Your Memes Are Better Looking Than You

Chapter 91 Outside the 1st birth

A scenic area film and television city, the crew is carrying out a film of an costume film.

"Three, two, one." The number of staff members, "Okay, from!"

Guarding the costumes in the costumes, in the air, in the air, the sword in the hands of the sword, the sword in the hands of the sword.

The angle flew, said to the lens two paragraphs.

The surrounding group is inverted according to the director, and it is unstable with Wiya in half an air.

"Okay, after." The director is very satisfied with this shot, "the eyes are in place, the action can be, and it will be very good at the later stage."

Take care of the dance skills, the movement of the action, the face is also good enough, the progress of the acting is rapid, the director is quite strict, not only asked the actor to move in place, the sound is also

To use the original sound, he has always been very satisfied with the lens.

"No you play in the afternoon, let's take a break." Director said.

"Come, wipe the sweat." Assistant Mu Yue delivers the paper towel, "Drinking water?"

Take care is not being hurt by the percentage of the pressure. When I came down, I took two steps and wirate the sweat of cheeks.

His role is not the protagonist, there are not many words in the play, but every time they come to create a gentle fairy, that is, ten plays need to hang.


Listening to the broker said, this is a very good role. Although it is not the protagonist, it is hard to have a hard work, but people have joining, the character circle powder, and it is very good.


"Brother, deputy director just praised me, saying that the progress of the acting is very fast, very aura." Mu Yue gave the mineral water to take care of it. "He said that you first tried

Waiting, the line is obviously unable, but now it is much better. "

"I have to practice more." Gu did not laugh, "and everyone is still far away."

"It is already very good." Mu Yue can't see him modest, "You are less than twenty years old, and there is no future."

This is the case, and you can feel it.

He has said that he likes to play, and Jiang Xuan also said that it is necessary to find someone to teach him. If you don't listen to it, I have forgotten it, but I didn't expect Jiang Xi to find people.


The Dajie Emperor Jiang is teach, can you learn?

Three months ago, the concert of the T.atw just ended, Jiang Xue did not bring back home, saying that he learned a play.

Jiang Xue, his Dad, I'm particularly pleased, Jiang Xi's downtime game, Jiang Ying Shen faihuan routine, home is hard to shoot, naturally know what you know

Western taught himself.

At this time, I can only hear the voice of my father's speaking, in the living room, in addition to this, Song Yuxi is playing the game, Jiang Xi is holding the computer.

Dozens of small numbers on the slippery.

"What are you doing?" Gu Yixian did not ask Jiang Ying.

From the beginning, Jiang Ying's small keypad did not finish, and he was in the same time.

"Jiang Enyuan, the goods, no hammer." Jiang Ying was disappointed, "he was so bad when he was black, and he was brittle, and the black material on this is not put.

After finishing, he will cool, I haven't played enough yet. "

"Your hobby, quite special." Gu is not commended.

"It is not worried to Cheng Tian." Song Yuxi sidedly, he felt, "But our home is casual, doing your favorite things, no you have,

Don't be cautious, you like to shoot, we absolutely support. "

Since the Song Yuxi, from the Jiang Xi, after the experience of the last time, I feel very bad, I have to buy this five or five places, I don't say that I have to take care of it.

Waiting for it.

"What?" Jiang Xi Xi's computer screen of Jiang Ying, "What is your hard disk? Take 5 G, Jiang Enyuan 20 g, that label 50

Who is g is? Do you have 50 black black materials? "

Take care: "..."

Who is, there is such a honor.

Jiang Ying closed with a laptop: "Nothing is nothing, personal hobbies, not worth mentioning."

"When you are, you can get the certificate? The light is not allowed to license, so anxious." Jiang Ying one hundred and eighty-degree conversion topics, "The majority of netizens hurts to my Weibo, consciously

One point, microblogging show, then sun the marriage certificate, is this kind of thing to teach you. "

"Waiting for this movie, it is not busy at the end of the year." Jiang Xue said, "What are you eager?"

"What should I think about the wedding." Song Yuxi also said, "We have not been the best."

These are things that are three months ago.

In the movie crew, take care of the makeup, change your clothes, and received the phone.

"The end is over, the door is waiting for you." Jiang Xue said, "Remember to wear it."

The number of people in Jiang Xirai is a lot. Every time I come, I will give the creed a lot to eat, and the time has long been, and the people in the crew will ask not to find

It's not coming today.

"It hurts not hurts?" Hui did not get on the bus, and Jiang Xu began asking.

Wellness is not a matter of easy things, in order to pursue elegant and light effects, the unique costumes are very thin, and they often have been prevented by the right to rope.

Piece. When I bullied people, I didn't dare to force when I bullied people. I don't know if I am distressed because of dissatisfaction. I have complained several times.

"One point." Nou did not say.

"Today, take my mother," Jiang Xu said, "said that it was a dumplings, let us go back."

"Okay." Nou did not say.

Take care of time, occasionally time, returning to the Jiang Xue's own residence, rarely come to Jiangjia, so the bedroom for Jiang Xi is very curious.

"What are you watching?" After dinner, when I went into the house, I found that I didn't have a photo album on his bed.

"Take a look at our" loneliness "long." Gu did not smirk, turned over, "Mom just gave me."

This photo album records the river to find a small to a big process, and Song Yuxi pays attention to this, and will make Jiang Xi and Jiangying each year.

Gu, did not shoot this kind of photo of this type of record, see Jiang Xi, I feel very interesting.

"This photo ..." Take care of the hand of the photo album on one of them. "Where are you shooting, feel good."

"Which?" Jiang Xu sat up to the side of the defending, took a photo of the people who did not turn out, "Ah, this is."

On the photo, Jiang Xijun has just passed, the photo is taken in a small restaurant, and his surroundings are his teammates.

"At that time, TMW has not yet played, we can't do it, then we don't have anything." Jiang Xuo did not explain, "this small restaurant is good

Like nine, there is no achievement, and everyone is very lost, and the big winter is a small restaurant, saying that it is slow. "

"Nearby Near Near?" Gu did not hear the familiar school name, "Then I said you."

Three years ago, Jiang Xun was 21 years old, and he was not sixteen.

The 16-year-old Gu did not, at the end of the senior semester, at the same time got his own final transcript and hospital diagnostics.

Mild depression and difficulties in falling asleep, gradually affect him, doctors' recommendations are short-term hospitalization, Gu Cai's suggestion is to find someone to talk about people in entertainment.

And take care of yourself, I still want the college entrance examination.

He wore the school uniforms in Jiuzhong, stared at the end of the small restaurant at the end of his final transcript, next to the table, sitting four big people.

"Okay." Sone of the end table said, "Don't be lost, how can I see there is no spirit of this piece."

Take care of the head, and I didn't care about the wall table.

"The good-looking younger brother." The person who just said rushed to him, "Come and help us take a photo."

The other party handed him to him, and the mobile phone's lanyard was smashed with a small Pichu.

The other party seems to be a long time, and there is still like Pikachi.

He took the consciousness and pinched it, and the pendant could also issue the sound of "Pikapika".

He looked at the lanyard on the mobile phone, holding his mouth smile, lowing a whole day, suddenly turned over.

"Like it, look good." The other party said, "help us take pictures of your brother."

Gu did not do it, so, it seems that these two tables have a good mood.

"Good-looking younger brother, what is your name?" Asked the person him taking pictures.

"My name is, take care ..." When I didn't put it on the table, he nodded him, laughing, and took the phone to pick it up.

When I went back, the few people in the end table had left, and in his position, a cup of milk tea was put, the boss said it was the person who just sent him.

The milk tea in the small restaurant is normal, the sugar is too much, sweet and getting tired, sitting there, after drinking a whole cup of milk tea, gradually be less uncomfortable in my heart.

I thought that I didn't think about it, I didn't think it's so difficult.

"It's been a shot." In the room, Jiang Xiyu has a little unexpectedly looked at the photos that were later printed.

"I didn't think it." Gu did not laugh, "At that time I gave a photo, it turned out to be the future TMW."

"I didn't expect it." Jiang Xun said, "I didn't have to come and tell my name, it is the future when the red traffic star."

It turned out that when they had not entered the public's sight, they had met when they were ordinary people.

When they are not yet dazzling, they have been warm.

Both people didn't expect that occasionally turned over the old photos, and they found such a coincidence between the two.

"It's not a coincidence." Jiang Xu picks up the album, "we are born."

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