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Chapter 508 is unlimited to release, rushing out of the sky!

This whole world seems to kill your feelings, just like an invisible quagmire, keep you into the abyss!

After the right bumper took another attack, I suddenly felt that the space around him had a wave of fluctuations, followed by suddenly appeared in the lava space!

The whole world enters the moment in the right, like a volcanic outbreak, and the infinite magma flows from below, and wants to swallow the right!


In the eyes of the right fight, there is a golden ray, and the powerful repulsive force is the center of the right, spread towards the four sides.

All the magma that broke out is all over!

In less than a minute, the figure of the right fight appeared in the desert space.

Next, the right squat does not stop in the super gravity space, the desert space, the lava space, the sea space, the ice and snow space, the hole is forcibly transferred!

And every world, use a variety of ways to kill the right!

When the right bury is in this rounded attack.

The big tube Huajing has come out from the Royal in the sky and returns to the real world.

"Millennium Time, it is enough to get a new Chakra fruit, swallow a Chakra fruit, I want to come here to find here, I should have enough means to cope."

"As long as you have enough strength, even if it is a high-level, I am afraid that I may not find my trouble, saying that the sinfulness of the commitment can wipe it."

The big tube is in the middle of the air, whisper muttering.

The new round of death begins!

"Unlimited month reading!"

The round-back written in the evening tapped on the night begins to exudes a faint red, the moon on the sky turns into a blood red.

The moon is on the red light, reflecting the shape of the round to write the path, and the whole world is reflected in a blood red.

Located in the edge of the battlefield, I still look at this scene.

When the four people in the original, there is only a big tube-free night.

"Is the right to lose?"

It's whispered, and the strength of the body is like a moment!

The other people's faces also reveal the look of desperate look, even the right fight is lost, how can they win.

There is no hope for the entire endurance!

"God - tree boundary!"

The big tube is hovering in the air, the slow ice is slow.



The cracks of the dense Ma Ma appeared above the earth, and a huge rough root root from the ground, the endless branches, and there is a throne of everyone.

Just less than a few minutes!

All the people all the endures are all wrapped around the vines on the god tree, wrapped into the shape of mummy, and hanging on the tree.

This tentative, can't stop, unable to resist, nearly a non-conventional ignition!

At present, the only endurance, the only thing is not influenced by this tolerance, I am afraid that only the right to be defeated, a period of Yuxibo spots.


Nowadays, Yu Zhibo spots, even if they have been in the right, and they can only support half an hour, let alone fight.

"Right fight, you guys, but said that the rest teach you ..."

"You can't lose."

Yishibo spots rely on a rock, muttering.

With all the people all in the endurance becomes mummy hanging on the tree, a large number of Chakra continues to enter the god tree, and yet in the middle of the mood of the night.

At this time, at this moment.

Tianzhi Yuzhong!

Right fighting is the weak point of each space, and it should be said to be a connection point.

The sky is in the sky, as in the unlimited month, it is calculated that it is almost unsolveted.

Even if you have space capabilities, you want to use space capabilities to leave the space in the sky in the sky, it is impossible.

In the original, even the big tube Huachang Night is sealed, the seventh class is just the use of the six immortals to use the spirit of the spirit, and they will pass all people.

This is the method shown in the original, and the right trick is obviously no way.

But the right fight knows, there is another method!

That is to force the connection between space and space!

Compared to the way of the spiritual skills, this way is some of them, but only the right to the right, only this policy!

There are six spaces in the sky, except for the right to rush to five spaces that have been attacked, there is a spatial space in the most middle!

Other five spaces are no way back to reality, because these five spaces are only connected to the spatial space, only through the spatial space, can return tolerance!


"First find the spatial space!"

Right fight hands holding a box.

Eight-door armor - the eighth door, dead door!

boom! !

The horrible blood steam sprayed from the full body of the right, and the original golden Chakra has stained a layer of blood!

It has the powerful recovery of yin and yang and the power of the six,

The potential of the right trick is far more than the time of Metak, and even the time of the dead door, it has to be several times more than M.

In the calculation of the right bumper, you can keep the state of death almost 10 minutes!

More than this time, the body of the right fight began to collapse, after all, the dead door is the power released by the burning vitality!

At this moment, the world is in the world is the world is sour!

With super corrosive, rains and sour, constantly impact to the direction of the right fight, want to thoroughly corrupted the right bitch into a bone!

At this time, I will enter the right fight in the dead state!

The horrible Chatch and strong gas fields are alive, they will resist all these attacks!

Right to raise your head quickly and look at a spatial connection point in the acid sea space.


"one foot!"

Right fight, blow, the figure disappears in an instant, there is a certain twist in the space around the right fight during the movement.


The right bumper appeared in front of the space connection point, and a big hole in the front of the original virtual space.


Right squats from the sour sea space, came to the lava space.


Right, I once again rumored, and the speed suddenly improved, and I immediately kicked the spatial connection point of the lava space and entered the overweight space.

"Still not?"

Right, I saw that it was not the spatial space, the figure moved, like the red lightning hit in the void, the void is broken, and the right bumper disappears in the lava space!

This is even less than half a second time!

When the right struggle enters the fourth space, it is not a spatial space, and it is found that this space has the existence of soil and hills. On the horizon in the distance, there is a statue of the big torch.

Space space.

The right to the right, the eyes flashed a exciting look, finally found it!

Right, like a red streamer, keep it in the spatial space, looking for the connection point of the spatial space and the endurance.

Soon, I found six connection points!

The five connection points are the other five spaces, only one is the space of the endurance!

Right fighting does not have six choices, waiting for a long period of time in five different attributes, naturally it is natural to perceive the breath of each spatial connection point.

Exclude five, the rest of the next is to connect with the real connection!

"Three feet!"

Right, the speed increased again, and slammed into the position of the spatial connection point.

Realistic tolerance.

The big tube Hui's night face is with exciting look, ready to use Chakra of the entire endurance all of the people to remove Chakra fruit.

The flat space above the night, suddenly sounded, " " is like a glass breaks the general sound.

"not good!"

What is the color of the arrival of the big tube Huachang night, the body disappears in the body.

At this moment!

The upper space is broken, and the right to furnish into a red streamer, directly hit the position of the mood of the night.

The right squatted from the air fell on the ground, in the air, the whole land is directly depressed, and there is a huge deep pit of about 100 meters!

The horrible explosion sounds through the sky!

Right fight was wrapped in Chakra with blood colors, lifting the head. Looking forward to the sky on the sky, the sky, the sky, with a wipe with a sneer.

"Since I came out, the big tube Hui night your dead is here!"

Right bumper is cold open.

"Human! You are dead !!"

The big tube Hui Hui night saw that the right fight was able to come out from the sky, but not only showed a surprised look, but it was replaced by anger.

This is a bad man in front of you!

The exports of the second connection are not informed, damn! !

"Eighty God air hits!"

The open-hearted wooden golden night is surrounded by green gluten, and raised the palm of the palm.

In this moment, the air around the big tube Hui's night was instantly compressed, in Chakra to exercise to the ultimate situation, I burst out, I formed a huge and unparalleled gas column!

Power is amazing!


Right Bucking is now on the sky. In this process, the same huge air gun appeared, and the fist in the air crashed together!

The co-tube Huahui night raises his hands constantly, countless huge fists, will be shrouded in front, every box broke out, can easily destroy a large mountain.

But the right fight is under the four feet, the speed has arrived at the extreme, the space being distorted, even if the co-tube Hui Hui night can only capture, the residual shadow of fast and close.

"How can it be!"

"How can human beings have such a power!"

Castle Wooden Brilliant Night With Dare to confident look.

"You must die !!"

"Eighty Gods Case !!"

The big tube Huachang Night is rare, and the in the body is running to the ultimate, and it is not retained.

Although she has no way to capture the figure of the right fight, but the cube Hui's night uses eighty gods to air hit, and the whole body surveillas will be over!

Form an offensive and defense, perfect decay!


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