In the last sports class in the morning, Li Nan is positive and a girl rings on the playground in the playground. The classmates who were resting on the basketball court found this "enemy", and rushed through the two: "The comrades in the south can be ah, long, the cold can make it to the girl, is it giving people to the head?" Lu It is sitting in them, laughing with everyone.

Li Southern, glanced at the students and lively students, and reminded Jin Menlu: "Little sister, you will make a decision! Otherwise, people think that the people are in the object!"

Jin Mengluo has risen red face.

She listened to my friends saying that Li Nan can copy a job and come to him.

Chengnan High School is located in the center of the city. It is a high high school in the city. The undergraduate rate is 99%, and the student is excellent. In the history of more than 100 years, many people have cultivated a lot of talents.

However, after the students were examined, they found that this school ... it seems to be so!

In the past few years, the people of the country played in the country to engage in test education. The city is slow and long, and there is still a lot of quality education, which has introduced a lot of policies for benefiting students, mad, and mad. What is the end of the class, just get A +, you can use this lesson in the next semester ~ Wrap three afternoon, you don't have to go to the class ~

Chengnan High School is to engage in quality education, but other high schools are desperately desperately desperate, in the past few years, the city's high school ranking is not good, currently in the city's key high school. Every time I go back to ten schools, the first nine people compete for the head, the city is high and middle school, and the bottom is stable.

Although the undergraduate rate is still very good, it is quite good. It can be deceived a big gang of Cheng Long. It is a parent of the woman. However, it is the first to rank the first Bihai Middle School, a rate of 99%, and a lot of Tsinghua Northern Tsinghua Northern. Chengnan High School has been in five years, there is no one in Tsinghua Northern, and the high school is also different from key high schools.

Under the strong promotion, the school leaders finally woke up from the beautiful dreams of the □ □ □.

In this way, the Shengnan famous school city is in the middle of the high school, it is necessary to become a general college!

Therefore, when Li Nan, Lu Rong, the city of Lu Rong, Chengnan has become a devil university, this is high, weekend can send 20 rolls.

The students have issued a sound of resistance: there are too many curves!

Golden Monroe is a relatively later known type. She is a little girl from a small to the big, and the teacher must listen, and the homework must be completed. But last night, she did 3 o'clock, she collapsed.

In the morning, she not only dark circles, but also acne!

Jin Meng said with a mother's sea blue mystery to protect her delicate adolescence, after coming to school, according to the instructions of good friends, I found 8 classes of Li Nan.

Li Southern is not good, the achievements are not good, the sports class is also very unable to get rid of a group of girls to play volleyball together, no qualification and boys play basketball together, can be said to be a place. If it is placed in us, Jin Menglu is never given to this kind of boys.

But according to a good friend, this is flat, Li Nan, has mastered the whole grade of the copy industry. In his hand, you can buy a variety of test questions, Jin Mengno is moving.

Just the fourth lesson this morning is a sports class in two classes. She found Li Nan with accompanied by friends, asked him to find out the specific situation of buying homework.

"Just say this, everything you do, we can get a standard answer." Li Southern old god is in the road.

Golden Monroe is half a trip. These rins are not a big road in the bookstore. It is a teacher in the entire academic year to search for questions from all kinds of horns. They not only go to the roll, but also have the intercontutence with other high schools, sometimes I will do it on the few people.

Of course, if you spend some soups, check the information, go online, every question is definitely found, but that is too hard.

She is not hard.

If Li Southern is so magical, you can save the valuable beauty time for her.

"But ... a piece of volume 3 dollars, a little expensive." Golden Dream swallowed.

20 in the weekend, it is 60 oceans! In order to make a lot of money, there is a little worthless. Haven't eaten pork, haven't seen pigs yet? Everyone's copying is the interoperability of the front and rear seats. Which is charged?

Such a problem, Li Nan has handled countless times, I have a sound: "The little sister, let's take a safe, reliable and safeguard. You will copy your job with you, you can't see it. ? You bought the job here, but the whole grade is one! "

"is it?"

Li Nang said: "You have 60 points, let us do 60 points; you have to do 90 points, let us do 90 points; the wrong is not the same as people, you look up, absolutely one! You want I will just hit the questions, and I can hit people, let's take it, then I don't have to open people! "

Golden Monroe: "..." She began to believe that friends said, their grades have a huge, gray, copying industry chain.

Li Nan saw Jin Mengluo, starting the price list of the back to the curly, 3 yuan, the whole subject 20 packs 60. Small sister I see you so good, give you a discount 49 yuan, I can't buy it, I can't buy it. You should buy it back to try it. I will try it back. I will come back to the month. The month 159, the package is 599, it is more cheaper than the single. "

Golden Monroe shakes: "Cheap ..."

"One inch of the light, one inch gold, can make money to change the yin, is there such a good thing in the world? Don't do the weekend of the roll, you can watch TV, play games, talk to the little brother, love, talk to the little brother in the TV. Enjoy the real happiness youth. "

Jin Mengluo has a lucky money, there is zero spending, buying a double ball shoes can spend more than one thousand, can take a family in the middle of Chengnan High School, but she is a prostitute, although she is doing a roll, but not a little Not as different.

Li Southern is a mall old, golden dreams have a wrinkle, he knows what she is in his heart: "Small sister, repetitive labor is meaningless, you have done a half of the semester, the knowledge point is so much One, the topic is also as many, turning off the fried rice, just wasting your time. Time to save the fried rice, check the scourge not more? "He shouted the boat," You have to worry about the classics You can buy private customs. "

Golden Monroe: "Ah?"

Li South: "Privately customized, is the Royal Supreme VIP exclusive business! We provide you with the work template, no longer simply, according to your learning situation, create your test paper ...... "

To be honest, his mobile phone rang, Li Nan's information on Yan Yisheng, and the belly is finally caught up, and the head smile is full of gold dreams: "For example, the little sister, your triangle function is not too good, we will be This part deducts you, and finally the look of the test paper, even if you don't know if you are doing it, it is very fake. At the same time, we will put the triangular function in the test paper. Key labeling, provide sample questions, solving ideas, exercises, wrong questions for you to use, truly organic, systematic, and help with academic help. "

Jin Dream exposes tuning: "How much is it?"

Li Southern smiled slightly: "5999 a semester."

Jin Menglu wiped the sweat of the wiping angle, today's sun, really big!

Li Nan looked at this show, continued to attack the city: "Royal Supreme VIP exclusive business, do not trial, do not split, do not pay, do not discounted, because we need to invest a lot of manpower materials to provide you with full discipline, for your private construction Set, focus, more care more than your class teacher. Sentence, the little sister, you are looking for a teacher outside, but there is more than this price, we have a whole discipline here again. Give out the leakage, 5999 is really no expensive. "

Jin Menglu means deep long and long: "Outside the class, it can be famous."

Li Southern smiled slightly: "We will make up the class, but God."

Jin Mengluo is shameful: "God ...? What do you say ... What man?"

Li South side: "Uh huh."

Jin Mengluo is excited. In Chengnan Middle School, only one person is called "the man", or is simpler, "God". I don't know why, I don't say his true name. If it is the unknown man, the 5999 is really not expensive, and then add 0 is not expensive.

Li Nan turned out the "Royal Supreme VIP Customer" recent month test results trend show: "This is the 3 class Wang Yuxia, she became our royal respected VIP customers, political achievements, you see, you see, Strokes! The key is that she doesn't have to do repetitive homework, recently looking for a boyfriend! Take the fees of the 7 class. "

Golden Monroe: "My God!" The fiscal girlfriend is Wang Yuxia, 3 classes, I will go!

Li Nan's crude abuse from the education system and said that the monotonism of students' lives; from the teacher's centralized management of students, it is said that the test system is suppressed to human nature, and the tangled Jin Menglu is a circle on the playground.

Golden Monroe is not determined.

At this time, the phone was called in, and Li Southern Li heard: "What ?! Royal Supreme VIP registration is full? ... Wait, I still have one here! ...... Brother, give a chance!" Walking the sky.

After hanging off the phone, Li Southern a face of Jin Munzhi: "Because of the lack of manpower, the Royal Supreme VIP in each semester has only 10 registration places. The last one has been taken by people. But the little sister, you pay now, maybe I You can also discuss with the boss. "

Golden Monroe is a simple student girl, no social experience, she looks like this VIP is so embarrassed, and the limited edition has inexplicable attractions to girls.

She took out the mobile phone: "Alipay or WeChat?"

Li Nan said "It's just likeb, I don't know if I don't have to report, I will give you money." I took a small Alipay QR code from the pocket.

Jin Menglu sweeps: "Hey? This account is not yours?"

The large amount of transfer needs to be checked, the true name opposite is _-Rong, the avatar is a cute little deer.

"Lu." Li Southern Li. Lu Rong. "

Lu Rong sat in the basketball court, and the mobile phone was smashed, the money arrived. He glanced over the end of the playground, and he told the heart of Yan: "Open a meeting at noon."

Yan Yong did not sound, sent a meeting notice in the "Willow" WeChat group.