"All right, Kanan, stand there with your business card at the end."

Seniors point to the conch wall next to the tavern as it perfectly demonstrates the intoxicating tangle.

I took out my own business card, wondering what I was going to do. Confirm the two strings with Migaya Urban Development Co., Ltd. and Takakusu Tenyin (Aya).

"Put your business card in front of your chest. I'll take a picture of you."

"Aren't you like a prisoner?

Or something like that, while I bring my business card in front of my chest just like my senior said, I'm also quite drunk.

The senior denied my words with a laugh.

"What are you talking about? If you take a souvenir photo of the first time you've set up an agreement with the person who gave you that card, you're not gonna hit it."

Is it like taking a souvenir photo? Completely drunken tense.

But I didn't do anything to stop my boss from snorting at us because of what he said.

Me too, I know seniors are happy with my big handles today, so I'll try to do pieces and stuff in front of the smartphone that seniors set up.

A senior with a smartphone as a delight opens his mouth.

"Besides, the company prisoner is just fine. It feels like an exemplary prisoner."

It's ruined.

My boss seemed to have something to think about this, too, and he pinches his mouth with a bitter smile.

"Prisoner, you are."

"Then you're a slave to destiny."

Speaking of which, I felt like it was useless to say anything to seniors going on the ground.

For what it sounds cool, a few minutes or better?

My boss looks at me next to a senior taking pictures on a smartphone toward me.

Naturally because the three of us had been drinking until just before, but my boss's face was also red enough to tell as soon as there was alcohol in it. Tomorrow will be a hangover for sure.

But the boss showed his face for work all the time.

"You did a great job today, Gao Nan. Again, it's a real deal."

When they said it with a tight face for work, it lit me up as soon as possible, and I missed my gaze. Seniors demand a camera gaze.

It was only at twilight last year that the story of the development project around the station in this city called Kaoji was brought up.

I have been seconded to gain practical experience in this development project that Sangaya Urban Development Co., Ltd., to which I belong, has been working in partnership with the city.

My boss complimented me on the agreement to demolish and redevelop the building near the station I installed today.

"It was really a big deal to dictate the rights holders of that building."

"It's like I was just discussing it because my senior was looking into my management."

"You've been through this many times since you joined the company. I had estimated about two weeks, but I didn't expect to attach an agreement in half a day. You did a really good job."

Now I can largely afford the plan, my boss laughs.

"The day after tomorrow is a meeting at City Hall to report on progress. I'll have a little talk with you too, so be careful not to delay."

"Yes, I'll be careful"

I'd be badly impressed if I was late for a city meeting here. You have to be careful.

A taxi arrived just fine as the senior who finished taking the picture stuck his smartphone in his pocket.

"I'll send the note later."

Funny. Weird. Edited. With a shiny smile that seemed like a sign. Seniors promised to get in the cab.

"Kaunan, aren't you going to take a ride?

"It's the other way around, and I thought I'd stay at the hotel already today"

"Right. Go home with care."

"- On the way home, the truck hit me and reincarnated the other world."

Seniors addicted to Lanobe from inside the cab draw strange attention.

The taxi vanished into the street at night when his boss boarded him when he said he was going to drive a senior-in-jeopardy to his house alone.

I'll drop off the cab, then I'll walk out after the tavern.

Sometimes tomorrow is the day off, and because of the occasional drink, if you want to be swayed by a full train now, it will cause catastrophe.

We're lucky to be staying at a hotel for the day.

The hotel near the station is still open, even though it will be demolished by the development plan.

"Maybe we could spend another night near the station when we're done."

Looks like you'll enjoy it in a before-after-the-sales way. I feel even more so because I am involved in development planning.

I almost loosened my mouth by helping with the drunkenness.

I also have to thank my senior.

I owe it to the material my senior made that convinced me of the rights holder in this building, and it was also the senior who still created the opportunity for me, the chick, to talk to the rights holder, albeit in my third year of employment.

I haven't had a good job yet, but the seniors were also surprised that I installed the agreement in half a day.

The seniors had drunk too much only today without a pattern, because they were as happy as I am that I installed the agreement in half a day, and it is usually me who is transported by taxi.

He's a sweet senior, but he's not sweet, and he does not only oral explanations of how to teach his work, but he even does practical training things like time to think and today. Even seniors will have jobs, and instead of showing disgusting faces at all, they will be happy to grow like they are today.

Realizing that I was blessed, I stepped into a street with a hotel.

"I knew there was no one there."

That's why the development project was planned.

Look at the idle streets and stop your legs. There are taverns and stations within walking distance but no one is there because this path itself is difficult to use.

Pedestrians and bicycles are dangerous and not close because the roads next to them, which run in parallel, do not have sidewalks, even though there are many cars coming and going.

The street facing this hotel, connected to such a street, is a one-way street, and I don't want a car in either.

Let's say it's a dead space for traffic, the street facing this hotel is a difficult location for everyone to get into.

A development plan was developed to improve the flow of people in the vicinity of Kamiji Station, where the dead space of this hand is located, inhibiting the movement of people.

- And I guess this is how the meeting starts the day after tomorrow.

Walk towards the hotel, simulating a meeting in your brain.

Thinking he was also concerned about the low number of street lights, he found a vending machine. There is no such thing as the sadness of a vending machine nestled in a deserted street.

"If you say so, you're thirsty."

I guess the only reason I talk to myself a lot is because I'm drunk again.

Or you're thirsty because you drank too.

I put a coin in the vending machine and dare to push simultaneously after a little confusion as to whether to buy water or tea.

I heard a gacon and a pet bottle fall.

Put your hands in the inlet. I didn't know which one came out without bringing a pet bottle in front of me because of the low number of street lights.


Do you swear to drink tea when it is refreshing, when it is healthy, and when it is beautiful? It is a commercially famous tea.

When I twist the cap, it sounds cuddly and opens.

After a sip, I noticed that I was thirsty more than I thought.

Leave your back to the vending machine, leave it to momentum and drink nearly half of it.

"Oh, calm down"

Praised for his work, he gets his senior and boss to luxury his liquor and thus settles down and drinks tea alone on his way home. I'm kind of just a little happy. Cold night breezes like cutting yourself in the winter also make you feel good about your body lit by alcohol.

You'll be busy with a lot of things from the day after tomorrow, but I feel good about including that...

"Did you drink too much?

I feel dizzy for a moment and hold my forehead.

I suppose I kept it down and drank it so I couldn't get to the seniors who were drinking it at a high pace.

Looks like you should check into the hotel early.

The moment I thought so and got my back off the vending machine, I lost my strength from my leg.

I rush to the approaching concrete ground and poke my hand. A pet bottle off hand bounces small once on the ground, zeroing the contents onto the road.

As he gazed at the destination of the rolling pet bottle, the vending machine's intake came into view.

A tea pet bottle remained inside without being removed.

No way, I reach inside the intake mouth.

The tea in the intake mouth that touched my fingertips was as hot as it was.

In the middle of winter in the season, why is it so warm, even though what an abandoned pet bottle of tea is supposed to get cold so quickly?

That stuff, it's decided because I just came out of a vending machine.

Vision is anointed with black from the edge.

I remember a long time ago when cans and pet bottles containing poison were left in the intake of vending machines were popular.

I don't think so, but were you involved in such a classic indiscriminate case?

A rolled, nearly drunk pet bottle turns to the bottom here.

"Ha, got hit..."

There is a serohan tape on the bottom. After a small hole in the bottom and mixing in the poison, I guess I blocked the hole with tape.

In the closing sight, the faces of seniors, bosses, and the rights holders of the building we discussed today come to mind and disappear.

Though this job has just begun.

I would like to continue this work more.

No matter how much I screamed in my heart, my consciousness was ruthlessly anointed with black.