole directly on the forehead of the whole body, which is already able to see the Sui Zhibo spots inside!

It's now!

The right fighter, the horrible strong gas machine instantly flooded around, and carrying a powerful power, stopping the punching, directly into the head of the full body,

Seeing this scene, the rare pupil of Yuxi Boss, a lot of !

Without the continuous attack of the right fight, coupled with the repair of Unexpected Wavel, complete body must be able to describe a speed, fast recovery!

But at this moment, it has been rushed into the right boused in the head, and naturally it is impossible to repair the opportunity to repair the Unexpell spot!

Right to rapidly raise your arms, fierce a shot before the chest, cross your hands, and make a big screaming in the direction of Yuxi Boss.

"Tiger !!"



A roar of a king of the beast roaring, blowing in the air.

It is like a super large air gun that is about ten meters, and it is brought together from the right of the body.

A feeling of people, fierce into the heart of Yuxi Board!

At this moment, the Yuxi spots felt a very dangerous breath!

"what is this!"

Yuxi Bao spheres are dead and dead look at the direction of the right fight, especially the huge tiger air gun that suddenly broke out.

I just had a complete body that I have completed it, I was directly blown up a bigger hole in the interior!

The right to break through all the obstacles, like transient, come to Yuxi Boss!


The roaring of the tiger, and the impact of horror is coming!

"Shen Luo Tian !!"

The reincarnation in the bib of Yuxi Boss, exudes purple, strong repulsiveness, and quickly burst into four weeks.

Bang! !

The shock of the Tiger and the horrible, the repulsiveness released by Shen Luo Tianzheng, hits each other, sending a deafening roar!