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Chapter 497, Naruto, Sasuke, Sixth Cactus!

This white snake in front of everyone, only half of the two fingers, the two fingers are thick and sized, and it can easily pinch the Hi Zhiwei with soil and others.

But everyone didn't do this!

Compared with the white snake to kill, everyone is more curious about why the big snake pill suddenly appeared here, what is the purpose.

"Oh, I want to kill me is not a simple thing."

The big snake pill is not a laugh, the sound is flat, and the sound is flat.


The white snake directly turned to the head to see the one wherever the front is, and there is no idea of ​​others.

Seeing this scene, Unexpell Belt and other people witnessed flash slightly, the big snake pill is actually looking for help?



Sasuke's twigs in the bumnels slowly rotated, and the cold looks in front of the white snake.

Since I have an eternal kaleidoscope, the enemy who can make Sasu help, there are several, and the big snake will be absolutely not here, let alone just a white snake in front of you.

"Sasuke, is there interest to gamble? Or can you revenge?"

The white snake has some hoarse openings, with a smile in the tone.

This is coming!

Yischo belt soil, the corner, all the people are all slightly.

The flying sections showed the disdainful look, just wanted to say something, was stopped by Unexho Tu.

When the attention of everyone is attracted by the white snake.

Located in the last side, there is a low, and there is a black trim, suddenly revealing a smile.

The big snake pill is more useful than imagination.

I didn't expect it to be so ready!

The black eyes flashed a joy, whether it is a six cactus, or because of the things of Dharo, Ashura, it is all of him unconscious, and it is set out by the big snake pill.

And the action of the big snake pill, really did not let him down, after so long, what is needed, it is already ready.

"The power of the right is too strong, and the variable is too large. In such cases, Chakra, who is reincarnating by Dalo and Ashura, maybe it can break the situation in front of you."

"Under the mixed fish, he may find the opportunity to resurrect mother."

In the dark, I thought about it. At the same time, I took a look at Yisi Bo.

This big drama is only the beginning, I haven't come to the climax!

At this time, the White Snake has already said that the big snake pill is similar to the Naruto.


Sasuke is still cold, but only spit three words in his mouth, then go straight to the white snake.

"I hope you don't do any little action, big snake pill!"

As long as you can revenge, even if you gamble?

What's more, it's today's Sasuke, it is not afraid that the big snake pill has a small action!

"Oh, rest assured, now this time, I have nothing to do with a small action."

The white snake is laughing, and the hoarse opens, then swims directly in the direction of Sasuke.

I still have a white snake swim to Sasuke, I have already reached out, put it on white, and put it on my arm.

The White Snake first was first, then smiled and biting a sure to bite the arm, and the in vitro started into the body of Sasuke.

At this moment, Sasuke is the same as the Naruto, and the spirit appears instantaneous.




The sound drops drops, suddenly sounded with the ear of Sasuke.

Sasuke opened his eyes and found that he had been in a weird space, and the foot was exuded with a little ripple.

It is not equal to God, suddenly, a familiar and surprise sound will sound from the rear.

Sasuke !! "

Sasuke, quickly turned around, look at the rear, found that the Naruto is standing behind him, and looks at him.

"Sure enough, this guy, Naruto!"

Sasuke faces with obvious faces, while tone is a complex open road.

The Naruto has a surprise look, running in this direction, soon come to the face of Sasuke, still look at the face of the face.

"Sasuke, what is this? How can you appear here?"

The sound of the sound of the Naruto asked a lot of four weeks without solving.

Sasuke looked at the Naruto, showing the look of lazy to open, and also observed the surrounding environment.

It is not to answer, he doesn't know what is it.


Another dripping sound suddenly sounded.


One of the two horns, the brown hair, wearing a white coat, six black hiking shaped shape patterns in the chest, sitting in the air, suspended in front of the two.

"It's still decadent, two newcomers."

The six immortals looked at the sakura and Naruto in front of them.

"Who are you?"

Sasuke slightly, looks with cautious looks with cautious look.

At this time, the unique silence of the six immortals, after a while, then help some impatient eyes, slow open mouth:

"This is indeed a problem, but the name of my name and my name are consistent for the name of my newspaper? I am still worried."

"I am the incarnation of peace, named feathers!"

The six cactors flashed deeply a road to see the Sasuke and Naruto, but soon was blocked.

One time, the atmosphere suddenly fell into some inexplicable silence!

In this kind of embarrassing atmosphere, it took a while, and the Naruto suddenly grabbed his head.

"In short, what you said is completely unknown, who is you?"

Naruto looked up with a unhappy voice.

The old man said so much, who is it? Why don't you tell me?

Compared to the thick nerves of the Naruto, it is unclear.

Sasuke in the process of talking in the six cactors, immediately reacted, especially at this time, he found that the six cactors' eyes turned back to the eye.

I see!

"You are the legendary six cactors!"

Sasuke's eyes flashed in a non-confident, with a horrified look, looking to the six cactus.

Sixth cactus?

The Naruto glanced, and the face also exposed an incredible look, is this the six cactors who have been mentioned by the colorful immortal?

"It is not wrong to understand so much."

The six immortals looked at the help and then nodded gently.

"Because of the gap in the times, there will be a great difference in some concepts. When you see the reincarnate, you will have a feeling of the era."

"Although some of the language and culture of this era, the research and culture of the language is different, it is very ambiguous ..."

The six cactors chatted, it looks like a lotion, but the words are extremely hidden, it is difficult to make sense, highlights.

"You can't say the popularity, let ordinary people can understand some!"

"And now this time, can't listen to you here, even if you are a six cactus!"

The Naruto is on the forehead, and the drums of the irritability.

Sasuke also also jumped with the eyelids, the old man in front of him, it is too much, can you tell you directly!

"Oh, is it so?"

"In short, my name is a feather, and it is also a six-way immortal!"

The six immortals see Sasuke and Naruto some impatient looks, and the tone is turned a calm open.

"Ascending here, in your words, it is a special spirit space."

"Originally, you will not meet in the same spirit space, but you have the same kind of weak Chakra, so you will join you two."

The same Chakra!

Naruto and Sasuke were opposed to each other, and a person in the mind.



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