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Chapter 500 Burning - Bright Wheel Black Heaven!

at this moment!

Naruto and Sasu are almost the heart of the heart, and jump to the air.


With the Chakra in the two people, the whole sky has a huge roar!

Sasuke: "The whole body must be able to !!"

Naruto: "Nine Lama Tail !!"

The two hills generally have an instant, immediately vacated, and fly high.

Naruto and Sasuke two people directly explode the strongest moves directly in the process.

The Naruto manipulated huge nine-tail gold Chakra body, while lifting both hands, the power of the yin and yang aggregated on both arm.

"Six Road - Super Large Jade Spiral Pills Hands in Sword!"

Naruto made a big, using Chakra in all the tail of the body, plus the yin and yang of his own, forms two huge yin and yang spiral hands in the sword!


Carrying the horror of the world, the Naruto will take the two yin and yang spiral hands in the hands, and Qi Qi is in the right!

The other side.

Sasuke manipulators must be able to fly in the air, and the hands condensed into a bows and arrows composed of Chekra.

With the strength of the six channels and the end of the round, a blue is like a lightning, the arrow is quickly condensed on the bow and arrow, and the entire sky has created a huge storm and lightning, it is like a natural disaster!

"Duertra !!"

Sasukes issued a big, and the frutty of the rumors into a streamer, and it hurts the underworld.

Seeing this scene, right fights and Yishibo flashed a disdain at the same time, Qi Qi sent a cold!

"Bored to play!"

The reincarnation in the double-eyed in Yuxi has exudes a touch of purple, and the whole body must be uncomfortable!

Extremely dense Chakra, indirectly forms a blue Chakra current like an entity, uncomfortable in the hands of Yisi Boupete, full of Sasone!

"Six - Eight Edition Hook Yu!"

The blue eight version of the hook jade and the blue streamer Due to Dalo, the fierce collision has a huge roar.

"Silver wheel is blown up!"

Right trocked directly, I was too lazy, lifting my hand, slashing.

The silver tornado storm also collided with the horses of the Naruto's super-jade spiral pills, and instantly cause a dazzling light ball, illuminated the entire sky and earth.

Then, it is the roar and explosion of horror!

Naruto and Sasuke two people's strongest moves, in the eye of the right fight and Yisi Boss, the top more of the most strongest movements such as the most strongest movement.

Just as the one who said Yuxi speck!

Even if you have six power, it is also a level!

I saw the attack on myself, and I was even easily resistant to the Yuxi Boss and Right Trip, and the faces of the two people who were helped and the nun were more difficult.

"Can be evil! Do you still have such a big gap!"

Sasuke violent gas is full of gas, and the tone is full.

"When it is not decadent, Sasuang!"

"Since a single power can resist, let us join us!"

The Naruto made a big, loudly opened against Sasuke.

Sasuke is first, then nodded.

They inherited the power of the legendary six immortals, how can they lose these two guys below!

Sasuke manipulator completely, the nine tail of the Naruto manipulator, the two people quickly hit together, not, exactly, it is integrated together.

"Will-dressing - must be able to!"

Sasuke sent a big scream, and the whole body must be slammed in the nine tail of the Naruto, formed an overwhelming strength and super defense against the armor.

"Oh? It's good."

The right bumper picked the eyebrows, the Naruto and Sasuke of this state, finally able to make him feel the threat.

"Haha, I am funny, so I don't think it is."

"Right, how do these two guys give me?"

Yuxioba also felt the change of the Naruto and Sasuke fusion, and the face showed excitement, and turned to the right.

"here you are?"

"If the hand is defeated, I am not interested."

Right to fight, obviously, it is not intended to make it.

I heard the four words of "hand of hand".

Yuxibo whisper is straightforward, there is no way to refute between time, after all, in the battle of right, he is indeed lost.

"The strengths of these two guys are integrated, and they can only face us alone, they are so, then I have to guess!"

Yu Zhihua is lighter, and dead staring at right.

This is coming!

The brunette of the right fight is also rare, and the two people are serious, and they extend their hands.

Right to fight out!

Unexpected scissors!

As a result, Yu Zhibo hire!

"Haha, I won!" Yu Zhibo spheres a lot, turned to reveal the whole body, rushed to the air of the Naruto and Sasuke.


"This guy definitely used the insight of the round, if it was exposed to killing, then the winner must be me!"

"It seems that I was found to be a flaw by Yuxi Bao!"

Right, grabbed your hair, some uncomfortable open mouth.

Just now, two people look only for a simple guess, but actually a fight against another meaning.

For ordinary people, guessing is just a game, and for people who reach their level, the guessing fierce is more than just insight, but also the speed of the punch, the movement of each other muscles, the sense of mind, etc. Wait.

Just now, Yuxi Bouvelle did not expose killing, so "Enlightenment" is almost predicated, it is not available at all.

Naruto and Sasuke two people naturally saw the action of Just Yisihuots and Right.

This kind of contempt of their behavior not only lets the face to show an angry look.

"Naruto, I'm gone!"

Sasukes send a big, the manipulator's warfare must be able to kill the Yuxi Bo, who is rushing!

"Good!" Naruto also made a big scream.

Six, wind, spiral pill, sword! !

Inflammatory - dating the land of life! !

The huge suit must be able to hold a person's tolerance, and then the two different people in his hand, then throw it down!

In the process of throwing, these two sickness came together in the air, and the horrible breath was filled in this new melting, and then broke out.

"Burning - the glutabble is black" zero !! "

The Naruto and Sasuke sent a big scream, and his hands pushed this fusion of terrorism, and quickly rushed to Yu Zhibo.

"This is much more interesting!"

"But then it is, let me tell you, the strength of our strength!"

Yuxi Bao splashes the smile of overbearing, and the powerful momentum is surrounded.

During this process, Yuxi Bouvet also released the fusion tandem that was launched at the time of the right battle!

"Sixth · · !"

Yuxi Boupeng issued a low drink, manipulating the powerful power of the world, also directly slammed.

Two horror sickles with destroying the breath, collided in the half air, and sent a huge roar of the world.

The violent energy tide is the center of the explosion, spread towards the four sides of the eight side, and the air in the square is emptied in an instant. In the scope of the explosion center, there is a faint crack, which is a spatial crack!

The horrible Yu Bo is like an angry wave in the sea, a wave of high waves spread in four weeks, and the whole land was instantly emptied to only a coke soil!

In the battle center, Yu Zhibo spots, complete body must be protected, and there is a large-area crack and crash.

Yuxi Bao pointed to the eyes, while speeding from the air, he smashed on the ground, and smashed a big pit for a few meters deep.

But, very fast!

Yuxi Bao is a rapid jump in the pit hole, which is not far from the right side of the right battle, and there is no injury.


Yuxi Bo sphere is slightly looked at right, and a face is calmly open.

"I thought there would be an accident, I didn't expect to overestimate these two people."

Right, I heard the proud tone of Yuxi Boss, slammed, slightly with a slight ridicule.


Right, take the lead in raising your feet, walk towards the battlefield center of the front and Sasuke.

Yu Zhihua is a blushing look, strides, followed, followed,

The two walked in front of it.


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