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Chapter 504 digs into the truth of Sasuke, the truth of the endurance!

The terrorist battle of the second connection has been separated from everyone!

Even if it is right, I don't expect it. The six immortals will personally end, and even the big torchmines are tight with resurrection, this is in the original, but there is no appearance from beginning to end.

Especially the six cactors, even if the big tube is resurrected, the six immortals have not personally finally!

However, this situation is not a good thing for the right fight. After all, whether it is a six cactus, or the two people in the Coat Mu Yun have been hiding in the dark, and the big torch in the seal is different!

Unless there is a six cactus and the big torchmun village take the initiative, otherwise, there is no way to find them at all!


The fierce collision is still continuing!

Yuxi Bao Points and Six Miper Manipulators have completely affected, in the sky, keep caught in the sky. Right fights and co-tube Mu Yu Village constantly fight on the ground!

During this battle, the more surprised the six cactors and the big torchmines, whether it is the right boused or Yuxioba, the performance of the performance is completely weak!

This is since the birth of the two, in addition to their mother, the first time I feel strong!

At this moment, the other side!

The blacks of the attachment were in the dark, and saw the six cactors and the coastalmun Village appeared, and the looks showed the resentment of resentment.

It is because these two people will be sealed for thousands of years!

These two traitors! !

However, after anger, it took a while, and suddenly found this scene in front of him, it was completely difficult to meet!

When you think of it, the black is just a rapid peeling from the white, then it is as black as a shadow, and the silent is close to the battlefield center.

Yisi Bo has so far, it has been attracted to the scene of the battle in the battlefield, and no one is realized to realize the small movement of the black.

As for the white, it is like the relationship between the nerve, plus the taking time to stay, so the late safe is ignored to the act of sudden leaving.

Black quickly sneaked into the ground for dozens of meters, isolated on their own breath, and carefully wedd into the battlefield.

Not long after!

Blackside has sneaked below the body of Sasuke and Naruto.

In the case where everyone did not notice, the black hand used the characteristics of his body, extending a shadow from the ground, and then quickly climbed to the body of the Sasuke.

Although Sasuke is dead, the turn of the left eye in the left eye has not disappeared.

Only the shape of the original six hook jade round, due to the relationship of the six fault to recover, change back to the ordinary round,

But this is enough for the blackness!

Black quickly dug in the eyes of Sasuke, and then returned to the ground and started slowly evacuate the battlefield.

And this scene, no one was perceived from beginning to end!

In normal state, the right fight and other people may easily notice the black little action, but in such a fierce battle, naturally will not share too many heart gods, and pay attention to other places.

After returning in a quietly, there is no back to the end of the white, but slowly gathered at the foot of Unexpello!

In the battlefield!

The right bumper has been bombarded into the residual shadow, and the co-tube Mu Yu Village is constantly bombarded, while the co-wood Yu Village is on the same, and it is constantly using a variety of ways to attack!

Just, right fight because there is the ability of the Magic "Enlightenment", while the big torchmun Village attacks, it has been dodge in advance, and there is no injury to any injuries.

Instead, the Capawa Village will begin with a large and small scar.

Right fight has begun to put it on the coastum of Mu Yumu!

But under such circumstances, the farther's battle in the co-torch, the fierce style is more and more powerful, and it is getting more and more embarrassed!

Such an attack method, can't help but feel different in the heart!

Obviously, he knows that in this area, the coastum of Mu Yu has still attacked it, which does not have any effect outside of whitish waste!


The right fight has changed, which seems to be aware of what.


There is no expression in the village of the co-tube, with a violent attack method, after the short pressing, the figure disappears!

In the sky, it is following the Yuxi Bouraes of the Six Dao Fairy Wars, I don't know, I have been introduced by the six immortals.

At the moment, Mu Yu Village instantly broke the fight against the right, the blink of an eye can fly to the half space, came to Yishibo's bed!

not good!

The goal of the Coat Mu Yu Village and the six cactors is Yuxi Bouvelle! !

The right battle quickly flew up, and also rushed into the half space, but just left the height of less than about five or six meters.

The six immortals will guide all the remaining power generated by the Yuxi Boli Breakfast to the bottom, and the direction of the right fight!

Bang! !

Right bucket was re-rooted by this power, and the whole area was a few centimeters in an instant.

The six cactors and the big torchmun village, as if the heart has a spirit, while blocking the right battle, instantly brushing this Unexpell spot!


Yuxi Bouvelle feels a breath of death and makes a big scream.

The whole body must be lifted up. At the same time, pull out Chakra knives, turn around the six cactors and the co-tube Mu Yu Village!

The jade in the hands of the big torchmines, condensed a six tin butt stick, while the huge Chakra knife, while appearing behind the full body, it is.


The back of it must be protected from a huge hole.

The six cactors have escaped this episode of Yuxi Bo, while instantly!

Under the two, the two will actually take the complete body of Yizhi Boss's entire body to completely shocked.

"bring it on!!"

Yuxi Bao Pleble water spurted a blood and made a big scream.

"You will be over, you will end."

The back of the six cactors flashed in the eyes of the cold eyes, and the moment appeared in front of Yuxi Bang.

The co-wood Yu Village also appeared behind the Sui Zhibo spheres, the force of the six ways to restroom Yuxi Boss!

"come out!"

The six cactus wrists are explored, and the lightning is generally caught on the belly of Yuxi.

Seeing the movements of the six cactors, Yuxibo's face is bigger, just getting ready to use the end of the eye!

However, the original ten tail of the body was suddenly riped. The ten tails did not listen to the command of Yuxi Boss, so that the body of Yuxibo spots showed a short stiffness!

"Forgot to tell you, I am the last ten tail of the last ten tail before this, and the nine big beasts are separated from the body of the ten."

"You think they can listen to your command now?"

The six cactors smiled and looked at Yuxibo spots. The wrist slammed back.


In a moment, the ten tail was pulled out by the six immortals from Sui Zhibo spots, and fell into the earth.

Yishibo spheres widely, the state of the six spots fell back to ordinary appearance, then dropped directly from the half air, squatting on the ground.

Once the column of column is undoubtedly dying, this is the iron!

As a tail of the Ten Tail, Yisi Bao, nature is also true!


Right flew out of the pothole, several flashes appeared in front of Yuxibo spots.

When I saw Yuxi Bo spots who were "extra gas and less breath", the right boused raised his hand, pressed in the heart of Yuxi Boss, and launched the power.

"Cough, cough ... No, right fight."

"I have lost ..."

"I just didn't think that the result was the result. It is really ... I can't laugh at the column."

The Yuxi Bao splash sound is a slight opening, although the imuvial spot looks back in the injection of the right shaker.

But at this moment, the body of Unecheck is equivalent to the bamboo basket of the water, no matter how much water is introduced, it will be lost quickly.

The rods of the right bounter Chakra only temporarily delayed the death of Yuxibo spheres.

When I said that Yu Zhibo spots said, the right to the brunette was returned, put on the palm of the heart.

"Next, let me give it here."

Right Troupe to the open mouth of Yisi Bou spots, then get up, lift the head to the six cactus from the air falling from the air!

"There is still one left, solve this, no one can stop us on this planet."

The open mouth of the ovaru is full of proudly, full of high high feelings.

"After 1000 years of waiting, you should be able to let the god tree look for Chakra fruit!"

The six immortal face revealed a smile and gently nodded.

At this moment, in the eyes of the two people in the six cactus and the co-tube, they join hands, and the right boused is a dead person, so there is no uncomfortable standing on the side!

At this time, I was taken out, along with the roaring, the whole body slowly turned to the temple.

A huge giant god of up to several hundred meters appeared in the plain, in a huge flower bud, the top of the God tree, the eye shape of the round-eyed, slow writing, shouting in the sky middle.

Originally or during the sky, the speed visible in the naked eye is very dark, the sky is coming in the sky, turning into a red!

"Well, let the remaining people, and then give the people who are called the right fight to give the gods to swallow up, and should be able to speed up the shape of the fruit."

The six immortals looked at the gods, with satisfactory looks to reflect, and there is a little excited in the sound.

The co-torch is more calm, according to the original assignment, this 1000-year god tree is the changing Chakra fruit, which is to six cactors.

The next 1000 god trees are condensed Chakra fruit, so it is to be his, so there is not much exciting in the Capawa Village.

I heard the dialogue that two people didn't hide, the right trumper was finally understood that the two people of the six cactors finally "destroyed", "fruit", what is the meaning!

The six immortals have originally raised all those people in the endurance as a beast, and then wait for a certain number of people, summoning the gods, treating all people to check out, then eat Chakra fruit!

This is the so-called "death!"

"Is this the truth of the endurance?"

"Use the devil to call you, it's really a kind of praise!"

Right fighting and killing, and dying, looking to the six cactus and big torque.

At this point, not only the right squatting, not only the words of the six cactors said, but the big snake pills on the edge of the battlefield, and Yisi Bo took the righteousness, and he also heard the six cactors without evil!

Everyone can't help but feel cold!

Is this a sixth cactus that created "Treasure"?

The entire endure is actually a beast that is raised by others!

"Devil? We are not the kind of bad thing."

"We are God!" God named the big tube "."

The six cactors did not hear the people around him said.

After a long time, the god tree will swallow all the people of this planet, become the nutrients of Chakra fruit, and the six immortals naturally don't need to hide!


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