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Chapter 495 Jinhe Renovation Popked VS Six Roads · Bacon Hook Yuri · Brazted Stars!

The strength of the ten tail is not the nine big beasts to be multi!

Especially the ten tail belongs to the six levels. Anyway, right is absolutely don't want to experience it in person, and the feeling of the hand of Chakra!


At the right foot, the whole ground is quickly trapped directly into a deep pit, just like a transient, disappearing in the same space.


I just left the moment, the place where I just stayed in the right, I suffered the bombardment of Chakra's hand, and the ground is like being erased directly!

The right bumper sent a cold, and quickly quickly adjached in the direction of Unexpected Boss, with a powerful predictability.

Right fight during the movement, constantly moving, avoiding the attack of Chekra's hand!

At the same time, the right fight raised his hand to the front, and the nine asked jade behind him, all of which were all flashed to the right.

Right to lift your left hand to this nine-faced jade light, golden reincarnation eye Check Kra quickly attached to this nine-faced jade.


This nine-faced jade suddenly exudes a dazzling golden light.

"Recycling Chakra Ball!"

The right bucket is moving forward, and a rock is issued.

Nine of the golden rays, while gathered toward the center, turned into a horrible golden energy beam, and hinded from Yuxi Bo!


Yuxi Bo is cold and drinks, and begins with the hand of Chakra, all gathered in his own body, forming the defense of Chakra's hand!


The whole earth has a shock, countless dust is like magma eruption, from the underground rolling!

The powerful energy collision, let the two-person battlefield as the center, the scope of the square is five or six kilometers, all of which have become a coke soil!

Among the dense smoke!

A golden figure and white figure constantly collide, uttered a muffled sound in general, continuous roar!

Such rapid fierce fighting, lasting for several hours, there is not even the slightest sign of stopping, the entire plain because the two belligerents, has completely changed the terrain!

Because of the ability to understand the right bucket too transmigration eye owned, so the warring parties, the right fight was almost a pressing Uchiha spot to play!

But only just so, although there are advantages, but if you want a winner, a short time is impossible!

Under such a high intensity of fighting, whether it is the right fight, or Uchi Houbara spirit felt some fatigue, but the two body chakra energy is still a steady stream.

They will not speak the right bucket itself can make use of Black King's ability to absorb energy all the time filled the air, into power they need.

On the staying power, the right bucket slightest fear anyone.

The Uchi Houbara perhaps not as strong staying power, but later became ten people column force, is completely complement this short board.

Thus, with the constant fighting, the right two people fighting all aware of this.

If continue to play to this level, then, two people probably marked the days and nights, a short time can not be a real winner!

"Bang" bang!

The two sides after a collision, quickly separated, looked at each other gently breathing heavily.

"Crushed like this, you can not tell what the outcome."

Right bucket slight twist of the twisted neck, with a trace of accurate channel tone.

"Not necessarily, the last few days there will always be a marked man win!"

Uchi Houbara sneer and shook the wrist. Here, however, a voice suddenly turn:

"Of course, this method is really slow some!"

His words, they mouth at the same time showing a hint of a smile!

"That being the case, it would be the outcome of a trick !!"



Right fights and Yisi Bottice also shouted.

The two are extremely different, but it is extremely horrible, from the two people, the amazing power is filled in the body of the two!

Right fighting two hands simultaneously, and the golden yellow collected in the body is reincarnating to Chakra, thoroughly boiling.

Just like the volcanic outbreak, the transcoction eye challess Claran is constantly gathering between the right bucket.

It seems to have a force that can destroy everything, slowly condense between the hands of the right fight!

That is a breath of death!

the other side.

The reincarnation in the bumble of Ukhibo spheres have been emitted with a faint purple rays, and huge .

Over-body must be affordable!

Blue is essential Checkla, rapidly spreading from Unexpell Plepers, and the hills average the giant figure appear on the plain.

Do this!



A essence of a pure Chakra energy consisting of eight , appearing on the left hand of Qass!

The horrible is constantly compressed into the three hooks, let three hooks expand four or five times, and starting a lot of sun is like a sun.

The horrified breath overflows in the hook!

The air around the three hooks is as if it is ignited, boiling, forming an amazing horrible weather.

In the right hand of the mustvas, it began to appear a black point, and the original point of the black started to expand, but the transstature was suppressed!

Budget star!

Use the ability to look back in the eyes!

Yuxi Bouvet will be highly concentrated into black spheres, condensed in the hand of the mustvas, and temporarily resist the powerful suction formed by the domain with gravity.

From the distance, a hook jade that looks likes the rays, the other is pure black, it seems that the rays around it will be absorbed.

Two shares are completely different, even the strength of the troche is in the hands of Yuxi Bao, the whole body must be surged.

next moment!

It is necessary to raise two arms, and the left hand is covered with jague jade, dragging the black energy ball in the right hand!

The whole body must be able to lift his hands to the middle, and the two hands are completely different, and you are together!


Three inflation of the jade, like three asteroids, with a unique trajectory, surrounding the black energy ball.

Between the blink!

A black energy ball that exudes a bright light, there is a hands that must be affailed.

Two stocks have some unstable tips, in which case is completely stable!

Under this strange calm, anyone can feel the horror power of the earth!

This tuberculosis is a win-out of the thousand handles, and now, this tentative surgery contains six levels of Chakra!

Power can be said to be multiplied!

the other side.

The tissue to be displayed by the right squat is also completely condensed, and a huge golden Chakra scalar sword that does not seem to go through the heavens and the earth.

"To go up, right!"

Yuxi Bao splashes a horrible, integrated horror person, says that in the direction of right, slamming the past.

"Sixth · · !!"

"Come on! Spot!" The right bucket exudes an amazing breath, and also makes a big scream:

"Golden wheel is blown up!"


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