Your Memes Are Better Looking Than You

Chapter 1 I booked a marriage for you.

"I give you a book, book a marriage."

The drunken man is talking about it.

"What?" Gu Qiu did not smash his eyes and touched his sleep, pressing the mobile phone screen, time is at 4:30 in the morning.

The person of the phone has two sounds, drunkenness, not clear: "Child, I just gave you a marriage, good marriage, definitely the blessing of your eight generations."

Take care of the curtains and looked at the outer dark night sky, I feel that the eighth life in the mouth should be a lot of bad things.

Small to steal chicken, touching the dog, big murder and fire.

In the middle of the night, is this a ghost to him?

"Dad ... You tell me the truth, how much is you drinking?"

At 4:30 in the morning, the chickens were still in the dream, and they did not want to discuss this unmanned engagement problem.

His Dad is a screenwriter. When writing the script, it is a madness. I don't know if I don't know the outside world. Now he asked, it is probably the hand of the hand. I think I still have a son.

"Not much not much." Gu Her's big tongue, "Two bottles of white, mixed some, children, Dad is happy, finally found someone to take care of you, my colleague, you know, her son Like you, don't like little girl. "

"Dad, you are awake." Gu Qiu Yard's flowers in the bedside vase, "Your son, I am a traffic star, the traffic is understood?" Love me will paste. "

He is the main dance of the red head of the male group T.atw, the three-wire traffic small star, the traffic is still possible, and the black powder caught a bunch.

He rely on the flow of flow, let him fall in love, that is -

Broken financial road, killing parents.

Dad let him engage and have any difference between himself.

"You are all black powder, I have passed it." His dad did not eat this set.

"Black powder is also powder, who makes me don't ask." As a three-line traffic star, I didn't have a clear understanding of myself. "You tell me, who is married?"

Take a full evidence that this engagement object does not exist at all.

"It seems that what is looking for." Gu Yizheng, I can't think of it, "I seem to be a child who is not working, and he said that he didn't get on the game every day, but people are good."

He smoked and drunk, but he is not a bad boy.

Drunken logic.

"Hurry, give me back." Gu did not refuse, "our traffic has no love."

"Looking back, add a WeChat chat, beautiful love is to you ~" Gu Cai's voice was isolated on the other end of the signal, this sentence did not hear.

Gu did not hang, four tenth, this beautiful love dropped from the sky made him completely.

Time is close to five, and take care of WeChat, find the WeChat group of their group, and send a few good morning greetings.

[Love me, please give me money]: early morning!

[Love me, please give me money]: Today, you must be full!

Five o'clock did not arrive, there is naturally no one to take care of the group.

Take care of the glass of water, more and more felt that he couldn't be white so early, so he opened a circle of friends, edited a good morning, with a group of people who used in a group, and the cup .jpg.

There are several gods in the group, and the powder has been played in the electric competition. It also groups to see the competition for the river. Several people have become the same day in the group, and they are not followed. There are many emoticons.

Probably a single time, I feel eyebrows.

Take a lot of time, I have been to the group a few times, I can't say it for the Jiang Xi, I can only say it is aware, but he likes the expression package of Jiang Xuan, usually often chatting. use.

"Early worms were eaten by birds, oh."

With map, Jiang Xiuri people .jpg.

"Brother." Someone privately chatted him, "Wake up so early?"

This is the pool cloud that is the same as the edge of the group.

[Love me, please give me money]: My dad suicide marriage, I can't sleep.

[Keep the clouds to see the moon cake]: Don't sleep, my brother gives you some stimulation.

[Love me, please give me money]: What is exciting?

The pool cloud opened the screenshot of a Weibo hot search.

Guou did not quit WeChat, opened Weibo, and sure, he and the pool clouds opened two people in the hot search.

Take care of the legendary pool cloud to open the C bit

Then it is a stimulus, it is a stone hammer.

Gu did not have to grab the C bit, this is not curious, so he poked his hot search, hanging on the top is a video, the clip is a fragment of the variety "wandering together" .

That is a variety that takes care of the records recently recorded.

In the video, the seven guests of the wandering group came to the streets of Jiangnan ancient town. They did not have a clear text. They need to complete the task to take food, and they have a missing task, which is an old grandmother to study embroidery on the ancient town.

In this clip, he hits the embroidered on the table, and ran out in the studio in the eyes of the old man.

The post-text: too difficult, cry. JPG.

After the latest variety of variety of broadcast, this immediately worsened black powder, the whole net black and his quality is low, and the hardworking netizens have forgotten the hardships of 996. Once the night, overtime, don't give it. Hot search.

Netizen 1: You look at him, when you are young, I am afraid that there is no living, and I haven't eaten over bitterness. Is there so difficult? Do you want to do it.

Netizen 2: , , late!

Netizen 3: T.atw is dissolved, our captain Fu to stop the brother single flight, do not want to see that I didn't want to be uncomfortable, my brother.

In a group of people, it also incorporates several small fans who are unsaccounted.

Netizen 4: Shooting, there may be any special reasons, he usually is very polite, so that the clip is easy to misunderstand, my brother is very warm, please don't misunderstand him.

Netizen 5: Little cute is just 18 years old, many things he still don't understand, we apologize, please don't be tolerant.

But this small part of the people who got the unscrupulous powder, immediately by the group of angry netizens to lose their self.

Netizen 7: Past man, but take care of this practice is really not happy, fans are squatting, don't wash it there, is it very defeated?

Netizen 8: Just, not I said, "Wandering" program group what I thought, look at the traffic on the body, and I didn't really have any kind of kind.

This editor microblog sent by a large V was forwarded the comment of tens of thousands, and the things that did not have a variety of art were so hot.

Gu closed the Weibo interface, completely awake, he got up to wash, the people in the mirror were red, obviously the lack of sleep. He finished, wearing clothes, returning to the bed, just received a phone call from the broker Zhao.

"Wake up?" Zhao Jie short, "Did you see hot search?"

"Wake up, Zhao Sister is early." The voice of the unneaff eliminates nasal sound, "Sorry."

The child's voice is soft, and there is no temper. Zhao Ya is a lot of fire. I can't send it: "The car is under the dormitory floor, you hurry, the magazine cover has taken an hour in advance, Mu Yue Waiting for you in the car. "

"Well, I know, thank you Zhao Sister." Gu did not catch the mirror, simply grabbing the hair, putting a coat, rush down the building.

The studio shot of the magazine in the waterfront, a babysitter stopped on the floor, two people with sunglasses, and the bodyguards followed by the two.

"Brother, don't you train today?" Jiang Ying took down the sunglasses.

Jiang Xiang shakes his head: "No, I just finished the game last week, tomorrow's team went to Europe to vacation, today, there is a professional player's interview."

Jiang Xue, FPS game "Code" Classist Captain Star Team TMW, leading the team to achieve a number of honors in the professional league, playing the law, commanding and decisive, by netizens as looking for god.

Jiang Xuan's interview location must pass through the magazine studio, and the studio is carrying out the event. Jiang Xijun is going to the past, and the result heard the younger brother river shadow yin and yang strange.

Jiang Xu: "?"

"Three o'clock direction." Jiang Ying pointed to the front, "I didn't see it, that is my home, black material is more than me."

Jiang Ying has a family, and Jiang Xi is known, but he is busy with the team on weekdays, and it is too stunned in the entertainment circle, and it is not much related to him. Since it hits today, Jiang Xuan also looked at the direction of the river.

At this point, the Jiang Xu stopped and stopped.

The "home" in the younger brother, is ongoing the shooting of the cover of the e-sports magazine. The little star wears a camouflage, and the face is wiped two oils, leaning against a armored vehicle, shoulder a sniper gun props, Various cameras around him keeps talking to him.

The first impression of Jiang Xue is that this little star's eyelashes are very long. It is very good to look at the original peach blobbenge, look good, and the lip is exquisite.

The little star looked at the lens, carrying the props that looks very heavy, and strives to make "efforts" momentum according to the requirements of the photographer.

In the Jiang Xue, the little star is not only not strong, but also milk is fierce.

"You have been." Jiang Xian Yang's lips, "Can you be your home?"

"Is 18 years old and one month old?" The brother Jiang Ying is not convinced. "After 00, he is a small, and it is usually like it, and the black material is more than me."

Jiang Xuan is not available.

"What is his name?" Jiang Xuan asked.

"Gu, look back, the future is not." Jiang Ying said, "I went to take pictures, I actually put me behind the home."

The eyes are too familiar, so that Jiang Xue is a long time ago.

At that time, their team had just won the seven consecutive victories, and the teammates pointed at someone on the audience to let him see -

"The child has come, and always stare at you, it is your powder."

The child wore a hat and mask, and the eyes of themselves were so strict, and the eyes that were only looked too well. Jiang Xue stared at the audience a long time.

The eyes, Jiang Xue is not forgotten.

Jiang Ying saw that his brother did not move, and retired back, pointed to the Gu, did a summary: "So, brother, remember this face, this is your brother, Jiang Ying's home, home What is, after this, the entertainment circle is not him, it is me. "

If you have a place to find something: "You die."

Jiang Ying was shocked and pointed to his face. "I died?"

Who is your brother?

"Don't worry, I have grieved." Jiang Xi Zhiqi Yang Yang Yang is raging, "The child seems to be my powder, my powder."