The finale, we are married!

The warm wind and Lu Yong have both a marriage plan, and after returning home, it is necessary to prepare for the college entrance examination.

Originally, the wind is planning to study, including Lu Ying English, it is not difficult to apply for a famous school. However, after a cautious discussion, the two felt that the future development was mainly in the country, including the core technology of Dai's, and the international market is the fastest, competition, the biggest competition, and then in the policy persons. It is unnecessary, and the heart is in the city to participate in the college entrance examination.

As a result, 23 people were taken in the city, a 76, and the family house is a famous school enrollment phone.

Yongtong and the party clear his hands and feet, discussing something else, waiting for the volunteer manual to find his son, then found that the warm wind and Lu Yao have already filled the F large.

No him, it is very close to home.

Because of the good test, the warmth of the wind will give foreign holidays, Yongtong and Fang Qing have no objection, and the journey of the two people will arrange the journey.

Because of the good test, when the warm wind is to hold with Lu Yong, there is no objection to the Fang Qing, but also to buy a set of rooms each. The warmth of the wind refused: "No, it's too extravagant. We must work hard to learn to create wealth, rent a house."

, Fang Qing Xinxiao: "The little brother is really growing!"

The warm wind turned to the Lu Rong moved into Linjiang Mansion and launted the daily life of the newlywed couple.

After two years, there was a return to people around him, and some people told Yitong in the banquet, and the little gang was like a friend.

Dai Tong didn't listen to the warmth of the wind, but the heart is still gratified, the face raises the smile of the old father: "It's 20 years old, it is to talk about -"

Friends pity: "I saw a boy in the rolling horse on the river road."

When I smiled and smiled and cried.

Yitong has heard the current situation of his son from someone else, and immediately calls actively.

: "I heard that you take a boy in the river road in the river road, have you ?!"

After hung, continue to hold Lu Yida in Binjiang Road.

How do you still can't rest assured, just find the white governance to inquire about it. The white hand puts the photo of the sneak shower next day in front of him and the sun.

"The little bonard is indeed a boy's rolling road in Binjiang Road. After the rolling, he returned to the city center with the boys."


White general helps with highlights: "Calling the F bigger, and F is also confirmed that the little bonus has not lived a day."

Fang Qing looks at the exterior of the mansion: "Still very advanced."

: "I also said to work hard and learn. As a result, I will rent such a expensive house to raise a small face. Sure enough, the child has been in the university. My little breeze is not like this. It is definitely his little boyfriend to put him. Ball. "

White general helps the highlights: "Total, according to us investigation, the luxury home is not renting, it is bought. This suite is here."

"Too much." , "must be that his little boyfriend is wrapped around him, and it will give it to others."

Fang Qing shook his head: "The current little boy is too powerful. But it is really good."

, take photos, see which one is seduce his son's little boy.

Although the photo is very vague, it can't take the face, but the more you look like it ...

"Do you say that it will be tolerance?"

This question, opened the cage of memories, and the past suspected a large amount of batch poured into the mind.

However, Fang Qing does not admit that Fang Qing is still scratching him: "Don't speak alone. My family is Cable, Ke Qik, is a good boy, not gay, and will not let the trend give him a luxury home."

: "But it is really like, you see this dress, tolerate the last time to pass ..."

"I don't look." Fang Qing took the chest ring, and gasped into a little blind. "You don't buy a luxury home because of the small breeze, I want to pull to the little boy to calm down. Take it tolerance."

When I started to figure out the truth, now I look at the Qingqi Words, I must dig out the stone hammer to hammered her: "I tell you, this is tolerance, don't believe it will look tomorrow morning."

Fang Qing: "I don't go!"

: "You don't go, you can't go, you will be a small breeze in the same way."

Fang Qing: "Heart deficiency? You ask questions from the neighbors of the neighbors of Shili Ba Street neighborhood? I tell you, this is not tolerance! Tomorrow's old lady is fixed, to put the small wind and his little boyfriend Come out! Hey! "

: "Hey!"

The couple have spent one night without sleeping, and the next day, I went to the village, and the sky was bright, straight to the city.

The next day, it was just Sunday, and the wind and Lu Rong did not have lessons. The warmth is sleepy, and Lu Yizhen is already in the bar. It is going to go downstairs to go to the market for a while to buy a few fresh little yellow fish.

The doorbell suddenly sounded.

Lu Yixin wants to come so early today, jump off the bar lazy, go to the door, open the door.

Six eyes are opposite.

, Fang Qing: "..."

Lu Rong: "..."

Yong Tong glanced at the side: "I said."

Fang Qing returned to the eye: "This is only the school, the small wind, the whole school, the whole thing is too much to send him back, the small wind is saying 'ah, it's so late, you will sleep today. 'Good' ...... "

Fang Qing is still a skillfulness, I don't listen, I don't listen, I am a little scimetic: "He can't put a silky nightgown in the small wind home? They are a good brother. I guess him in the small wind home. Have your own room, between the brothers are like this. "

: "The small wind family even there is no brothers' room! And there is no straight male to wear silk gown."

Fang Qing: "He may also ask the little wind."

: "How to wear the sponsor of the small wind, the size is not right! You see that he is wearing so, the curve is S-type!"

Fang Qing's little deaf arrived at the peak to reach the climax: "That is to ask the little-style, his little boy, he is his nephew."

At this time, the warmth of the wind appeared in the porch, like the automatic navigation, and touched the land and took him into his arms.

Hey, the warmth is reluctant to kiss him: "How is it so noisy outside?"

Lu Rong: "..."

Lu Rong: "Our parents are coming."

: "I said!"

Fang Qing is temper: "It is your right for it!"

Yutong and Fang Qing entered the house.

The upper and lower three-storey building was turned into a duplex. It is a large living room. The high collapse and high-reaching the landing window of nearly nine meters are good. The field is extremely open, there is no unusual apartment, the entire Pudong is full.

Indoor decoration design modern minimalist, use color but very bold, Morandi powder chair, ink green wall panel, black and white carpet, gold line, all kinds of colors are filled in a space, plenty of modern minimalism It is difficult to avoid the hotel style, which makes people feel warm.

In addition to this house is the love nest of their two, there is no other problems.

Four people sat down in the table, and the square, the square is sunny, and the wind, Lu Yong, began to interrogate.

: "When is there."

and Lu Rong have paid a look: "... this is hard to talk."

"When is it true?" Yutong thought about the night of the goblin, and there were a few options in the heart, "Is it the ears?"

: "... Hey, it should be more than that."

: "Is it the time to wind to wear a woman?"

: "Hey ... should be more than that."

: "Is you when you go to Hong Kong?"

: "Maybe it will be a little more."

has been pursued: "When you go to Hong Kong, you will know a month! Is it true that you don't know ?!"

"What is it?" Fang Qing expressed his opposition, "" The young man is in love. "

: "That is early!"

Fang Qing: "The first love."

found the problem: "You didn't admit it just now, it is tolerate with the small wind, now you sing white face."

Fang Qing put the chest: "I accept it now, very acceptable, I am a so open parent."

: "You are singing with me!"

Fang Qing: "Skewers."

Lu Rong patted table: "Please do your best. We are now in the outlet."

Yongtong and Fang Qing converges the look and pulls attention to the two people.

Yan Tong started to be taught: "You, have you ever thought of you are responsible! You are gently, just like this ... How do you become a family? Do you want to marry you?"

Holding the land of Lu Rong and showing the ring to them: "We are already married."

, Fang Qing: "..."

: "Okay. Not only don't talk about love, buy a house, don't say, even marry, don't say! Marriage does not discuss us?"

Fang Qing is also angry, the frame is taken with the table: "Do you have a marriage not invited us?"

Yan Tong turned to him to say: "The main problem is not here."

Fang Qing: "My son is married, I don't ask me?"

: "The main problem is that they should not marry."

Fang Qing is thinking.


The warmth is impatient, and immediately want to open and his father. Lu Rong held him. Lu Yao is out of horses, a pair of eyes is quiet as water: "Why."

: "Because you are a brother."

Lu Rong: "We are not brothers. We have no blood."

: "But the small wind is my son, you are the son of Qingmen, I am married to the sun, you have a brother relationship, you can't get married. This affects Event."

Lu Rong: "That is in turn, you feel that it is not right - you look, I am married to you, you are a little breeze, my mother is my mother, you are a pair of family. You are a family, How can I get married? Isn't it for the old people? This affects the ever. "


: "Wait a minute, let's take it!"

Lu Rong watched him deeply: "Is there a matter of love, is it going to come first?"

: "We have children!"

The corner of the land: "Oh, the family and the family have a child."

ignorance, : "The old lady is crying. Under the broadband mountain, overlap the 10,000-layer building."

The warm wind and Lu Rong cross your hands, and it looked at the .

Fang Qing has not charged this pressure: "Forget it, the junction is coming." Let's talk, she is to be mandatory to divorce.

:: "They are too small! Don't understand marriage!"

Lu Yao said in attaches: "Some people live to forty, they will not be married for 20 years old."

: "Yes, it is sour, and the red body has a strong body to enjoy love."

: "Hyun Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan, you will know how to show!" He came to catch his son's out of the cabinet, and he would be sentenced to the dog, saying it.

Lu Rong saw that the emotion was unstable, and the square is sunny and the warm wind. I was sitting in Yutong: "In fact, uncle, you don't want us to go, you should not dismantle us, block It is better to spall. "

is immersed in his own emotions: "How can you like this!"

Lu Yao: "First love, soon it is divided, basically not get together."

: "You are getting married!"

Lu Yao: "Marriage, soon, it will be too far, the divorce rate is so high."

He listens to it, and the effort is oral. There is indeed a bit of reason, and the problem has not seem to be as big.

I got home when I was.

1000 year.

: "I suspect that we have been to be cheated."

Fang Qing: "Don't say that they are getting late for the 30th anniversary."

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The family gave a marriage, marry him to Hancheng Han Xiang.

Gaoyang sits on the wedding car, small head, big question mark -

I wore more than a thousand miles in a generation, I lost my face!

Pushing the door runs faster than the rabbit.

Since then, there is always a Hancheng Xiang in the play of Gaoyang.

Passerby: Han Han is always?

Han Cheng Hunan elbow with a suit, Confuciana and: ah, right, lady ran, a thousand miles of wife. Abuse? No, where, never abuse him. It is the relationship between husband and wife, may not look at me, and I don't want to fulfill my wife's obligation. Why do I come to the class? Haha, his gossip is hot on one day, I have a bit green on my head, I can't do it.

Passerby: Hey, Gao Yangzheng is suffering.

Gaoyang: ...

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