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Chapter 505, the big tube, the night resurrection!


The six cactors and the big torchmines have disappeared in the original place, and they appear between the right fights, and there will be firmly surrounded before and after.

"Reassured, we will leave some people as seeds and let them reproduce the millennium."

The big torizer is a faceless face, and I looked at the right fight.

In addition to the words, it seems that this is a great spirit!

Right bucket double boxing is awkward, the heart is like the flame of the sky. He took a deep breath and then spit it out of his mouth.

Although there are still a few things that don't make it, he can't help it!

"Is it finished?"

"If you finish, how do you die?"

On the side of the right, pinch the fist, while the cold is unparalleled.

The six cactus and the co-tube Village also got a little, obviously did not expect that in this case, the right fight actually can say such a big saying.

Is this a vaguely painted, still unhappy?

The strength of the right fight is in the eyes of them, and it is almost the same as Yuxi Bouvelle!

In the case of one-on-one, it is really difficult to win the right fight, but they are now two or one, the right fight will be undoubtedly!

A murderial algori instantly shrouded right!

Just when both parties are about to do!

An unexpected figure rushed into the battlefield and sent an angry snoring.

"You two traitors!"

"The god tree belongs to the mother, Chakra fruit is also!"

"You not only betrayed the mother, but also dare to steal Chakra fruit! You thought that Chakra fruit, would you become a real big campaign!"


I didn't know when I had already attached to the territory of Uki Bo, and I controled the roaring of the Hoshi Board.

The emergence of black and Unexpello, so that the battle that will be exploded simultaneously.

I heard the words "mother"!

The six cactus and the big torchmun Village, the eyes also flashed a deep jealous, but the same point of view of the dark eyes were some.

They don't remember two, and the mother has other children in addition to them.

"No one can stop the mother's resurrection!"

Black Trippeter Unexpected Waveband uses space tolerance, instant appeared below the god tree.

At this moment, the left eye frame of Unechebel is already installed with the one of the rounded eyes.

Seeing this scene, the six cactus and the big torque Mu Yu village have changed!

"Not good, stop him!"

The six cactus and the co-wood Village have made a big scream, and the moment is vacated and flew in the direction of the god tree.

"Where do you want to go?"

Right bumper is a cold voice sounds behind the two.

next moment!

Renovation of gold-yellow Chakrami's outbreaks, powerful suction directly pulled the six cactors and big torque!

"The death of the pig! Do you know what you are doing!"

"You stop us, everyone is dead!"

The six immortal faces are full of anxious look, turning to the head and angry.

"Is it? The legendary" God of Spirit ", I really want to see it!"

On the right side, I opened the mouth, and I kept released the role of Kra, maintaining the suction of terror.

There is "Direct Death" this card, when you die, you can not necessarily!

There is a right to hindrance, Yisi Bo belt has come to the god tree, and his hands are printed on the chest.

"Six - Ten Tailings!"

The huge god trees are quickly suiled to inhale!

After all, it is an exciting voice in black tone.

If you want to resurrect your mother, you have mainly satisfied two conditions, one is a column force that becomes ten tails, one is a unlimited month!

Nowadays, the conditions of unlimited months are not full, but they can also barely wake up their mother!

"Yin Yang Shui - Spiritual Attachment - Assimilation!"

Black is detacted to the earth with the sole.

The bloody moon in the sky suddenly emerged from a woman's reflection, next moment, Unechebra station, suddenly sprayed with extremely huge high-density Chakra.

These high-density Chakra, constantly poured into the body of Unexpello!

In such a state, the body of Unechello has constantly expands, and it is also inclusing the scream of Unexpello.

Almost between the moment, a new figure appeared in front of everyone!

The pale skin, the blue white is long, the face is long, and there is two glasses of the show. It is two seen, and the eyes are white, but there is a turn on the forehead!

Carton Mu Night Resurrection! !

The whole world seems to have the emergence of this figure, it is completely quiet!

An invisible pressure, I have an all of the human heart.


Right is the initiative to stop the release gravitational, and the six cactus and big torque in the face of the face are in the moment, because there is a smooth look!

These two guys are very arrogant from a beginning, and now it seems to be in the dark!


Right, look at the direction of the big tube, the heart, the heart, the breath and Chakra volume, completely in one level.

In the perception of the right, Chakra, which is more than ten times!

"Feather, Yu Village ..."

The big tube is slowly lifted, and there is no expression, look at the six cactus and the big torque, and slowly read these two names.

"Things are troublesome, brother."

The whole body is tight, the tone is low.

"I didn't expect" mother ", I still left the resurrection, now it seems to be sealed once."

The six cactus died to the big cylindrical night, the tone of hoarse opens.

Although there are two words "mother" in the mouth, there is no half of the emotions in the six cactors, "mother" is more like a simple name.

"My two sons are now when you return to the embrace."

The sound of the big tube Huachang Night is incorporated into everyone's ear.

The six cactus and the big torque in the village also made a attacked gesture, and the dead looks to the big torch.

"Mother", you can seal you once, then you can seal you the second time. "

Sixth cactus ice and cold opening.

"We wait for the thousand years, just to become a true God! Never re-hend to you again!"

The audio and voids in the Capawa Village.

I heard the words said, the big tube Hui night had no expression of the night, showing the sadness of sadness, and even the tears in the eyes, although it seems that there is no expression.

But everyone can feel that the saddest atmosphere that is emitted from the big torch.

Their emotions have been able to influence the world yet!

Right bucket hearts of a condensate, dialogue between several people, completely knocked over the right to know the original contents of the bucket, but it is precisely because of this, the right mind fighting more doubts!

To completely eliminate hidden dangers, it is necessary to understand the whole story, otherwise, is likely to give their own future trouble, and this is another reason to have secretly retained the eye of this dead straight hole cards.

Before not completely clear things so that they are in a vulnerable, it is easy for these guys high above the big wooden barrel family, will reveal the hearts of things out!

And I want to find out these things, blind to its own analysis here, not as a direct inquiry!

"So, in the end it is how the same thing?"

Right arm directly to the large cylindrical wood look direction hui night, the opening inquired.

At this time, the right fight, the moment that emerges from a large wooden barrel hui night started, it has been six immortal, who subconsciously ignored.

Compared with the threat of the mother's right fight it is clearly not worth mentioning!

As for the big wooden barrel hui night, much attention has focused from start to finish in six immortal and large wooden barrel Hamura him, as for the others, did not care.

Large wooden barrel hui night is clearly not the right answer the fighting questions, but black is absolutely not!

Since this seems to tolerate repression bound Millennium sneaky, black must now find themselves finally have a way of openly appear!

Or maybe black in white absolutely must have to be around a long time, also followed contaminated with some character, then TB!

Of course, the most important of which is the resurrection of the big wooden barrel hui night, black must no longer believe in this world who can stop there.


Black and absolutely drilled out from the big wooden barrel cuffs in bright night, one arm wrapped around the large wooden barrel hui night.

"Both of them are traitors."

"Grab a traitor mother forces."

Black absolutely ferocious opening, cold look at all six fairy and a large wooden barrel Hamura, then go to some words tuberculosis opening:

"Both of them are heirs because the mother was lonely, two forces split from his body down, formed."

"But these two people betrayed it, their mother created, not only intended to steal the mother's strength, but also the mother seal."

"So ugly! You are not equipped with a big tube."

In the dark voice, with an angry and cold tone, look at the six cactus and co-tube.

The right point is slightly flashing, and the face flashes a touch.

If you say this, then some things are said, before, right, there is doubt, the big tube is not the people of this planet.

Not only from the alien, it is, but also mastering the power of extraordinary, the people of the big wood family are high.

In their eyes, I am afraid that the people of this planet belong to a bad action. How can I marry the child with the people of this planet?

Just like human beings, you will not marry and have children!

Nowadays, I will give it to the right fight. It turns out that the six cactus and the big torque, and it is separated from the big tube.

But some words, the black and silent is not necessarily true!


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