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Chapter 503, the corpse, the dead God? Coat Woodyu Village is now!

In the face of the powerful repulsive power out of this moment!

The movement of the right trick and Yizhibo spheres also paused, and was temporarily blocked outside!

"Look at it."

The six immortal tone is angry, the rounds in the double eyes flashed in a touch of purple.

A invisible space of the six cactors spread to the eyes, as if they are connected to a particular space room!

A death, the silent breath began to be filled!

"This breath - the death ?!"

Yuxi Bouvelle took the lead in feeling this breath, smashed his eyes and exposed an incredible look on his face.

As a deceased, he is waiting for a period of time in the midst of the death, naturally the first breath.

"Meditation? Isn't that the place of the deceased? So what is the old man in the six cactors?"

The right to face is ugly, he has felt a breath of death.


It seems to be in an instant, a unreal figure appeared in the side of the six cactors, followed by this illusory figure, starting to get together!

"This is ... The corpse is sealed!"

The right faux showed a horror expression.

Big white robes, gray-white long hair, two erected chicken feet, as well as a ghost face.

This is the body of the corpse, the dead god in this ban!

When the virtual shadow of the dead, it will eventually form a soul shape, suspended in the six cactors.

"I haven't seen you for a long time, Yu Village!"

The six cactors look at the dead deficiency, and suddenly the sound of open mouth.

With the words "Yun Village", it seems that there is no consciousness of the death, like a wake up from your sleep, the void's eyes slowly dissipated!

A pair than six cactors still have to be indifferent and ruthless eyes, appearing in the doubles of death, quietly looking at the six cactors.

"Is there a second millennium?"

"It seems that the turn I will take this planet, I don't know how the fruit is taste?"

The tone of death is somewhat hard, and it seems that it is still not suitable for a long time without speaking.

"Sorry, this is the first millennium, and wake up you in advance, it is an unexpected situation."

The six cactors shook their heads and lifted their fingers to temporarily being treated with terrorism, resisting the right fights and Yuxi Bouces outside.

Death Xi Xiang turned to the head to see the direction of the six cactors, when seeing Yuxi wave spots and right fights, obviously.

Especially the huge golden yellow enhanced eye chart on the right fight, but the right bumper is not the race he left on the moon.

"Millennium Time, I saw a lot of interesting things."

Death is a low laugh, but only the laughter is full of empty holes and ruthless coolness.

Right fight and Yisi Boli saw this strange scene, especially between the two, couldn't help but hang the whole body, forcibly got rid of the binding of the repulsiveness, quickly retransmit!

Until the safe distance from the six-way fairy 100 meters away, the two stopped!

"What is going on? Is that what is a ghost!"

Yuxibo spheres look at the face of the face, and the face is rare with dignified.

"The death of the dead is a six-way legendary brother."

"Sure enough, these two guys did not die at all, and they have been in another way to the endurance!"

The right fight is tight, and the sound is solemnly unparalleled.

Although I have already guessing that the co-Mu Yu Village is the same as the six cactus, it is not dead, but it is really seen, or not from unnatural, let the right fight in my heart!

Listening to the dialogue between the two people, no wonder he seized a reincarnation on the moon, and the Capawa Village has not appeared, and it turned out to be a certain state of sleep.

Just let the right fight, the big torque is actually the death of the "corpse seal"!

And the dialogue between the two, the second millennium, the fruit, and the word of this planet.

"These things can be in the original ..."

The right battle grinned, and his face was smirk, and he belked from the voice.

The development of things is already expected to be a right!

"Forget it, I wake up in advance, I am already in advance, I have passed the time, and I will manage myself by me next millennium, and I will let the guy who are raised, my brother."

Dead gods show a six cactus, followed by continuing:

"However, I have no way to help you now."

The six cactors smiled softly: "I have already found you, you can board your flesh, you want your future generation to fully carry your Chakra."


The six fairy reincarnation is flashing in the eyes of the purple, and then a punch is on the air in front.


A sound and cracks like a glass break, appearing in front of the six cactus fists.

The original empty space, directly by the six cactors, a black space hole.

The six immortals lift their hands directly to the space, the next moment, in the right night!

The co-wood man is actually caught in the space hole by the six cactors! !

"This should be available."

The six immortals put the big cylindrical people directly to the death of the dead.

"What's the matter?"

At this time, Datong Master is obviously weak, it is obvious that it is confusing in the study department of the village of the mist,

How did you appear here?


The big cylindrical face with incredible looks, and looks to the death of the death in half an air.


Dead gods poured directly into the body of the coach wood!


The co-tone of the mood made a scream, he felt that his entire body seems to be shredded, and a painless pain is from the whole body.

next moment!

The big cylindrical monks starts to change, and the end of the rapid growth of two chicken feet, the clothes on the body becomes a white robe, and the jade pattern like the six cactus appears on the clothes.


The horrible Chakra and the amazing breath, broke out from the big tube man!

Do not!

Can't be called Datong Mushan, but the big torque!

"Oh? It seems that it is over, I have a little anxious."

The right bumper has just disappeared, but it is a little lazy and casual.

Yishibo spheres have already splitted: "It is not to be white, just thinking, just one person should give it to anyone."

"it's good now!"

Obviously, the right to be right!

When the six cactors appear, the right to the six cactors, even the category, even the category of the night, inform Yuxi Bouvelle.

Even the identity of the trick, the right fight also told Yuxi Bao.

The shock and wrong look of Just Yu Zhibo spots is not because of the appearance of the Capawa Village, but because of these explosives of the right.

Originally, the right is still thinking that Unexpected specks will not accept some.

But the result is indeed, Yuxi Bao is not intended to be in an imagination.

"Isn't this more interesting? Right!"

"What Six cactors, what trick, what conspiracy, essential, so-called!"

"Just the slaughter of all! You think so too, right!"

Yishibo is proudly lifted, with an unparalleled domineering.

Is it taking with him?

It does make him a little angry, but it is just the case!

Yuxibo spreads from beginning to end only their fists and strength!

"If the strength is not a will, if this world is not a few interesting things, it is not enough for us to toss!"

"Unfortunately, the guy between the column is not, otherwise, it will be more interesting!"

Unexpectedly stepping on the ground, the land under the foot instantly cracked into a deep pit, the violent breath broke out!

"Yes, it is really more interesting. I have been hiding in the dark, and now I finally appear, and some aspects can be considered a good thing!"

"What trouble, as long as you slaughivate, you can solve it!"

Right, I laughed.

"It's really arrogant!" The six cactors were cold, and the faint purple light flashed in both eyes.


The big torchmun is haunted, it is like a white Chakra.

"The eyes are called a revivement eye? I didn't expect future generations to make such eyes, just take it back."

At the moment of the big torch, the village of the Coats took a corresponding memory, naturally known the origin of the eyes of the eyes.

"One person one!"

At the foot of the right bucket, the past is directly in the village of the coach.

Yuxi Bo spheres with a big laughter, followed, and rushed to the six cactors.

"Killing the legendary six cactors, which can be excited than killing the right!"

Yuxi Bouvet instantly enters the full body stateless, huge like a hill, and directly crashed into the six cactus.

"Don't be too arrogant, small generations!"

The six immortals are angry. The same complete body must be fascinated, even more than the complete body of the long-awaped spots, but also in the top half!

Two huge pictures of mountains, instantly fight!

Right fights and co-wood Village also collided together!

Compared to the various techniques of the six cactors, the big torch, the village showed a very terrible body!

The opposing between the two, although there is no Unexpected Boss and the six immortals in the same grand scene.

But in one fell swoop, it is still thrilling!

When the right fight and the big torchumun have gone, everything we have is suddenly exploded, countless terrain changes, the entire plain seems to be smashed by the meteorite, the size of the pothole, instant appeared on the ground!


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