When God Made Me

1 Coin

“Gosh, he's so ugly. ”

“No change. ”

The woman shifts back as if she were dirty. Seung-ho folds his hands in disgrace.

“I think there's something in the money. ”

The woman put the condom in her pocket, crossed her arms with the man, and left the convenience store.

Seung-ho lowers his head and puts the change in his pocket.

"Yeah, I'm familiar with that sound. Where's 800 won?" I don't even give you the lowest hour, but I can feel this. ’

- My daughter.



The woman who came in through the door panicked, grabbed the door hook, and stopped.

“He's really ugly. ”

- My daughter.

The woman closed the door and left the convenience store.


Skin covered in acne. Eyes the size of button holes. A crushed nose. Protruding mouths look so urgent for correction. And a spatula.

This is the face of Ascension. The word "ugly" comes to mind. Honestly, if you hold a contest with something ugly, you can't miss out on number one in the world.

Good-looking and ugly are different standards in the East and West, but Seung-ho's face surpasses that.

It's a sigh that captures all of that sigh.

But also, a guest arrives shortly. Why are there so many visitors at this hour of the morning?

- My daughter.


I have a lot of complaints, but I should greet guests with a smile. I can't help it. If we do not greet them with a smile, we will complain to the boss.

He's a man, but he looks a little strange. It feels like a dress made of white silk.

"Are you crazy?"

The man approaches Seung-ho as soon as he enters.

“Seung-ho Choi.”

“Yes, yes? ”

“Good to see you. I'm a god. ”

‘You're crazy. ’

Seungho touches the phone underneath the register. If we don't get a response in the next seven seconds with this phone, we go straight to the police.

‘If you do anything strange, you need to get on the phone right away. ’

However, the man smiled lovingly and stretched out his hands, expressing that he would do no harm.

“Believe me, I am God. I'm here to help you. ”

Nonsense, but I'm going to believe something. A white dress that only hangs on one shoulder. I don't know if it's silk or silk, but it looks just like the god I saw in the Greek mythology book when I was a kid.

“Why are you helping me? ”

“That · · ·”

The man touches his forehead with a brow full of water and raises his head.

“I fell asleep when I made you. ”


Seungho looks at the man, making an impression. This is ridiculous. I know it sounds crazy, but I want to believe it. Please tell me it's true and I need a little help.

“The truth is, I'm so sleepy when I make humans that I put in human dust to control their abilities, I don't know what kind of powder you are, but I put it all in. ”

“I see.”

Seung-ho suddenly brought the man inside the register, sat down, listening to him seriously.

“It turned out to be ugly. ”


Seung-ho's heart aches while listening to it. But sad is very pride, but I understand.

‘Ha, that's ridiculous. I get it. That's why I'm so ugly. ’

The man grabbed Seung-ho's hands tightly and apologized.

“I'm so sorry. ”


Seung-ho sighed and grabbed his head.

“But what are we going to do? I was already born ugly. ”

“That's why I'm here. ”

The man patted Seung-ho on the shoulder with a smile.

“How did you come to know all of a sudden? You didn't find out in 18 years. ”

“Uh, that's actually · · ·”

The man hesitates as if he's hiding something.

“Don't hide it. Tell me. ”

“You just had a female guest, right? ”

“Yes, that stupid bitch. ”

“Did I not tell you she was ugly? ”

“Yes, did you hear that? ”

“That's the 10,000th ugliest thing you've ever heard. ”


In Seung-ho's heart, I felt a sudden chill.

‘I've never heard you say I'm ugly because of this crazy man. ’

The man pulls a marble out of his chest.

“That's what I just figured out. I'm sorry I brought you this as a gift. ”

“But that didn't just come out of my pants · ·”

“Don't be silly. ”

The man tightly held the orb in Seungho's hand. Seung-ho felt unpleasant, but didn't want to return the orb.

“What is this? ”

“Something that will lead you to the new world. ”

Seung-ho looks at the bead, but it doesn't look anything special. I feel a little clumsy, though.

“Isn't it just a marble? ”

“Can't you see the three circled icons in the bottom right corner of the eye? ”

I see three yellow icons in the lower right corner of Ascension.

“What, what is it? Did you do something to my glasses? ”

“Hahaha. Feel that. ”

Despite tremendous suspicion, turning your head still leaves the three icons out of sight.

‘There seems to be something. ’

Seungho raises his hand to the icon, but he doesn't touch it.

“Let go of the bead. ”

As the man said, the bead was placed on the table, and the icon that came into view disappeared.

Touching the bead again brings up three icons. Seung-ho looks at the man with strange eyes.

“What is this? ”

The man winked with a smile. When Seung-ho saw that, he thought 'dirty’ first.

“Awakening pill. ”


“If you eat it, you will awaken, and you will be able to use those icons. ”


I wanted to eat, but I didn't want to eat. It was because I was curious about the icon that appeared in front of me and at the same time I felt a refusal to take it out of my pants.

“A little, but · ·”

“If you don't like it, you can be a loser for the rest of your life. ”

When the man tried to get up, Seung-ho grabbed his arm.

“I'll eat.”

Seungho closed his eyes tightly and swallowed the beads as they were. I opened my eyes slowly, but nothing changed. Just how shiny do the three icons feel, unlike before?

“All you can use now is the icon on the far left, but you'll see what it is over time. ”

The man stood up smiling. And as I blinked, I suddenly moved to the front of the entrance.

“Well, what the hell. Did you teleport? ”

“Hahahaha. Farewell. Always be strong.”

The moment I blinked again, the man disappeared everywhere.

Is that a real god? ’

Seung-ho is back in his chair. After he left, I feel like I'm back in the real world. I felt like I had a short dream.

I wonder if it's real, but there's still a round icon under the right eye.

‘You said you could only use the one on the far left. ’

Just in case, I pressed two on the right, but there's no response. I swallowed the needle and pressed the button on the far left.

At that moment, a translucent window appeared in front of my eyes.

“Oh, fuck! ”

I was surprised and almost fell back. I've never seen it before in my life.

- Talent Window

Name: Seung-ho Choi

Job: High School Student

Height: 162cm

Weight: 95kg

Power: 5

Agility: 3

Health: 2

Intelligence: 7

Looks: -

Charm: -

You have: 0

‘What is this? ’

Sadness comes with embarrassment. Look and charm are negative.

I was anticipating it, but it hurts me more because I saw the truth in person. It was a moment to learn about Fact Assault.

“What should I do with this? ”

Seung-ho awoke from his seat, sighing deeply. By pressing the X mark to the right of the floating window in the air, the window splits into the air.

“I wonder what happened. You just have to clean up. ”

At that moment, a translucent window appeared in front of my eyes.

- Quests

Clean the store neatly.

Reward: 5 points


Strange things keep coming to my mind.

“What am I supposed to do? ”

Seung-ho nervously pressed the X mark and entered the warehouse. Inside there are both toilets and cleaning boxes.

There is only one reason why a shopkeeper doesn't cut the jackpot, even though he has the appearance to make his guests nervous. It was due to diligence; never postpone tasks such as stocking, cleaning, and refilling food. Almost perfectly processed.

Over the course of an hour, the floor was thoroughly mopped.

“I bet the flies slip when they sit down. Hahaha.”

Seung-ho proudly stood against one wall with a mop.

- Quest complete!

I cleaned the store neatly

Reward: 5 points

“It's Mommy!"

Seungho was furious and missed the handle of the mop.

‘Oh, I can't get used to this spear. What, did you break a quest? ’

You press the X mark on the translucent window and pick up the falling mop. I was still curious about the point.

I clicked on the icon on the far left of the icon on the right, thinking I was cheating.

- Talent Window

Name: Seung-ho Choi

Job: High School Student

Height: 162cm (+ -)

Weight: 95kg (+ -)

Strength: 5 (+ -)

Agility: 3 (+ -)

Health: 2 (+ -)

Intelligence: 7 (+ -)

Appearance: - (+ -)

Charm: - (+ -)

You have: 5

Unlike before, I noticed a plus and minus sign next to various stats.

You can't control this? ’

It's worth a hundred.It's best to try it yourself.


After taking a deep breath, the trembling hand pressed the plus button that appeared next to the appearance.

The + button was pressed twice, but the ability still did not change in -.

‘Then so be it. ’

I thought I was fooled and tried to turn off the stats window, but I felt sorry for the 'Hold Points: 3’ box at the bottom of the stats window.

‘But let's try all of this first. ’

The key I thought was the one that flew the most. Yeah, well, the key won't fly right away.

‘The remaining point is the myrrh bread. ’

After hitting the plus button next to the key three times, the key written in the abilities window immediately changed to 165cm.

It's changing.

Seungho stands in front of the mirror inside the convenience store.

‘It might be a little big. ’

I feel like I'm getting something bigger, but I'm not sure. But the truth is, there is a sadder fact if you are big.

‘How ugly is he? Even if he invests points, he doesn't intend to change from negative. ’

Even if the dice are real, they are sad and even if they are fake, they are sad.

“Never mind. Let's just put this mop away before the guests arrive. ”

Seung-ho sighed and entered the staff room. He usually didn't even touch his head with the sign on the door that said "No Trespassing," but today his head was covering the base of the letters written on the sign.

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