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Chapter 494, tat stroke, desperate fight!

The whole body must be strongly impacted by both parties, and directly crushed the big head!


Shen Luo Tianjun!

Different power continue to collide, mutual!

"What is this body!"

Yuxi Bo spheres are released in this god, and the face is looking to the right.

He can clearly feel that this is a messy move, there is no contained Chakra, which is completely pure body!

"This is a hindgestion called Mitki!"

"A true body intensity, this trick is my steal, the power is quite good!"

The right bumper was wrapped in the sky, and he replied with a laughter.

Through him released, the power released from the original Maykai is a few times!

"The power is indeed amazing!"

Yuxi Bo is not covered, telling the truth, just when I saw this trick, I did shocked him.

But just like this, it is not enough!

The purple light flashed in the Yuxi Bozo.

Tomb - prison!

With this time, I have to fight against him, I can't take the moment, Yu Zhibo spots release this ability again!

The four shadows appeared on the side of Yizhibo spheres, followed by the arrows that were ejected, suddenly appeared in the right trip.


These four shadows are nearly at the same time, and they brush the throat, the heart, the back, and the waist!

"Give me away!"

"More than just you, have the ability to control gravitational and repulsive!"

Right to send an angry, it is completely weak in the powerful repulsiveness of Shen Luotian, and burst into four sides!

The four shadows have not yet been waiting to be close to the right, and they have been flying directly from the horrible efforts of this sudden emerge.

Yizhi Bo's face is not only slightly changed, but the right to the right, there is also the ability to control the repulsive and gravity, which is indeed an expected expectation of Yu Zhibo!

In such a top champion, understand the party of the other party, at a critical moment, but can be able to kill the Jedi!

What's more, whether it is right fight, or Yu Zhibo sphere is the top strong, never miss any opportunity to pass away!

The chess is bad!

Under the role of the pure body, the pure body, the pure body of the tiger and the powerful repulsive force, and the Sui Zhibo sphere can no longer control the whole mustal, and the upper body is directly blown!

I have to completely dissipate the whole body!

Yuxibo spheres have a sprinkle, and the mouth is even more spilling, under the role of horror impact, flying down to the bottom!

Right, I naturally rushed down from the air and kill the Unexpeus!

"Right fight! I will not lose!"

Yis Zhimo gathered an angry snoring, a large number of Xiancai Chakra gathered, and slammed the mouth and spur it as a laser. Chakra flow!

Immortal - !

"Seeking the jade gun !!"

The right bumbler out two hands and simultaneously align the imperial.

Like a large number of jade, it is a large number of golden energy storms, and it is covered with the Yuxi Bozhuge!

Yuxi Bao spots in the process of falling, and the body is stopped soon, and the side is moving quickly below the next.

At the same time, a tin cushion formed by a condensation of jade appeared in the hands of Yuxibo spheres, and has become his weapon.

In the hands of Yuxi pointed into the hand of Yizhibo spheres, it will cover the golden look of the jade, and keep the blush and go out!

Two people fell in the air, seeking the jade custard and seeking the jade gun, the non-stop collision sent a deafening roar!

"Come on, right!"

The amazing horror, excited, excitedly, and the body will be able to condense half of the body!

Yuxi Bo pushed the two arms of the manipulation, and the rotation of the purple light in his eyes.

An energy breath that is more amazing and horrible, starting to gather on the two arms that must be able to!

The current formed by the blue Chakra is entangled on two mustvas, the three hooks appear in the center of the arm!

A destroyed breath appears in an instant!

"Luoxao Xianli - Eight Makahi Yu!"

You Zhibo spots will be able to lift the arm, and throw it in the direction of the right fight.

At this moment, the combat power of Yuxi specks is far from the level of six spot in the original.

Or the original China Six spot does not show all the strengths, after all, whether it is a nun, it is, it is not enough to make the six spots at the time!

If it is not because of the sudden sneak attack, I am afraid in the end, Yuxi Bo will win!


The battle between Yuxi Bao and the right bucket, both parties can be really desperate.

This is what it means!

"Come on, spot !!"

Right to feel the attack, the corner of the mouth, the corner of the mouth is slightly fracted, and the face is full of excitement and hot eyes.

Seeing Yuxi Bofese's attack on the octacos of the Yumaki who destroys the breath!

"See the jade hand sword !!"

The right bouted outstretched the right hand to the back, and there was a number of places in the right hand, and a layer of golden transculled eye chaclas was infected.

These have a quick rotation of the jade, which has formed the shape of the sword!

During the rapid rotation, the space around the jade hand sword is somewhat distorted, which seems to have suffered!


The right bumper issued a low drink, and the sword in the hands of the jade hand is also thrown.

Different parts of the two are collided in the air, and they did not explode immediately. Instead, the two powers had a trend of fusion!

Seeing such a scene, the pupil of the right bumper and Yizhibao pointed two people contracted simultaneously, followed by busy and stopped the front body shape, the two sides retired!

Almost next moment!

The power of these two shares has suddenly burst out a general horror waves that destroy the world!

The violent energy is like the waves generally fly brave in all directions. The powerful shock waves will be scattered in the sky, and there is no cloud!

In front of this horror, the right bumper and the Zhizhibo spots are almost simultaneously falling from the air, and the hard studies have smashed the deep pit of around me ten meters.

However, almost at the same time!

Right fight and Yu Zhibao pit pit hole rushed out and killed the position to the position where the other party was located.

The two sides have not changed!

The Unexpell Spheres began to fade with red Chakra, followed by these red Chakra after the body of Yuxi Bo, began to condense ten Chakra paws!

"Ten Take the hand of Chakra!"

This is a universal means of human column, and it is natural to use the tail of the tail column, and the power is more powerful!

This ten Chakralie is not only extremely flexible, but the speed is very fast, under the manipulation of Yuxi Boss, instantly divide the right to brush the right!

When I saw this attack, I was obviously stunned, I obviously didn't think that Yuxi Bouchet has such a means.

But soon, the right bucket returned to the body, especially to feel the ten tail of the Turkra's claws, and the face revealed a dignified.