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Chapter 501 Dream Why isn't a ambition? Narling, combined with clones!

A large amount of smoke, dust covers the range of battlefields, which makes people can't see everything in the week.

Faced with such an environment!

Right to raise your hands and fierce ahead.

Just a simple fan actions, it instantly produced a wind, which will be emptied in all the dust and smoke.

Two people in the right bumper and Yisi Bo pointed, so soon, they quickly walked to the position of the battlefield center.

At this point, in front of the two, a big pit of a square round for fifteen meters, while the Naruto and Sasuk are lying in this big pit.

At this time, the clothes on both people were broken, and they were covered with different sizes of wounds, blood DC, and dyed the two people in the body into a blood red.


"How can there be such a big ... gap!"

The Naruto and Sasuke were lying in the pothole, and the two had constantly coughed with fresh blood, and the face was unwilling, and the struggle would get up.

But blinking!

Right fight and Yisi Bozi brush appeared in front of Naruto and Sasuke.

The right battle is calm and looks like two dead people.

"I have not yet become a shadow ... I haven't saved the village yet ... I can't lose ..."

"I will never, lose it ... you have a lot of people!"

The Naruto looked at the right to stand in front of the look, struggling from the ground, and the tone was full of unwillingness and anger.

On the other side, the same thing I want to climb from the ground,

But like the Naruto, can only bother to get up, and Chakra in the body is almost consuming empty, plus serious injury, and it is hard to stand up.

Desperate has exposed in the eyes of Sasuke.

"It's really ugly."

Uchiha spot Sneered look to Sasuke, a vacuum created by the black bars.


With the stream of blood spilled!

In Sasuke unwilling eyes, Uchi Houbara the hands of the black rod, directly through the heart of Sasuke.

Uchi Houbara look never had any change, even with a family of people, people who dare to own shot, he can not hold back!

Sasuke !! "

Naruto eyes wide open, incredible to see Sasuke down in a pool of blood, issue a roar.

Look to the right bucket in front of Sasuke and Naruto, eyes flashed a sigh, the two men but as the protagonist of existence in general.

"The so-called" leading role "in the face of people have absolute power, but is a nice little title nothing more."

"Your mouth said" ambition ", in my opinion, with you still talking about the meaning of a dream."

"You kept saying that to become Naruto, revenge for the village, and even rebuild the village, you say this is a dream, but in my opinion, is it not your ambition."

Right bucket-like face with a mocking smile, condensed out of the hands of the black rod, also directly inserted into Naruto's heart.

This world there is always a lot of people like to use the vocabulary tall to decorate their own.

Dream not that ambitious yet another vocabulary?

"Sasuke, we ......"

Naruto looked at the gang to penetrate the chest, as well as continue to spill blood, with dazed eyes muttering, stumble to the ground.

the other side.

Whether Jiraiya a room, or an Uchiha with soil, and felt Sasuke and Naruto's breath away.

"I failed?"

Uchiha with soil flashing eyes, softly muttered.

"It's really waste. If there is no accident, if there is nothing, do you really delay again?"

Black is hidden in the shadow, is cold, and the .

Selfie is also equal.


I also shouted myself, and the body was pressed by Kasi and Daruid.

When the Naruto is dangerous, they will plan to rush to the battlefield, but they are forcibly stopped by Kasi and others.

The same battle, they don't say that it is intercedeed. I am afraid that it will be directly killed by Yu Bao, even if there are more people who have added several deaths.

"Big snake pill, what are you doing!"

"You don't say you have other backhand!"

Black Soil looks at the open mouth of the big snake pill.

At this moment, the face of the big snake pill is somewhat hard. He thought that Naruto and Sasher did not win at first, but did not think that the speed of the two was too fast.

Look at the scene just fighting, this is just just that Yizhi Bo is full of people.

Even if he still has a backhand, it is definitely not an opponent of Yuxioba and the opponent of the right.

However, I feel that everyone has a gaze.

The big snake pill is gently sighed, this time, even if you want to hide, you can't hide.

"Originally, I still want to see the situation in the battlefield and then shot, but the Naruto and Sasuo are too fast, and I know that I can put it together, maybe I can add a few layers."

The big snake pill is a hoarse opening, and the thick reel of the length of the length of the length is taken from the arms.

This reel is thrown into the ground.


With a burst of white smoke, a coffin appeared in front of everyone.


Located, Kakasi saw this coffin, and I thought of the ban in the village for the first time.

"This is not a crowd."

"Take the endurance, there is no way to deal with the right bumper and Yuxi Bao."

The big snake pill is open, while walking toward the coffin, flashing with the fanatic look.


"Come out!"

The big snake pills came to the side of the coffin, knot a print, slammed the coffin, excited open mouth.


The cover of the coffin directly fell to the ground, and the coffin wearing a gray robes, familiar with strange figure, came out from the inside.

"This is……"



I saw this person who came out of the coffin yesterday, everyone stunned at the same time, and the heart rose a grilled feeling.

Because this figure in front of the coffin, you have to work with Sasuke and Naruto, as if it is a combination of two people.

Even everyone in the field can feel that this body contains Naruto and Sasuke the same Chakra.

"What is this?"

Kakasi pupil is slightly contracted, and there is a hidden room, and it is like a madman in the eyes of the big snake.

At this moment, the big snake pills are not in the eyes of the people, but in turn, look at this figure in front of you.

"I said, the legendary six cactors have two sons, one called Duerto, a called Ashura, which spends a lot of expenses."

"For some reason, these two people have a fight, how to win, but the two people have not ended, and the descendants of both sides are still endless fighting."

"The two people's Chakra continues to go through."

Speaking here, the big snake pills with a fanatical look, emit a weird laughter.

This way of reincarnation is very similar to him with a mantra. It is a branded brand that is left with your own Chakra.

Only the two people they own, Chakra, which is completely different from the ordinary ninja Chakra, so that they have not been dissipated for thousands of years.

"This world's Ashura and the reincarnation of Athens are Naruto and Sasuke."

"This person is my use of cloning technology to combine Naruto and Sasuke Chakra cells, creating a cloning person."

"This person does not only have the cells of the thousand-handles, but also with the writer of the Yishabo family, Chakra, the nine tail beast."

The big snake pill is like appreciating the art, and the cloning person you created is constantly being created. At the same time, it is introduced to everyone.

Located on the face, look at the big snake pills on the face, and the lips are slightly smashed.

"Is this what you really plan?"

Supreme slowly open.

"Yes, this is my plan!"

"Combined with the nine big beasts of Chakra, the Western Yuxi family, the cells between the thousand-handed collars, as well as Chakra in Dharo and Ashura!"

"It will be brand new, it will be new, close to the existence of six cactors!"

Big snake pills a fanatic opening road.

Voice fell!

The big snake pill suddenly revealed a pity look.

"Unfortunately, the Naruto and Sasuke have been defeated, and he may not be able to win, and I haven't thought about what the name is."

The big snake pill sways, and there is some mad open road.

I saw the big snake pills in this state, and my face was slightly changed, and I found out that the state of the big snake pill was not right.


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