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Chapter 502, six cactors resurrected, pig ? Die?

From this figure, from the coffin, the big snake pill is inexplicably felt into a fanaticism, or even an madness.

At the same time, the state of the big snake pill is also found, and the other people also detected the abnormalities of the big snake pill.

Because of the big snake pill, give everyone a mental disorder.


The original pale face in the big snake pills instantly became awkward, and the face revealed a lot of red halo, and a blood spurred from the mouth of the big snake.

"What exactly is going on?"

The big snake pills have some fanaticism to retreat, and the face is revealing the heart!


A sound bone is stretched, just like the peak of fried beans, the sound of the cloning people.

Under all people in a horrified gaze, the clone slowly lifted his head twisted neck, and even made a weird stretching action.

"It's impossible ... how can you conscious!"

The big snake pills fiercely contracted, and the cloning people did not make their awareness, purely through him.

But now the big snake pill suddenly discovered that the means of control was turned out, not invalid, but the curse of the cloned people has disappeared!

After stretching a move, the cloning man opened his eyes as the sleepy lion was slowly opened, and an invisible seems to come from the depths of the soul, or the fear of the peers rooted in the depths of the soul. Out!

There is no moment of momentum, but everyone in the scene is cold-sweating.

The black pupil in the clone of the clone began to become a bloody and red.

This change is still continuing, second hook jade, three hook jade, kaleidoscope writes the wheel eye - until the round look!

On the white forehead, it slowly emerged in the red back eye shape.


At this moment, the bodies of the cloned people have begun to change, and there are two angles on the forehead. The hair transforms into black and white, and the white coat appears in the air, and six black hooked jade patterns appear at the position of the chest!

Seeing this scene, at this moment, the invisible pressure is stressed!

The big snake pills have a dark brunette who can't confused, looking at the clones he created at the moment!


This is definitely not his clones he created. Who is this person?

At this time, this is not just the question of the big snake pill, but also all the questions from the scene!

In front of this person, it looks like it is very similar to the Yuxi Board in the battlefield!

"I haven't been active for a long time, but it is not suitable."

"I didn't expect that this era has mastered such a technology, it is really powerful."

"This body should be able to barely tolerate my strength, and it is possible to act."

At this time, the cloning person tangled with a slightly vicissitudaus, slowly moving.

Say here.

Clone people turned to see the direction of the big snake pill, and there is no expression:

"Trouble you, make this body for me."

This is coming!

The big snakeball I applied for a moment, as if I thought about it, my face was a horrified look.

"You are ... Luoxao."

"It turns out, I can't think of making a clone, or even somewhat is not right, you are influenced me!"

The sound of the big snake pills has a bit hoarse, and the eyes flashed in a horrible fear.

I have died of the six immortals in thousands of years, and they actually reinstated resurrection!

Not only this, the invisible is actually influenced by him!

What is this world?

The big snake pill suddenly has a kind of feeling of the world being dark.

Sixth Cactus, Attoro, Ashura!

Are these people really die? It is also said that there is another form, which controls the entire endurance!

The six cactors naturally will not answer the question of the big snake pills, and there is no feelings in the eyes!

It is really embarrassing!

This alien, did not expect to grow to such a level, actually need to resurrect once, personally take a resolution.

However, it doesn't matter, the millennium time, almost the new harvest time.

The six immortals have a flat eye, and they will come, and the big snake pills and others will disappear in an instant!

That look ... like a group of pigs to be slaughtered!

At this moment, the battlefield center.

With Sasuke and Naruto, two people were killed by the right fight and Yuxi Bouc.

The eyes of Yuxibo spheres are back to the right!

"Although there is an accident, our battle can continue."

"Non-fighting, playing again, you are also lost."

The right squatted pinched his fist, and his eyes were indifferent to Yuxibo spots.

When I heard the right battle, Yu Zhibo spoke, just wanted to speak.


A sense of death, while appearing among the perceptions of the right bumper and Yisi Bou, the two have been brushing to the front of it.

The six cactors took a look and felt, and there was an air in front of the two.

Six cactors!

Seeing this appearance, the right fight pupil is shrinking.

Did the six cactors ended in person?

It's really ... interesting!

"This is so miserable, it is a shame."

"White wasted the power I gave."

The six immortals did not look at the right fight and Yuxi Boupeng, but the two people who have already thoroughly lost their lives and the Naruto.

"Although it is just the reincarnation of my two sons, how do you say that you have to revenge them for them."

The six immortals re-raised their heads, and they looked at Yuxibo spots and right.

Just look at it, don't let the right bumper and Yuxi bouquet simultaneously feel a pressure.

This is a pressure that is much smaller, the spiritual level.

Yisi Bo spokeally heard the words of the six cactors, first got a moment, immediately realized that this sudden old man is in front of him.

"The legendary creation of the six cactus? Is it still alive?"

The tone of Yuxibo is a horror, and then the Yuxi Baozhuki angle suddenly:


The six cactors focus on the right bucket, especially in the right of the right, staying more than a while.

"Some people in the descendants can master the power of the six, although people are somewhat surprised, but they are not too unexpected."

"But people on this planet can master the six power, then people are surprised!"

The six immortal sounds are slowly transformed into ice cold.

"Dare to steal the power of God, only death!"

The six cactors took a high high, just like the eyes of the dead, slowly opening.

The whole air is boiling at this moment, and the time seems to be a bit slow!

The six immortals moved, instantly became a white residual, pounced in the direction of the right fight.



The six immortals just left the original place, and they were bombarded by two different power, and fly in faster speed.

It is still stopped on the ground to discharge hundreds of meters.

And in the same place, right fights and Yisi Bao took the action of punching, two people were slightly eye-catching, and their faces hangs.

"Six cactors? How is it!"

"The power of Sasuke is getting from you, the old guy! Dare to bother our battle, you are looking for it!"

Yishihu is proud to look proudly to the six cactors, there is no half-point respect in the tone.

"It's all old antiques. It's good to stay in the dark corner. I dare to come out, then you will slaughter you!"

On the right battle, I took a laughter and pinched the fist.

In the face of the sudden attack of Yuxi Bao and the right fight, the six cactors can't help but let it.

Especially in the two eyes, there is no fear of the eyes, so that the six immortals have a angry.

"A group of raised pigs! Dare to fight me!"

The six cactors even broke out violent horror power, and a short formation of an energy tide was rushing to the direction of the right bucket.

Pig ?

I heard this vocabulary, the face of the right bumper and Yuxi Bouchet has changed.

At this moment, the high levels of the six cactors were highly attacked and completely revealed.

"Sure enough, things are not so simple."

Right bucket Pielepiezui, sneered open road.

"It seems that you know a lot of things." Uchi Houbara looked at the right bucket corner of my eye.

However, the right fight and did not respond to Uchiha spot, but six eyes keeping a close eye fairy, hidden in the dark face of this do not know how many years of existence than the old Yin, in cautious can not be overemphasized.

Just the right two people fighting, that time is about six immortal shot of the two of them.

The original atmosphere of terror broke out six fairy, who suddenly leaked out of the chakras and momentum all taken back.

"Damn, this body is still too fragile to some."

Six fairy looked at his palm suddenly appeared on a crack, although quick fix out, but six fairy face still exposed an ugly look.

He knew in his state of this body, once with Uchi Houbara and ferret have started fighting, then the course of the fighting, the body will quickly complete crash out, so only a quick fix!

But whether it is Uchiha spot, or the right fight, the two men's strength is not weak!

A person is to become a pillar of strength ten!

Captured on a moon large wooden barrel combination of family dynasties eyed

In the case of a pair of two, six fairy is not completely confident that he can win!

"I never thought, when in addition to the face of the mother of the year, I actually still need the help."

Six fairy uttered a low husky laugh.

"Hands !!"

Although the right bucket unclear six fairy going to do, but obviously not going to let the other side do, direct Bao He soon.

Right bucket and Uchi Houbara intended to kill boiling, opt for the direction of the six fairy rushed past!

"Humph! Quietly and looked at it!"

"The world will usher in a new round of Destroyer, you should be glad that there is to see this scene qualify!"

The six cactors sent a cold, lifting the hands and fierce.


Strong repulsive momentum broke out, creating an extremely horrible surging field with six immortals!


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