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Chapter 498, Six, Rounded, Retrieving, Defold! !

Things that happen in the spiritual world, for everyone in the real world, just just a moment!

Whether it is a Naruto, or Sasuke, in other people, it seems to be just a slight embarrassment, suddenly standing straight.

Seeing Sasukes with a sudden action, Unexpell Belt and other people stunned, Yisi Bo has just wanted to speak, what is the situation?


An invisible and strong pressure, suddenly spread from Sasuke.

Let the Yuxi Bo, the Zhou Zhi Bo, the corner, the scorpion, and a few people only feel that the body is sinking, one by one reveals an incredible gaze.

"Is this the power of Yuxi Bao and the right bucket?"

"Now I have it!"

Sasuke pinched his fist, showing a smile on his face.

"your eyes!"

Yuxi Boi, you locked the recent naturally able to feel the changes on the body, when looking at the eyes of Sasuke, the pupil smashed.

I saw it!

Sasuke's eyes have become purple reincarnation, and is different from ordinary rounds, this is the rounded look, which actually presents purple six hook jade back to eye form!

Sasuke reached out and pulled the white snake hanging on the arm, and then turned to see Yizhi Board and other people, in the middle, the figure has disappeared!

"What is this?"

It was originally more silent, rare open mouth.

Unfortunately, everyone in the scene has not been able to answer the problem!

Only quietly standing in the land of Yisi Bo belt, the eyes are constantly flashing, and the face is a very depressed expression.

At this moment, it is one side.

Snoking a smile from the Naruto's face of the spiritual world, will bite eight colors of the eight colors.

"Naruto, are you okay?"

It is also ahead of the Naruto to appear in front of the Naruto.

The big snake pill is quietly standing on the side, and the eyes of death, the Naruto, although it is just a moment, and there is no change in the celebrities in front of you.

But the big snake pill has an intuition, and the Naruto in front of you has reached another height!

"Don't worry, good color fairy!"

The Narler holds his fist and lifted his head and smiled and said:

"Although it is still unclear, some are incredible, but now I feel that you can change everything!"

Below, black soil, Darui and others, the first time I felt the changes in the Naruto.

"This little ghost? It feels some different."

Black Soil looks towards people, can't help but stun.


At this time, a subtle blank sound suddenly sounded.

Everyone is also equal, and quickly makes battle preparations, and look at the direction of the sound.

I saw the straight figure, standing quietly on a broken big tree, looking down, one side.

Do not!

Specifically, Sasuke is only a nun!

The eyes!

I also saw the reincarnation in the left eye frame, first showing a stunned, followed by what I thought, quickly looked at the direction of the big snake.

"Hey, it seems that the result is more surprised than expected."

The big snake pill made a low laughter, whisper muttering.

"You are too slow, Naruto!" Sasuke voice with a touch of impatient, calmly looked at Naruto.

"Haha, let you wait,"

The Naruto grabbed the hair and was sorry to open.

In the process of speaking, a person who has a sharp breath from the Naruto's body, and the horrible breath is filled.

Naruto's clothes were changed to gold in Chakra, and there were six cactors' hooks, and there were also three patterns on the cheeks.

After five kinds of jade, in the body of the Naruto, the rapid conjunction, presenting a rule distribution!

The six immortal model debut! !

"Next, please give us."

The Naruto turned his head and his face showed a brilliant smile to everyone.

Voice fell!

Naruto and Sason have disappeared at the same time!


Sakura only came and shouted the name of Sasuke, and he saw Sasuke's figure has disappeared, but the face not only revealed the sad look.

Sasuke appeared, even didn't look at her.

Compared to the emotions of Sakura lost, everyone at this moment is all looking to the big snake pill!

Whether it is the change of the Naruto, it is still the change of Sasuke, it is clear that there is a certain relationship with the big snake pill!

"Is this your plan? Big snake pill?"

Located slightly swallowed, some can't believe in the big snake pill.

He can clearly feel the terrorist power contained in Naruto and Ski, which can be comparable to the right bumper and Yizhiota!

When Yu Zhibo spheres were hurt, when the right is hurt, this time, this time, Sasuke, absolutely the best time.

"It's not entirely."

"But can be so successful, it is also my expectation, such, behind the success rate is also more sure."

The big snake pills have revealed a rare smile, and often the tongue keeps licking his lips, faintly excited.

At this moment, it is located in the battlefield center of the plain.

The dusty dust is filled around!

The complete body of Yuxioba must be able to say that the combination of the release, and the top of the right boused is directly smashed into two semi-dissipated.


Yuxi Boss is abnormal in the ground, and there is a blood cough in the mouth.

The most terrible thing is that the half of the half of Yuxi Boss has already been chemically cured as soep, even if there is no death in the six way, you want to completely recover, it is impossible for a short time!

And right, obviously will not give him this opportunity!

tread! tread!

Along with the footsteps of stepping on, the right battle appears in front of Yuxi Bou.

At this time, the body is broken, and the body is full of big and small traces, and the green is a purple. It looks like a wolf.

Even if you have the darkness of the Emperor's phagocytosis, plus the rapid recovery of the anti-eye strength, Yuxi Bo sphin contains six strong combination, it is absolutely not so easy to bear.

However, even if you are right, you are like a wolf, but it is better than that of Yuxi spots, too much!

"You won, right!"

Yuxi Boss is half lying on the ground, and it is unsatisfactory and decadent, slowly open.

"I have won, it seems that the battle between us is over."

Right fight nodded.

At the same time, the right fight is condensed out of a black bar, then lifting the black gang in his hand, tapping the position of the Yuxi Boufei!

The Yuxi Bo's mouth is a bit hard, but it is not much unwilling, the front is hit, and it is lost.

Just as Yu Zhibo spots are ready to meet death, the right to the right of the eyes suddenly disappeared.

It is still unequal, and the Zhizuo splines have been reacted, and Sasuke and Naruto have appeared in front of Yuxi Bouvelle!

"You two ..."

Yishibo spheres have grown up, look at Naruto and Sasuke at this moment, showing an incredible expression on his face.

Don't take the hook in the left eye in the left eye, let Yu Zhibo spheres have a moment!


"Pummers the ten tails first!"

Sasuke loudly to the figure of the Naruto, the figure has appeared in front of Yuxi.

Sasuke lifted his hand to the chest position of Yuxibo spots, and the fingers were hard to born into the chest of Yuxibo spots, and then pulled out!

The ten-tailed body is hard to pull out a small cut!

Sasuke !! "

Yishibo spots returned to God and sent an angry roar.

The violent momentum of the sky broke out, even if he was seriously injured, Yu Zhi Bao is still there!

Yu Zhibo spheres are filled with angry flames, he can die in the right hand, but it is absolutely not allowed to die in the hands of Sasuke!

This is an insult to him!


When the Naruto appeared behind Yuxi Bao, raised his hand directly to press Unexpectedly in the ground and forcibly stopped the action of Yuxi.

This is subject to serious injury, under the joint hand of Naruto and Sasuke, forcibly blocking all the actions!

This is a short instant kungfu, taking advantage of the weakness of Unexpell, and taking a huge body that has been directly hard to pull out ten tails.

And at this time!

A cold voice came from the distance and the speed is close to this direction.

"You are two, this is to die!"

Right squats are fried over the plains throughout the plains, and violent is like a thunder's pendant, and the flocking flocked.


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