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Chapter 496, the plan of the big snake, contains the poisonous snake of the beast


A unable to describe horror pressure, spread throughout the plain!

At this moment, the air surrounded by the Plain Battlefield Center was taken directly, as if it was out of the sky!

In the big shot of the right fight and the Sui Zhibo sphere, the crowd collision is together!

"End, spot!"

The right to flash a dent look.

As the Ten Tail Column, Yisi Bozhu, in addition to the power of the round, but the golden color of the right bucket, but the co-wood family experienced a number of super-regenerative eyes that were fused.

Yisi Bouvet's attack is powerful, but the golden wheel of the right bucket is born, but it is easy to smash the moon to twelve!

The power of the golden wheel to the explosive explosion is much more pure, condensed!

That is to say, the power of the bill, the right is more winning, and this is enough to thoroughly win!

In the final analysis, Yishibo spots don't know much about the reincarnation of the right fight, otherwise, there will be no such competition!

A moment of two tolerance contacts, like the end of the world, appeared in the plain!

Brain! !

Brain! !

In that short-live moment, the whole world seems to be pressed by the pause, and then it is like a huge explosion like a landslide tsunami, and the huge rang in terror of horror!

The two battlefields of the two were directly chemically formed into ruins.

The huge collision sound and the roar, directly transferred to the village of the fire of the fire outside the house.

After the huge sound, it is a naked eye, and the shock wave is spreading in four weeks. It has set off a shares on the land, and the gas stream visible in the naked eye!

The violent waves have formed a storm that is like a martyrdom in the process of turning, destroying everything around!

Whether it is Ni Zhio, who is close to the battlefield, or a lot of people, all of which releases the endurance, to resist this aftertaire!

"! Can I really give you a revenge?"

Sasuke's manipulated small skeleton must succeed, do our utmost to resist the rest of this stock, flashing in desperate look.

How can such strength, how can you win?

On the other side.

After the Naruto was also guarded, it flashed a little sluggish.

Can you beat the two guys?

Do you really have to re-retrack the village from the right bumper and Yizhi Boura?

Don't win at all!

"I am really not willing, I am not willing!"

Naruto did not know how to be fist, his face was full of unwilling look, and suddenly echoed before the mind.

"You don't look at me, I will not come to escape! I will work hard!"

"There is everyone, I have ... no longer alone."

"I said to me, everyone is hard to come, I will never let go!"

"I will become a rigor, and it is a fire that surpasses the shadow of the population! The pen is straight! I will never violate my vows!"

Just at this time.

A hand is lightly lightly on the shoulder of the nun.

When the Naruto, turned to the rear, I was looking at Nara Deer Pills, and I was looking at him with a smile.

"What is it thinking, Naruto, and us!"

Nara deer pill patted the shoulders of the singer and smiled and opened his mouth.

After Nara deer pill, still standing with small Sakura, Li Luoke, every day, oil femalezhi, Qiuding, the mountain in the mountains.

"Everyone ..." Naruto looked at everyone and laughed.

Just then, a slightly cold voice suddenly came from the rear.

"Oh, under this situation, there is such a warm side, I really don't want to break."

The big snake pills with a smile, suddenly drilled out from the ground.

Located, Kakasi, Black Soil and others, natural first knows the big snake pill.

"You are coming too late, big snake pills!"

I also saw that the big snake pill appeared, my heart was slightly relieved, but my face was still with a few dissatisfied look.

"Sorry, some things need to be prepared, and more troublesome, so late."

The big snake pill was taken back from the Naruto, shrugged, and a little apologize in the tone, but there was no sorry look on his face.

I just wanted to say anything, and the dark soil has crossed everyone to see the big snake pill.

"Today, the battlefield center is right and Yisi Bouvelle is already going to divide, what is your plan? If you don't implement it, we have no chance!"

The black rude gas is obvious with a little anxiety, looking to the big snake pill.

The battlefield center is so fierce battle, whether it is right fight, or Yu Zhibo spheres, all consumed a lot of tea and injuries!

Now today, it is definitely the best time!

And so far, the so-called plan of the big snake pill, I am afraid that there is only a big snake ball.

"Now, your plan can be said."

The Darui of the original Thunder, this time came out from one side, the sound slightly low.

The same is a nod, lifting the head, looking at the big snake pill, there is no need to prevent information from disclosure.

"I said, the legendary six immortals have two sons called Dalo, a called Ashura."

The big snake pill is revealed a mysterious smile, and the sound is brought a hint.

Speaking here!

The big snake pill didn't say, but in the direction of the Naruto.

"You are called the whirlley,"

"Is it very unwilling now?"

Under the eyes of everyone, the big snake pills looked at the Naruto suddenly opened.

Naruto stunned, but still nodded.

He knew that this man who looked like a good person, called the big snake pill, is a powerful ninja that is called "three tolerance" with the good color cacto!

"Very good, I can help you get the power that can fight against the battlefield center."

The big snake pills show a shilly exciting and splendid smile, and deadly stare at the nun.

This is out.

The surrounding people are also all stunned, and they will look at the big snake pills one by one.


The Naruto first took it first, and then immediately excited.

"Of course, there will be some pain." The big snake pill suddenly smiled, while biting the finger, taking directly on the ground.



With a white smoke, eight colors are different, and the arm-like snakes appear in front of the Naruto.

"You only have to bite this eight snakes, you can get this force."

The big snake pill smiled and looked at the sound, and the voice was a loud, followed to continue:

"Of course, it may not get it!"

"Big snake pill, what do you want to do! And what is these poisonous snakes?"

One of them appeared in front of the Naruto, frowning to the big snake pill.

Other Cardi, black soil, etc. also have a little ugly, looking to the big snake pill.

What is the same power like two guys in the battlefield center?

If this ability is really, why don't you use it!

And, is this the so-called plan of the big snake pill?

Black Soil, Darui and others always feel that the feeling of being cheated by the big snake pill.

If it is not suitable for the situation, they can't help but do their hands in two have long.

"It's really anxious."

"You really think that relying on a simple number and the so-called belief, you can overcome the two guys?"

"Laughing people! Whether it is right fight, or Yuxi Bouchen is currently surpassing the level of ordinary ninja!"

"Such strength, it is already comparable to the legendary six cactors!"

"Want to follow these two guys unless you also master the power of the same level, otherwise, you will only hide in the corner of this gutter now."

The big snake pill raised his head and coldly glanced at the scenes of the scene, and did not leave the way.

"As for these eight poisonous snakes, this is not an ordinary poisonous snake, but in vivo contains these eight different distorted beasts.

To be here, the big snake pill has closed his mouth, and some things explain too much, and he has always hate to explain with others.

"Although I don't know what you are saying!"

"But with it is stupid to look at it, there is no way to do anything, I am willing to accept this strange uncle's suggestion, in short, isn't it to make this poisonous snake bit?"

The Naruto came out from the back and shouted, and his face was serious.

"Naruto?" Looking at the complex look at the voice, I want to open the mouth.

"Good color cactus, there is something to say, but it is always my endure!"

The Naruto is also open, and then he has solemnly opened, and then in all eyes, it will go straight into the direction of the big snake.

"Hey, although there is a gambling component, but the success rate is not low."

The big snake pills look like a satisfactory smile on the face of the Naruto, waving for each of the eight colors.



Eight poison snakes also sent a burst of sound and then bite directly on the Naruto.

Originally, eight different tail beasts in the poisonous snake, in the body of the Naruto.

In an instant, the Naruto feels that his spirit is awkward.

At this moment, in the one of Yisi Bo.

A white snake appeared in front of Yuxi Bozuo.


Yischo has a doubtfulness in his eyes, and looks to the white snake from the ground, this white snake, obviously has the breath of the big snake pill.

"It's really a long time, everyone, especially Sasuke."

White snake emits a low laughter.

"I thought you were dead, I didn't expect to live, big snake pills."

The corner came to the position where the white snake is not far away, and the lower head is overlooking the white snake, and the face is laughing.


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