"Do it, I'm out of work."

Rise, the most powerful demon, was in great trouble.

That is because the war between the long-standing Kingdom of Tend and its neighbour, the Kingdom of Serga, has ended.

"I can't believe you fired the army if you ended the war..."

He was a demon capable of obeying many powerful demons, enlisting in the kingdom of Tend, which was a disadvantage. He was active in the momentum of no and bamboo to repaint the war situation.

Its activity was tremendous, leaving me wanting two names: [King of the Thousand Beasts], which means someone who can follow a thousand beasts.

But demons are creatures. It costs money to maintain it because it's a creature.

In other words, feed.

Rise's obedient demons are many powerful and large.

Consumption of food alone was not foolish.

Therefore, the kingdom of Tend, exhausted by the end of the war, could not afford to feed the demons of the gold-eating worms, which could only be used in battle.

I mean, it's retarded.

"We need to get a job somehow."

Rise held his head.

How to twist out the big money that feeds the demons.

Or my own living expenses.

"I tried my best to be a hero and be respected by everyone and get a lot of pay if I joined the army and was active because of it..."

The reality, however, is that they are fired as a result of cuts in military spending.

"After the war is over, there will be no mercenary work, and you can't expect a big reward for banditry. You want to hunt and live the beast in the back of the mountain? No, no, no, no, no. There are demons out there who don't want to live like that."

"Um, Master Rise..."

When Rise turned to Rin's toned voice, his demons looked at him with a disturbing face.

"Oh, bad, bad. I'll prepare a proper meal."

Rise gently deceives Lamia, the one of the submissive demons.

Lamia is said to be a luscious demon that bewitches men, but is in fact a heart-gentle demon with a delicate heart.

Rise wanted his birth, but at the same time he cherished his demons with all his heart.

"No, you don't … well, we want to work too"

Ramia joins her hands on her chest to plead with Rise.

That was a word from my husband, Rise, who didn't want to annoy me.

The demons who refrain from behind also speak out to agree to it.

"I said I'd work, but there's no store that hires demons, and when it comes to demon jobs, it's a basic battle."

Rise is bewildered.

Basically demons and humans are hostile patterns.

Because it is a special profession of magician, it is possible to follow demons.

Therefore, the sight of demons working voluntarily in human society was unlikely.

"If so, why don't we build a store?

and it was Liz's submissive unicorn who had joined the conversation.

"Build a store?

Unicorns nod at Rise's question.

"Yes, the Lord runs the store and takes jobs other than battle. Use my horn power, for example."

Rise is hacked by Unicorn's words.

"Right! Recovery magic!

Unicorn nodded.

The horn of the unicorn is called the ingredient of a spirit medicine that works against all diseases, and it is said that the horn also has the power to purify dirty water.

Just to have such anecdotes, Unicorn was also a powerful healing magic user.

"I mean, why don't we just let Mr. Rise run a shop that makes money using stunts other than our fight?


"As long as I open the store, can I prepare a job other than battle?"

Rise looks around at the demons he can obey.

The demons also stare at Rise again.

(I'll have to start starving and bandits anyway, then Lamia and the others are right, why don't you have your own shop! If it works, the demons might be able to make a lot of money!

"All right, let's start the shop with leftover money!

"" "Wow, wow, wow!!" "

Thus began the shop operation of anything of the strongest demons.