We Will Never Get Back Together: A Second Chance Romance

Chapter 1: Moving out of the mansion tonight

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After five years of marriage and the child is 4 years old, Su Zinuo did not expect that the first words Lord Zhan would say to her were these three words.

When Lord Zhan said these three words, he was still wearing a straight military uniform. The bright military boots could reflect her tears. The pine branches on the shoulders and the shining gold stars represented the supremacy and coldness of this man, which was almost insurmountable. He said The light in my eyes didn't move at the time of divorce

The guards behind Lord Zhan stood silently but with live ammunition. Lord Zhan had absolutely no intention of giving threats or deterrence through such a scene. The youngest admiral in the empire, he could not give deterrence only.But Su Zinuo knew that she could not resist in front of this man.

The straight military uniform outlines his temperament even more severely. The handsome face is still so handsome that Su Zinuo forgets to breathe when he meets, but Su Zinuo now looks at Lord Zhan's three-dimensional and perfect face, as if he has no heart. Will jump.

"Twenty million." Lord Zhan raised his hand, and the guard quickly delivered the check to Su Zinuo. Su Zinuo reached out his hand almost unconsciously and didn't respond.

The warlord is an invincible military family, and the Lord War is an invincible myth. The undefeated God of War is heard in the emperor and abroad. It can be said that the three words Lord War represent the steel bars of the empire. The first sharp blade, regardless of the forces of light or darkness, had to be afraid of the major general.

The brilliance of his body can never be measured by property. Moreover, Lord Zhan has always had no concept of property. Twenty million is the income of the major general of his five-year marriage empire.

I heard Lord Zhan’s voice continue to sound: "Move out of the mansion tonight."

"Hey, what should I do?" Su Zinuo looked up hurriedly.

Su Zinuo is not the kind of beautiful woman, but she is a very comfortable woman, white skin is clean and flawless, delicate melon seed face is beautiful and gentle, and the shallow amber pupils are pure and can be seen at a glance. , Without a decorative ornament, you will never tire of show and clean.

But these, in the eyes of Lord Zhan, are probably no different from a fairly clean sofa.

Lord Zhan's gaze paused, Su Zinuo smiled bitterly: "Our child..."

Hey, she had been called by her baby's name for five years, and he couldn't even react at all.

"The blood of the Zhan family cannot be left out." Lord Zhan frowned. This was his first expression today.

Su Zinuo's eyes quickly turned red, and the gaze that was still trembling now froze.

"Pack your things, Agan will send you away, and the divorce certificate will be sent by someone." Lord Zhan thought that the conversation was over, and the tall figure stood up and walked out without looking back.

This woman was the result of his night of spring breeze. Five years ago, he was not as meticulous and fierce as now, without weakness, like a cold sword, penetrated by hostile forces, but it was this pure, innocent and innocent one who was infiltrated overnight. Intersecting woman.

Only on that occasion, it was originally a somewhat offensive accident, but no one thought that Su Zinuo was pregnant.

The old man had always hated Bo Youyu, and he did not hesitate to cut off the relationship between his grandfather and grandson and forced the Lord Zhan to marry. The father said that feelings can be cultivated. He and the Lord have spotted a woman in his life. How can he know that other women can't?Not to mention having children.

Lord Zhan couldn’t see Su Zinuo at all. Su Zinuo was alone when he was married. Su Zinuo was alone when she was pregnant in October. She passed out with labor pains and fainted several times. Before he woke up in the hospital bed, Su Zino was still alone. people.

After five years of marriage, no one knew that Su Zinuo was Lord Zhan’s wife, and Lord Zhan looked at this woman still strange.