Strictly chose the second way.

She didn't happen, returned to the garden.

I want to eat something first, press the depression of the heart.

"My future hostel, you are too unauthorized." Suddenly, a serious man sounded.

She turned, Cheng Father stopped at the place where she was less than one meter.

"Business things, I don't understand." Yan Yan said the truth.

"The female star seems to be very good at communication." Cheng said.

"Not all female stars are a personality, and I am not enough to be called a female star. The actor is my profession, and it is only different from other careers." Yan Yizhen is not humble.

Cheng Cheng's eyebrows: "You are not a female star? Why?"

"Strictly speaking, it can be called the star, and the exposure rate and the amount of fans are required, but also the business value."

"You are modesty in front of me?" Cheng Qi asked.

Strict smile, "uncle, do you think I have this necessary? I can't be a female star worth 100 million. I can call the wind in the fan group. In the public, the scenery is unlimited, so maybe you can look at me high. "

Wen said, Cheng Father flashed a singular look.

At this time, his assistant came over and took a few words in his whisper.

Cheng Cheng is ready to leave, before leaving, he said to Yan Yan: "Tomorrow, at 11 am, you come to me."

Yan Yue is not asked, he has turned around.

She thought she didn't understand what she had to find her, but she didn't put it in my heart, the soldiers will be blocked, and the water is masked.

After waiting for a while, she finally saw that Si Rui came out, accompanied by an assistant from Cheng Yuming.

If she is now looking for Si Rui, Cheng Yuming will know.

She gave Cheng Yun a message, saying that her mother is temporarily, and it is necessary to go home.

When the Si Rui returned to his apartment in the city center, just out of the elevator, I saw Yan Yan stood outside the door.

"Are you?" The Si Rui greatly surprised.

"Do not ask me to sit it?" Yan Yan eyebrow.

The Si Rui came to the door, micro-stop pace, "it can go, but the outset, if you are in any accident, and I do not have any relationship."

Yan Yan smile: "Why so nervous."

Yan Yan with her into the house, the house is furnished with style Yan Yan imagine almost, simple, solemn, neat and tidy.

A person living alone at home improvement style most likely to reveal her heart to such a character the Si Rui, how could a man cried and begged a change of heart.

But she will not discount the means to win.

So those who show weakness, those setbacks, but all she means it.

Yan Yan sit ink leather sofa, straight to the point, "I do not beat around the bush with you, Tell me, what you would have wanted the musicians to play a video?"

YU Si Rui quietly watching her, "You have not seen?"

"I met Wu Ruian video, not in your hand?" Yan Yan asked directly.

The Si Rui micro stunned, his eyes passing hint of sneer, "I do not know what you say."

"You know good, do not understand, or" Yan Yan is also a serious stare at her, "You just know, as long as you've done something, leaves a trace."

"If you want to fight, I am willing to fight." Yan Yan got up to leave.

Until they come to the door, and only the Si Rui aloud: "Yan Yan, why do you want to grab Cheng Yi Ming and hold it?"

Yan Yan laugh: "Why should I put it?"

To tell the truth, "Cheng Yi Ming done so much for me, I was very moved, I had to think, not to pursue everything you do, do not let Cheng Yi Ming embarrassed caught in the middle, I can do something for him."

But "if you have been out of things, I can not compromise."

"Do you really think Yi Ming loves you," the Si Rui chuckle, "One day you will understand why he keep up with you."

Strict heads don't leave.

She is not there, but when the enemy said this, the best reaction is uncomfortable.

As for the heart, it is impossible to say that it is impossible.

Going home, time is early, Dad is sitting on the couch and drinking tea watching TV, is there a small song.

Seeing her coming in, Yan Dad squatted, and the happy look was stiff.

Strictly feel how sinful it is back, and the mood of Dad is ruthless ...

"Xiao Yan?" Mom was also surprised, this evening, she should not appear here.

It is not invited by the rule of a woman's parents tonight, but they know that they are all officially confirmed, so they are very happy.

"Xiaoyu," Yan Ma is going down and down, "You ... what happened, you won't be bullying?"

"", Yan Dad will put the teapot on the table. "I know that they are unfortunately."

"Don't be excited, I am good," Yan Yue came to Dad, "I just miss you."

"Good end thinking about us?" Yan Ma asked.

"I ... I think I am getting married, I can't bear you, so I will come back." Yan Yong's eyes are red, "said, tonight so happy," I don't invite you! "

Yan Ma shake his head: "Xiaoyan, you have to change this, although marriage is a new home, but not to leave the old family, then say, I have decided to stay in A City, after you want to come back later. Can."

"Mom, you are the best." Yan Yue hugged his mother.

Yan Dad whispered, "Don't I do it?"

Strict smile, reach another hand to hold Dad, "I have the best parents under the day."

Some, "" "in the stomach looks.

Strictly embarrassed belly, "Today, he greeted guests and didn't take care of your stomach."

"The best mother under the sky, go to your daughter to do something." Yan Dadheng.

The whole family laughed.

Yan Ma made a bowl of beef clear soup "face", this noodles are all tofu fuse.

Strictly eat the whole bowl, think about the banquet high-sugar food, or the meals made by my mother can hold it.

"Mom, I invite you to do my full-time chef?" She said, "the kind of salary."

Yan Ma hum, "I want to use money directly to open it with you?"

"This is different, my chef salary is the company's additional."

Yan Ma is heard, "Is it equal to earning your company?"

Yan Dad, the nose, "the best mother in the world, the full amount of money is money."

Worse, Yan Dad did not go to this stalk.

"Don't want money to think?" Yan Ma, "he can earn money, can also take care of the daughter, is it bad?"

"You really hurt her, wait for her and Cheng Yuming to get married, let us move with her daughter."

After finishing, he also said, "I see who dares to bully my daughter."

Strict looks at the look, in fact, she has always had this idea, just worry about my parents.

"Parents, are you really willing to move with me?"

The mother is difficult, "We are of course willing, I am afraid that I am not willing."

"He dares!" Yan Dad blindly, "he disagree, I didn't marry him. There is a child, and the most child is born, I will raise another grandchildren."

Strict laugh, there is a layer of sour.

She really has the best parents under the world.

I stayed at home tonight, I don't want to go to the edge.

Before going to sleep, she put the mask replied to the news of the singer, and I have seen the Si Rui, but the mouth of the people is harder than the steel, and it is not open.

There is a new fear of Yu Yuan, who does not grasp this opportunity to be strict, and there is a bigger conspiracy on the probability.

Strictly let Yu Yuan don't worry, I'm going to two intended. She and Cheng Yumao can't get married, or she and Cheng Yumei broke up.

She has seriously thought of these two consequences, she is able to bear ... Although I think about it, she will suffer, but she will not really do stupid things.

So, she will not be all-day, but they do their own work according to the class.

She washed away the mask and was ready to sleep. At this time, the mother knocked on the door.

"Mom?" Yan Yue.

Dad is not going to sleep early?

"Your dad is already asleep," Yan Ma sat into her quilt, "I have something to ask you."


"You tell me the truth, what happened to you and Yuming?" Yan Ma's face is serious, "I can ask for white rain, but about your things, I still want to hear you."

"Mom," Yan Yan is very helpless, "I have something to go home. If this is, I don't dare to come back later."

"Xiao Yan, mother does not have cardiovascular disease, you don't worry."

"I don't worry, the problem is that I really don't say anything."

Strictly, "Okay, I will finish it, do you go to sleep?"

"You know," Tonight, she also went tonight, but I invited, "she took a deep breath," I want to come with her, I don't want to let the schedule are difficult to do. "

"What did she do there?" Yan Ma asked.

"Nothing, everything is very stable, Cheng Yuming said a few words with her." Yan Yue exhale, "Mom, you are also a woman, can you understand my mood?"

"I invited to think about the past, in fact, I really want to see it. Cheng Yuming is indifferent to her, and I will be disappeared!" I can show that Cheng Yuming forgot the former.

But he doesn't understand the girl, don't understand the small gas in the atmosphere.

The atmosphere is done to others, because others are not the person she carefully, and who is the person who cares, who can do the atmosphere!

He nodded, she understands the hustle mood.

But no one has found out that there is a figure outside the door, and go to your bedroom.

"Xiao Yan, I am still the sentence," Yan Ma advised the strict: "Men, who are like boiled water, you must don't like it, give more time!"

"I am coming over, I understand the feeling of jealousy, look back, you will understand it a few times, he will understand."

Strictly taught, let my mother sleep.

Strictly squat on the pillow, and sink.

I finally flicked my mother.

"Have you heard it?" After the mother entered the house, he was carefully closed the door, and he asked.

Yan Dad was originally closed, and this will not be sleeplered, sitting now.

"Do you think that Xiaoyan has a few distinct efforts?" Yan Ma asked.

"All is the truth." Yan Dad said, seeing Yan Mom, he said: "The truth of the truth has countless truth, but Xiao Yan only told you very little part."

I heard the words, and Yan Ma was more stunned.