Window Memories - Old Heroes

Introduction to characters

Here's a quick introduction to the characters.

If you have homemade illustrations on board, but don't want to break the image, please illustration off, or skip it.

There's just a little bit of crap, so I don't want to shy away from that either, and you keep going to the next story. GO.

By the way, some of the illustrations were written with a lump and a ballpoint pen on the back of the flyer after looking at my spare time, so it's a mess of resolutions and stuff.


Especially cool old man found it hard to draw this time. orz

It's not uni like this!

Geo looks more like O-O!

... If you wait, I'd love for you to draw.

Finally, I'm ecstatic that it comes with permission to publish illustrations.

Duh, there's your husband and daughter!


Geo Urma (42)

Level 6 (Intermediate) Adventurer of the Guild in the City of Lustal.

Job is Ranger.

I've been an adventurer for over 20 years, and I've cut out for that lack of talent, and I'm thinking it's time to retire.

The fortune is there and I bought a uni to make me look after my retirement...... but it looks like I've seriously fallen in love lately.

Fate changes from getting lost in a certain dungeon at a rookie workshop I took on as my last job.


Uni Crowbail (22)

I was born in a slave trader because my mother was a slave.

She is raised as a high-end slave because of her appearance, but develops silence before the buyer comes along.

A few years later it was established that he would die, so he was bought off by Gio at the discard.

He is now fully healed thanks to Gio and is working as a magician as a party member of Gio.

Slightly, I tend to be too dependent on Geo.

Cooking arms are pro-face losers.


Ruff Wolfe (14)

White werewolf girl. The so-called Chemo ear frame.

There is a tendency to recognize those who are strong because of their racial characteristics as leaders of the flock.

Combat style is a double axe style that holds a handax in both hands.

Its combat ability is unusually high given its age.