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Chapter 510, the finale (finished flowering)!

After a month after the end of the battle with the Collotropic Night.

Wooden leaves for 64 years, January 1!

The village in the village is officially changed to the country,

Endurance country is established, meaning the country of Ninja!

This year's time is also formally changed to, the first year of endure, January 1.

After the end of this battle, the parties in the role of the endurance, it is completely to put down the resentment in my heart.

Location, black soil, Darui and others give up resistance, return to the country, compared to the grievances between all risks.

With the end of the right, save the entire endure, there is no more than one.

Of course, this may also know the truth of this world, the struggle between rushing village and riva, now it seems that it has become a bit ridiculous.

The country of endure, the top of the shadow.

The right battle is lazy to lying on a lounge chair, blowing the breeze, and the expression on the face.

"The feeling of peace is really good. Especially there are no things that are messy."

When you enjoy the mouth, you will drink a juice while picking up the siphon.

Just at this time!

A gentle footsteps came from the rear.

"The right trip is really getting smaller than this time."

Illuminated with a slightly cold and dissatisfied sound, sounded from the rear.

Right to get up quickly, grabbing the hair and sorry to look at the beauty.

"Cough, then, are you coming?"

The right bumper coughs, with a smile on his face, and the arm is turned around.

When I turned it over, I whattered the fangs directly, then sat on the legs of the right fight.

The right fight is ringing with the beauty of the beauty, and the face is revealing the look: "Recently, it is good, weight is slightly heavy."

Illuminate the right bounce with some homogeneous hands, then take a slender red lotus, and patted it.

"There is something, you have to talk to you."

On the beauty of the beauty, he revealed a happiness, and the opening said to the right.

The right fight nodded and looked at the beauty.

"I am pregnant." With a charming smile on the beauty, open mouth.

"Oh? Um ... ah!"

The right trick first nodded first, suddenly stunned, followed, glanced at the eyes and glad.

I saw a smile on the face of Mitamic, and I had some hands between the right boused, and I was carefully awkward from my own body, and then put it on the lounge chair.

"I am going to be a father?"

When you talk, you suddenly feel a bit nervous.

The right fight is revealed, and then the head is on, put your ears on the belly of the beauty.

Seeing this scene, I not only reveal a helpless look, not only.

"It's only more than a month, how can you hear?"

Take the beauty of the pink and white fingers, and click on the head of the right.


Right fight, haha ​​smile.

"In this case, then we get married!" After the right fight, the face revealed the solemn look.

"Yes, but I want to be in the first!"

With a charming smile on the beauty, reach out.

Right to nodded without a slightest.

Seeing this scene, the smile on the beauty is not only more than, then suddenly patted.

"In the future, you must give me a sister two."

Look at the rear of the beauty of the beauty.

At this time, I also looked up at this time. I saw it behind, I saw Xiaonan and Ziyuan came out of the rear, and the two women's face had a helpless expression.

"Lishi Mingjie, we have not planned to grab you two."

Ziyuan came over with a gentle smile.

"This is your own self-propelion."

Xiao Nan shakes his head, walked from the other side, and hugged the right arm.

"If you don't care, it's a matter, but there is always a successful order."

Like the beauty, I rubbed my mouth, a big expression.

"I am also a winner of life."

The right battle stopped the waist of Xiaonan, and one hand stopped Ziyuan's waist, and his face took a funny look to three.

But very fast.

The three women gave him to the right of the hilarious look, and then the three women became a group, and they talked.

"The family status is somewhat not guaranteed." The right to see the three women's behavior, the mouth smoked slightly.

Just when the right fight is ready to show the majesty!

A footsteps came from the rear,

Seeing the movement of the coming, with a shade of an unexpected look on his face, followed by a smile: "Ning."

"Right"! "

Ning Dynasty came to the right, bowed to the right.

At the same time, Ning Ji also saw three people who were chatting, Xiaonan, and Ziyuan.

Then Ning Ji also a gift from these three people.

"That, isn't I am not a bit?"

Ning Xin's face with a small embarrassment look.

Like the beauty, and the rest of these two women are all the relationship between couples.

This matter is not a secret in the country, I don't know how many men envy the right people.

At the same time, it can be connected to three girlfriends, and these three girlfriends are still very harmonious, but all men who let the whole country are envious.

Unfortunately, the entire endurance dares to do this, only one right fight.

After all, the right fight adults will save the whole hero, and there are three girlfriends at once, what happened?

"It doesn't matter?" The right battle is not very concerned, but some things are in curious Ning.

"That ... right fight, this is the invitation."

Ning Xin solemnly took out a red, please handed over:

"I am going to marry every day."

"What? Marry! When!"

The right bumbled sounded, with an incredible rope on his face, looked at the nuts of the famous guy.

"In next month, the 12th."

Ning Times is sorry, respectful open mouth.

Right, I saw the date on the post, and my face revealed a dignified expression. I turned my head to see the three women.

"As a teacher, how can it be late than the student!"

"Right, take beauty, Xiaonan, Ziyuan!"

Right, a serious opening.

The first year of endure, January 15th.

The first generation of the country, the strongest, the hero of the endurance, the hero, the four generations of the four generations, the original rain shadow, the ghost country, the witch, Ziyuan, three women, held a grand wedding.

All people have sent the most sincere blessings!

The entire endurance is also sensational!

For a time, the right to fight into the object of all men who envy and hate all men.

"I really envy……"

Ning Dynasty saw the right battle of the three women who were gossed on the wedding table, flashing on the face.


Every day, I took the head of Ningji, I was inserted with my hands, and I went to Ning: "What did you just be embarrassed?"

"I said that I wish you a happy newly married!"

Ning times is a face.


After a long time, maybe there is a new crisis, but happiness is now, isn't it?

What's more, the right fight is ready, the endurance is also ready!

This book is completed, it is covered! Flower!


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