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Chapter 509 Last Night Kay! Everything is final!

"With the power of Xian Dao, attack the sky, attack and defense, there is no fist in love!"

This is the most powerful body of the big tube, every punch is the strongest defense, every punch is killing!

Right to send a burst again: "Five!"


The space of the right squad is directly distorted, and even more than the spatial transfer, the unable to describe the strong breath and the eighty gods of the big tube Huachang night. I caught together!

Bang! Bang!

A dazzling white mang will cover the battlefield of the two, followed by the horrible explosion.

The violent energy is around the space around, some unstable, even constantly appearing a silk spatial crack!

Strong gas is pouring in all directions, the sky seems to be shocked, and the bottom of the bottom is directly formed, and there is a big pit of nearly a thousand meters!

And the two sides of the battle center,

Right fighting fists collided with the fists of the big tube Hui night, stalemate each other!

Bloody mixed golden chakra with a highly compressed white Chakra, a constant collision in the air, the sky makes a high thunder.

The center of Chakra collision between the two sides, even with purple lightning faintly covered!

Excluding the sorrowful, horrible breath!

"Is this the so-called god? It turns out that only this extent."

The right fight is full of excitement, and the big screams look at the front of the big torch.

"You are a bad man!"

"I will never understand the terrible and powerful of the big cities."

The big tube is open, and his face is full of angry expressions.

During the process of speaking in both parties, the power of the two is still constantly colliding, and the blood red air waves are constantly pouring into the right fist.

The attack of the right fight is constantly moving! continue!

The defense of the eighty gods air hit by the Bikhui Night Body is gradually collapsed, dissipated!

"How can it be!"

Castle Wooden Hui night is full of eyes, unbelievable sounds.

"Nothing is impossible!"

"Give me go down !!"

The right bumbled once again, and a blue gluten rigid on the neck, the blood boiled made the face of the right bucket.


The defense of Eighty God's air hit is completely broken, and the right bumper waves the fist to come to the front of the big torch, and a punch is on the stomach of the big tube!

The co-tube wooden glown, glanced, turned into a white streamer, slammed from the air, pulling the ground a dozens of meters deep!

"This punch is the human report of the human report that died in your hands before the millennium!"

The right fight is suspended in the air, looked at the big pit that was smashed by the big tube Huachang Night, and smashed the opening.


Right to raise your fists again, hit it on the air to form a huge air gunflow again into the pothole!

"This punch is because of your son's big torchmun!"

"This punch is your other son's big tube!"

"This punch ..."

"This punch ..."

Right to raise your fists, constantly attacking the following attacks, constantly making a huge roar, and the underground pothole is constantly deepening.

"You are a bad man !!!"

The furious snorkeling snoring came from the deep pothole.


The big tube Huachang Night is hard, and his face is ambiguous, and it takes off with an angry.

At this time, the big torch gako has been angry!

In the huge pothole hole under the ground, suddenly, a large number of Chakra flows, continuously pouring into the body of the mood.

This Chakra is the Shenshu released a part of Chakra, which is absorbed from the Ninja in the infinite month read.

Under this huge Chakra gathered, the big torch is directly lifted with both hands, and a huge ball is beginning to expand, followed by the speed of the naked eye.

"Everyone you have died, I want to make the whole world to be empty !!"

"Even if you can defeat me, no one can kill our big cadre!"

"There is no round, you can't seal me at all!"

"You will have disappeared with these people, I will give me a disappearance. I want to make the birth of this planet, and eternal life will become the pig that I have raised!"

The big tube is full of anger, and the huge face of the hands and hands is still expanding.

Expanded and seek jade!

Right to hear the angry voice of the big torch, the coldness of the face is more cold.

"I have never intended to seal you again!"

"Because I have to completely kill you!"

On the side of the cold, the cold opening, the bloody steam will be shrouded with the right bumper, and it is a bit unclear!

"Give me a dead! Come on the night!"

"You finally die, is the human being caught, the move created !!"

The right to the body is shocked, and the red steam sprayed, almost all of the sky in the half.

At the same time, the straight blue light of the right blue rays is covered with both eyes.

"Night Kay !!"

Right bumpers issued a huge roaring.

The right bucket instantly became a bloody streamer, where it passed, space distorted.

"You will die !!"

The big cylindrical wood is also sent to the roaring roaring, and the expansion in the hand is going to jade, and I strive to the right!

Contains all kinds of substances, returning the world to virtual strength, exudes from the expansion and jade!

Destroy the earth-like breath, let the sky continue to reduce the price, the whole planet seems to have a sound!

The speed of the right bumper has broken through several times of the sound speed, and there is an expansion of jade.

Right, you must prevent expansion and jade, otherwise it will be on the ground, then the whole world can really be destroyed.

This is the naked positive of the big tube!

As long as you want to stop the world's destruction, you have to hit the power of expansion and seek the jade, and the power of the inflation and jade is enough to kill the right fight, even if you can't die, it is enough to make it completely lost!

But unfortunately, in front of the magic of direct death, everything will only usher in its death!

Direct death, not only can kill the organism and object, but also kill conceptual existence!

Right, a boxing of a boxing on the dead point of expansion.

Seeing this scene, the co-tube Hui night showed excitement, but it quickly stissued his face.

Originally, the expansion of the right bumper is swallowed, and it is like leaking the ball, the rapid collapse, and it is a virtual, disappearing!

"Night Kay!"

Right squats from the inside of the expansion, rushing in the state of the night,,, yard, a boxing on the big tube.

Bang! !

The big tube Hui's night was directly slammed out, flying out of the distance of about a thousand meters, until the god tree was stopped.

At this moment, the body of the big torch, the body, the body has disappeared, slipping from the huge trunk of the god tree.

Red rumor flashes!

Right, I came to the big torch in front of the night, and I violently gasped.

Seeing that there is no longer a miserable look at the night.

On the right fightening, there was a smile, and the red steam of the body was retired, and even the six-way reincarnation model was slowly retired, and a butt was sitting on the ground.

"The tricks have been rude, some are not pity and jade."

"However, you have already said, you are not a human."

Right to sit at the ground, laugh and open down.

"You are ... What is ...... Power ..."

The big tube Hui's night is rare, the fear, the remainder of the bodies rely on the god tree, and the tone is not sweet, and the right should take the right direction.

"you guess."

Right, I took a few mouthfuls, spit out two words from my mouth.


"Will not end, the people of the big wood will finally find this."

The big tube is full of unwillingness, with the final strength to spit out a paragraph, it seems to be a expectation, it seems to be a curse.

Then, the whole body is completely collapsed, death!

"Oh, what is it?"

"If it is here, then come to a kill, come to a pair."

Right, I smiled, and I saw the direction of the big torch, whispering that has been completely dead.

"Mom, finally ended!"

Right fight now just want to go back to bed, sleep, but know that it is still not time,

Right squats were sitting on the ground for a while, then slowly climbed up, then walked toward the direction of Yuxi Boss.

In the pothole lie in Chi Zhiwa, I saw Yizhibo spots on a rock at this moment.

"I haven't died yet."

A touch of smile is revealed on the right fight.

Yuxi Bo spokeally heard the sound of the right fight, and the hard raised his head. The face was also squeezed out of a smile: "It seems that you won, right."

"Well, I am lying here so easy."

The right fight has a tired tired, shrugging and shrugging.

"Your guy, really stayed in other backhand! When fighting with me, there is no effort!"

The smile on the face of Yuxi Bo has disappeared at the moment, and his eyes are looking to the right.

"Haha, you have to leave a few cards, isn't it."

The right fight grabbed his head, revealing a smile on his face, and quickly played a haha.

Seeing what Zhizhi pointed to say anything, the right battle has come to Yishiyo, helping the Yuxi Board from the ground.

"Before this, in turn, I will give unlimited monthly read surgery. You can suddenly die, otherwise no one is solving."

Right thejou will support Yuxi wave spots and open the mouth.

The method of lifting the unlimited month reading is not a complicated, but the conditions are somewhat harsh, and people who need to have a round look, and people who have all the beast Checkla.

Yuxi Bao pointed deeply, and his face showed a weird smile.

"I didn't expect you to be a enemy, and I actually became the final people who finally rescued the endurance?"

Yishibo spheres say this, sounds, look right:

"Thank you! At least let me not have so much regrettable."

"You're welcome."

The right bumper smiled.

next moment.

The right bumper and the Sui Zhibo spots extended out of the "child" print, send a low drink:


The power of unlimited month read is completely disseminated!

There is only a lot of vitality and Chakra that is almost directly picking up, and the whole person is directly planted on the ground, but the right to the eye of the eye is caught.

"That so-called big wood family ... should not only be the only talented to the night."

"My two rounds will be handed over to you, if there is an enemy strike ... You are also borrowed my strength."

Yuxibo spheres hang out a hoarse and laugh, and the breath completely dissipates.

Right, I looked at the dead Yizhibo sphere, I took a deep breath and spit it slowly.

He is actually able to save Yuxi Boss, but what does it make up for the Sui Zhi splera that has already been held?


My friends and enemies!