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Chapter 507 Wars Cotta Wooden Brilliant Night, Crisis!

Overweight space!

The big cylindrical wooden ginnal night is finally rapid, locked the position of the right to the right, just prepared to have actions.

Right fight, the big torchumun, the six cactors reappeared in the gravity space.

"Oh, is it coming from it?"

At the light of the mood, seeing this scene, whispered self-call, and the way to the hand stopped.

In the eyes of the big cylindrical wooden, it is naturally impossible to trap the feathers and Yun Village in a different space.

But the next moment!

The six cactus and the big torque Village are brushing on the ground, and the sound is all.

"Dead, no!"

"What did you do, why can't I feel that their Chakra exists!"

The big tube Hui Night original This has a stunning look on the face, which immediately replaced the anger, and looked at the right.

Whether it is a six cactus, or the co-wood Yu Village is part of her body, and now, the big torch will then feel the two Chakra again!

This is before, it is absolutely impossible!

The violent Chatcora is like a ten-stage wind, forming a nearly substantial waves, pressing the right bumper.

"you guess."

The right fight is inexplicably smiling, and gently spit out two words.

When you come out in return, your right hand actively cancels the ability of direct death.

Although the magical eye of the direct death is powerful, there is a weakness that is not a weakness, so you must hit the other party. If you can't play each other, then this ability is invalid.

Therefore, before the right fight, before the absolute grasp, it will not reveal the direct death in front of the big torch.

Once the cachet is observed, when the right fight wants to attack each other, I am afraid it is difficult!

Right, the reason why it is not directly pulled into the spatial space without directly, and solves it.

It is because of the big cylindrical night, in addition to mastering this space in the sky, he also has mastered the space for Huangquan Big.

This is called a very space tolerance, which can open a black portal for shuttle with air in any different space.

That is to say, the return of the right fight is, and it can't sleep in the night.

you guess?

These two people let the big torch, the night breath, she feels a humiliation!

The stress of the original horror is once again broke out again, and the growth is several times, and the whole air has become somewhat sticky.

"Give me death!"

The big cylinder is angry.

Rabbit hair needle! !

The blue-white hair in the big tube, the blue white hair, moments I danced, chemically confussed, and there was a horizontal.

The right trocked condition reflects toward the rear, but due to the relationship between the super-heavy space, the coordination of the body and the action not only slowly.

"Golden wheel is blown up!"

Right, there is no hesitation, and the strongest attack of reincarnation is exploded.

Golden Chakra flocks out from the right fight, gather in the palm, a huge incomparable yellow Chakra scream sword appears instantly!


Right, I am looking at the big golden Chakra scream sword, slamming down on the direction of the mood!

The gold-wheel reincarnation of the explosive, the long-haired long hair of the big torch, and there is a head of the big torch, the head of the night.

Seeing this powerful attack, there is no moving look on the mood on the night face, but it is placed in front of it.

The gold-wheel round burst with the palm of the big tube Hui's night, did not have an imagination!

Instead Kingland reincarnation burst of strength, continue to be absorbed by the palm of the meeting swallowed!

Right bucket a reduced pupil, quickly withdrew its forces Kingland reincarnation explosion.

"I am chakra ancestor! Chakras are all mine!"

Large wooden barrel hui night fighting the cold eyes look right.

This sentence appears in the right bucket some bragging behavior, it would be the truth!

"Ninjutsu completely ineffective yet? It seems can only use the body surgery!"

Right bucket eyes flash, the hearts of illegal channels.

Large wooden barrel hui night this time, has lifted his palm and right alignment of fighting, a bone from the palm of your hand quickly gather, and then shot quickly!

Total kill the ashes!

"Beyond time and space flight and scatter like decayed bones!"

Right at that moment fighting to see the bones, they were aware that the ashes of this terrible ninja kill.

You must escape!

This comes Perishable property jutsu, once hit almost certain death!

Straight Eye of Death may be able to "kill" out, but do not want to fight the right exposure.

"Eight Fighters - sixth door open-door King!"

Right bucket uttered a low growl, the body emerged a powerful chakra.

In the eight Fighters blessing, the right moment to enhance the speed of the bucket several times, in the space of overweight affect the right bucket, no direct approaches!

Restore the normal speed, the right bucket easily dodged the attack were killed ashes.

After the occupation of the Konoha village, such as the eight Fighters ninja, might not be the right fight but also how to learn!

The attack was to see their escape, a large wooden barrel hui night eyes flash, instantaneous changes in the entire space.

Tianshi Yuzhong - Ice Snow Space!

boom! !

The entire world has become a frozen world in the world, and the ultra-low temperature is incident, so that the body of the right fight has short-lived.

The big tube is suddenly coming, and the hand is shot.

It is just a simple action, but while this palm is taken, the horrible high-density Chakra has formed an amazing Chakra energy field in the big tube Hui's night!

"Eight-door armor-seven doors and shocking!"

Right fight, bounce, golden reincarnation eye chart, with a touch of blue steam.

Because of the spatial conversion, add the discomfort caused by the influence of the ice and snow space, it is removed!

"Tiger !!"

Right, the same punch, the whole air is compressed at this moment, forming an air gun like a tiger look, with a tiger, rumbled.

The power of both sides collided in the air, issued a huge roar, the horrible aftertaste, triggeting countless snow mountain collapses!

It's like a general in the disaster, in the ice and snow space, it is good to have no living in the space, otherwise, the two people have the rest of the hit, enough to cover everything around.

The dazzling of two different strength collisions is like the second sun.

Horror, powerful!

The big cylindrical wooden glow night is flashing, and the figure instantly disappears in the original place.

Huangquan is good!

Almost at the same time, the right fought has appeared in the right, there is a black space door, and the body of the big torch, the body of the night, open his arm, pounce towards the right!


Right, with the help of the magic "enlightenment", the head did not return, the figure instantly became the residue and disappeared in the same place.

While avoiding, the right bucket is half-half empty, the long legs are like a whip, and the fierce is kicked to the big tube!

The big torch is flashing in a surprised look, and the figure disappears instantly.

Huangquan is the black space door made by the good plate, but there is an exhibition between the moment, which is the ultimate spatial tolerance, but the right fight can avoid it, how can this be surprised by the big tube!


Next moment!

At the same time, the right bumper appeared at the same time, the black space door of the big tube, the night, from these spatial gates, and constantly launched an attack toward the right.

Directly above! under! left side, right side! Front, behind!

There is no rule, messy attack, which is constantly striving from the space of the surrounding space!

But in such a case, the right bum is still unsaled, and the binocular will be around to lock around, and lock the position of the big tube!


In these spaces in Tianzhi, the big torch is a real master, plus Huangquan Big, and there is no way to lock the big cylindrical wooden night position at all!

One time, it fell into a very passive situation!

At the constant attack of the big torch, it was found that his attack did not hit the right bourt, stopped this meaningless means.

"Can you predict the ability to attack in advance? It is indeed a bit of trouble."

"Unfortunately, from the moment you enter space, the ending has been destined!"

The sound of the cooler in the night, the sound of the cold, ringing throughout the space.

"Ready to meet the fire of the whole world! Human!"

Natural integration! !

Bang! !

The huge roar sounds throughout the space, the whole ice and snow world, it seems to live here!

Countless icicles, ice pins, and the sky is attacked to the right, this ice and snow world seems to kill the right fight, and countless attacks are connected!

"In the endless attack, let the death!"

The cooled sound of the big cylinder sounds, and then completely disappears in the ice world.

Obviously, the big tube Huachang night wants to live a right to death.


"Sure enough, it is so stupid that there is no originality in the original."

Right fights all over the world's attacks, and can't help but send a dark!

After the opening of the six cactors and the Camura Village were all thoroughly died, it was obvious that he had a certain alert, so it is not intended to contact the right to touch directly!

Changes today's consumption strategy!

" - Super speed box!"

Right, a big drink, the arms are also the same as the remaining shadow.

The fist contacting the air instantly formed an air gun to bounce in front, and the attack around the iceberg, ice column, and ice pherry all bombarded all kinds of ice attributes.

The right fight is a flash, and I will fly outside hundred meters, but I have been surrounded by various attacks. I have to stop dodging.

The whole world of ice is closely attacked, keeps chasing the right fight behind!

"You can't do this!"

On the right fighter, the fashioned look, the figure is not dodge in the air. It is not hiding, and I will start the field, but soon these attacks will be surrounded again.


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