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Chapter 499 Failure Plan! How do you die?

Feeling the ambient anger, Naruto and Sasuo looked up at the same time, and the face was ugly.

"How can it be so fast!"

Yizhi Bo sakard has changed his face, and the pupil is even more shrinkage.

He has just started to go back to the space, similar to the space transfer door, take advantage of the right fight, and move the right bumper to a space between him unclear.

Just I didn't think that the right battle was again returned so quickly!

"Naruto, trouble you stop him!"

Sasuke quickly lifted his head and loudly and loudly.

"Your tone of this order, although people don't say."

"But at this time, I don't care so much."

The Narler smashed his mouth, and the sound was turned into a golden stream, rushed to the right!


When the right bucket is about one kilometer from the battlefield center, the Naruto has rushed to the front of the right.

"Interesting, it is really unexpected!"

The right fight is hanging on the face.

Naruto and Sason can get the force of the six way, and it is indeed a considerable expectation of right away.

Is the six cactors really can't help but shoot?


Naruto lifted his fist, a boxing place in the chest position of the right fight, let the surrounding air sound.

"Swirl moon!"

The right to hunt, the body, the body does not move, and look coldly looks at the Naruto in front of it.


Naruto's face was very shocked, and he didn't wait for the retrace. When the right fight, he kicked it, and he shouted on the belly of the Naruto.


The Naruto suddenly bled and turned into a white smoke dissipated!

"" sounds, the ground under the feet suddenly blows up, and the body of the Naruto rushed out from the ground, and a boxing of the chin on the right.

However, the right bounce seems to be pre-expected. When the Naruto rushed out, he took a step directly, and it was easy to avoid this epistemon of the Naruto.

At the foot of the right, I kicked the past again, and directly hit the neck of the Naruto.


The Naruto's body is immediately drilled out several Chakra's hands, and forcibly caught the foot of the right.

"I will never let you go forward!"

The Naruto made a big, lifted one hand, a large number of Chakra gathered in the palm.

Wind, super large jade spiral hand sword!

A huge spiral pill of the sword shape, carrying countless microharakra cutting edges, instantly in the hands of the Naruto, and directly rushing to the right.

"If you want to stop me?"

"It's really thought to get the power of six cactors, can you sit in peace?"

The right fight with a laugh, lift your palm, and shoot it directly!

The palm power and the hand-covered palm, a slap in the palm of the knockout!

The violent power is also indirectly passed through Chakra's hand, hosted in the chest of Naruto!

The Naruto fierce his eyes, and the body was directly hit. After tens of heaven, he forced his body after taking a few times!


The severe pain comes from the chest, let the Naruto straightforward.

The right fight with a cold look, step by step, I walked toward the Naruto, didn't take a step, the momentum of the body was strong, the horror stress continued to spread around!

"Can you do it, only I have known it!"

"And I have vowed, I must defeat you and become the strongest nature of the past!"

The Naruto stood up and got a big scream.


"Woody village has become history, what is the navigation."

"I used to spare you a few times. Since you want to die, then I will send you a trip."

The right bumbles have been laughed, and the figure suddenly disappears.

Naruto pupil, the rapid launch of the spare, tolerance, and more shadow!


A large number of white smoke rose, blinking, hundreds of celebrities appear around the battlefield, and spread quickly.

The right battle suddenly appeared in front of the Naruto just now, a punch will smash it, and chemically make a white smoke dissipate!

"It's because I have no village! I have to defeat you!"

"Only in this way can you re-establish the village, and I can also become a shadow! Your ambition will not be realized!"

Hundreds of Naruto also issued a big sound, the momentum is amazing, and even the ears of the right squad!

"I am !!"

"Immortal - Super Large jade spiral plus pill!"

A mung's score is bleached, and everyone's hands are held in huge fairy spiral pills, rushing over.

"Seeking the jade gun!"

Right fighting face is cold, lifting your hands, a lot of golden yellow, jade is like a machine gun, and shooting into the shadow of many Naruto!

A large amount of shadow, I haven't waited for the right to empty!

Between the blink, hundreds of shadows are all disappeared.

In the scene, there is only the figure of nine-channel people!

That's this opportunity!

After the right bumper is released, the short-handed gap appeared, and the nine shadows rushed again to the right!

Each shadow-branching handicon condenses Chakra helium pills with complete different attributes!

"Immortal - overhead beast jade spiral pills, swords!"

Each shadow is blended in the hands of different tail beast Chakra properties, a sword with a amazing destruction!

At this moment, the view of the right fight, behind the nine, as if there was a figure of nine tail beasts, and roaring him Qi.

"Hey, boring, drama!"

Right trocked directly, a cold, golden reincarnation, Claran, gathered between the hands of the right fight.

"Silver wheel is blown up!"

The tornado energy light column exudes silver rays, carrying the horrible power, and directly sweeping the combined combination of Naruto!

The nun of the Naruto also followed by being swept out, and the heavy smashing is on the ground, and a huge deep pit!

"The peace you want to build is to build countless ninja to build!"

"Those who die, there are also family members, have friends! Peacefulness to build with grief, how can it be true peace!"

"And how can I lose to you !!"

The Naruto stood up from the deep pit, and the golden beast Chakra quickly expanded, and the blink of an eye became huge nine-tail gold Chakra!


The huge golden nine tail tailor is a roaring, rushed to the right battle.

I heard the words of others, I have to sigh, and the mouth of the Naruto is really powerful. This will not refute.

But anything, not saying, is right!

"The little ghosts who have never experienced the war, and will also be hung in the mouth?"

The right fight is wearing a boring look, looking at the huge golden nine tail of him.


The ground at the foot of the right bumper is instantly crackled, and the figure is risking.

It is clear that the Naruto is moving, but the speed of the right fight is more than the person, and it will appear before the nine tail head.


Right to send a low drink, pure body instantly broke out, a tiger roaring sound in half air.

A hit will boke half the body of the nine tail, and the Naruto is spit out of a blood, and once again, it will be bombed out!

This blow is farther away, and the niece of the Naruto is all over the half air. It is located in the place where Uzhibo spheres and Sasuke battlefield are in less than ten meters!


Sasuke saw that the Naruto not far away, with a significant concern in the voice.


Right, this is falling from the air, there is not far from the absence, and the below is directly shocked, and a roar.

"Oh, haven't you died yet?

Right to see the direction of Yu Zhibo spots, with a ridiculous laugh in tone.

Yuxi Bvelle and Sasuke are still in the hands of ten tails, but there is no suppression of Naruto, and Yu Zhibo spots gradually retrieved.

Not only do a sudden to curb the extraction of the sakura, but even begin to slowly pull out the ten tail, re-pull back.

Will the beast forced out from the human column, it is a collision of will and beliefs!

And how can Yu Zhibo's will and beliefs, how can it be lost to Sasuke?

"I will die in this ghost, right!"

"The same six way strength is also a level! Sasuke!"

Yuxi Bo spheres back to the right, while the cold looks to Sasuke, like a dead!

Damn! !

Sasuke's heart is dark, the face is ugly, according to his and Naruto plan, first use space forbearance to put the right bumper to the space room, then two people together from the body of Yuxi Boss, with a tail.

It was brought for so long by Yuxibo spheres and Yisi Bo, and Sasukes naturally knows that an Yuxi Bang wants to use the tail power to launch a technique called "unlimited month reading".

Although Sasuke has not figured out, what kind of kind is this?

But in short, you can't let Yuxi Boss are equal.

As long as the ten tail is drawn from the body of Yuxi Bo, then Yisi Boss is naturally dead, and the two are dealing with the right fight.

Just, the plan is far from changing, the speed of the right fight is too fast, directly dismusting, the steps of the Naruto.

In this case, it can only be desperate!

Sasuke knows that you will continue to be able to shoot, directly released the hand of the tail, and a flashing appears after the Naruto!

Sasuke and Naruto back to the back, one for Udishi, a right to right.

As Sasuke leaving, Yuxi spots quickly recovered the ten-tailed body that had just been taken out, and the half of the body lost, and the complete recovery was completely recovered, and she stood up from the ground.

"Although I don't know how to get such strengths, I am ready, is it an anger of my Zhiwei?"

Yisi Boli is cold and looking to Sasuke and Naruto.

"Tool is a tool."

"It's really ridiculous!"

"So, how do you die?"

The right fight is not precailed, and the open mouth is clear.

At this moment, the right bumper and Ski were distributed at the same time, and the horrible pressure was like the wind and the wind, and the two people were pressed over!

Feel this amazing gas field!

Naruto and Sasuke's forehead showed a layer of sweat and cold sweat.

"These two guys are really strong!"

The Naruto is cautiously looks to the right fight in front, and the tone is slightly spit.

"Into, this kind of thing doesn't have to say, I really want to die."

Sasuke face the opposite Yuxi Bouvet, the sound slightly slightly low open.


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