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Chapter 506 finally can slaughter you! Yu Village, feather!


Due to this time, it is absolutely not false, but some things, black, it is not necessarily clear.

For example, it is lonely, so it is a part of his own strength, and it has born six cactus and co-wood.

About this, right fights can not believe!

"Oh, lonely?"

"She will blew the true purpose of our birth, it will not be just such a simple reason."

"Said so nice, she just wants to reduce their own strength, then there is ourselves, then avoid the search of the coastal wood."

"From beginning to end! She just treats us as a tool. Mother is only her own!"

The six cactors heard the words of the black and said, and he was acknowledging.

"So, you will seal me, you want to make yourself a real complete co-wood family with Chakra fruit, then return to the title?"

There has been no opening of the big tone, suddenly opening the mouth, the tone is still empty, there is no feelings.


"We are just part of your body, it is not really unsatisfactory, and it will be old, and you can only exist this planet in another way!"

"And you" mother! Millennium times have passed, you are still the same as before, this long-lived force is the force who can refuse! "

"You are a traitor of the big tube, and we are not! With the power of Chakra fruit, we can not only become a real big cadre, will have the power of eternal life!"

The Coat Mu Yu Village is rare with a fanaticism in the voices of the original void indifference.

No one can refuse eternal life!

And the big cadre family is indeed a real group of almost unsteady!

"Is it true?"

"It's really funny, ruthless truth!"

The right bumper muttered, and the eyes were alive.

These guys do what people here!

A group of breeded beasts?

Or do this as a beware of leeks that can be harvested again?

The co-tube Hui's night flashed in the indifference, and looked at the six cactus and the co-tube.

"Everything is over today!"

"This land can be an important seedbed, can't be destroyed by the battle."

The voices of the air-cherished wooden glow night sounded, and an invisible force instantly enveloped.

The sky is in the sky!


Several people present at the same time have disappeared!

Battlefield edge.

Everyone is almost semi-sitting on the ground, and the horror stress generated when the co-tube Hui Hui, so that all people are somewhat awkward.

Of course, this is compared to this, the so-called truth is that everyone feels weak and desperate.

"It turned out to be, we are like being raised."

The big snake pill made a hoarse and laugh, and the tone is full, but more is a kind of weakness.

"I didn't expect it to go to the end of the end of the endurance, it is actually saved by the enemy of the right."

I have a bitter laugh, I feel that the whole world is like a lie, and they are like a clown.

Another space.

Tianshi Yuzhong - Ultra - gravity Space!

Everyone appeared, they fell from the sky and fell directly on the ground, and a powerful pressure oppressed it on everyone.

In such a state, everyone has lost the ability to fly, even if it is a big tube, the night is also falling from the air.

"It's a trouble of this trouble."

The six cactors have a huge pressure, standing from the ground.

Although the coat of Mu Yu Village is dignified, but there is no tension. When they fight for the mother, all spaces have passed.

In such space, even his mother will be affected!

In the air, the violent killing suddenly broke out in the air, filled out!

The right squatted twisted the neck, standing directly from the ground, the bones were screaming, but there was no change on the face, only the murderer without hiding!

"Is it pulled in? Just like it is solved by the way, it is the provincial us."

At this time, Mu Yu Village saw the right fight that appeared in gravity space, first, followed, and indifferent.

"It's really arrogant."

The right fight is suddenly revealing a smile, continuing to say:

"But just now, I agree with it. If you fight outside, you will destroy the land, in case it ruins the flower grass."

"I can't afford to use your life!"

At this time, the eyes of the six cactors and others, and look at it and look at the right!

Even if you haven't been there in the right bat, you also gaze at this moment.

"It's really arrogant, ignorant, I really thought that the six power thought it was with our right to wait?"

"You will not understand at all, we are in the essence of the nature of your humanity!"

Cold Wapu Village is cold and looking right.

At this moment, he suddenly felt that it is better to solve the right guys in the right.

"Hahaha! Ignorant is that you are right."

"Always doing high, nothing more than mastering more powerful than others."

"I know what I know, I can finalize you!"

Right, shake your wrist, smiled and looked at the six cactus and big torque.

"Guide the space !!"

Chakra, in the right fighter, bitter, and a forgive space for a moment, shrouded the six cactus and the co-tube.

Between the moment, the three people disappeared at the same place!

On the face of the night, there is no expression of the night, and there is a rare change in emotional changes.

"Good space is ..."

The light

In his space, it is enough to find the position of the right bucket as long as it gives her a dock.

In the space!

An emergence of six cactus and co-wood in this space can feel a force that cannot be described, and call them to be in place.

At this moment, their soul seems to be frozen!


This is ... Time!

How can this human be will master the power? !

The hearts of the six cactors and the ancient Mu Yun Village have emerged!

Since they own, they have six levels of strength, there is no completeness of the time in the homage space.

But no matter what the idea of ​​the two, or the action is at this moment, as if it is slowed down hundreds, thousands of times.

Right, there is no effect in front of the two people, and I am looking at two people.

"It's too arrogant, it will be big!"

"If you die, you will be very happy to die, you will be very happy."

The golden colored eye in the right bumper is slowly covered with a strange blue ray.


The whole world seems to have changed, and the space is a piece of irregular shape.

If there is no black line floating in this space, there is an unstable state.

This is the deadline of the ruinspace!

As long as you cut this line, you can easily leave from the ruinspace space.

Right fighting eyes look to the six cactus in front of you, on these two people, not only has a very clear black deadline, which is not much dead.

In the perspective of the magical eye of the direct death, as long as the death point of the object, whether it is biological or object, it will be permanent and irreversible!

Cleading kill!

The time of the six cactus and co-tube Mu Yun Village is slow, but the heart has emerged at the same time, there is an unable to describe death!

will die!

Really dead!

Two people desperately want to struggle, but in the space of the ruins, the movements were too slow, and they could not escape the right of the Right fight.

puff! puff!

Two black bats have appeared in the heart of the right fight, followed by the thorns of the six cactors and the dead point of the cactus!

"Do not……!"

The two people are sorrowful and the anger in the heart, and they are in an instant to be empty!


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