"Cecilia, Happiness and Raven are late.

"I wonder if Mr. Raven's work has been lengthy."

It's been a long time since Happiness left.

Even if Raven's work is too long...

"I wonder if that Raven will keep Happiness waiting. I'm going to use the power of love to get my job done faster."

"That's sweet. Love doesn't diminish work, nor does it show superhuman abilities."

"That's what I can say because Soleil doesn't have a partner. A rational person like you, once you have a lover... you'll be able to finish your work as soon as you can."

"That's not how it happens....."

It's going to be okay.

Cecilia seems to agree with me.

Soleil is also surprised at this.

I didn't think Cecilia would agree.


And I made a stupid voice.

No, it's too unexpected...

Cecilia started telling me why while I was exposing my ass.

"Soleil has the same ability to act as Yoki. Apparently, I was obsessed with the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman and took a long detour, but it was solved. I found out in this case that it is a character that does not stop when I am interested. If Soleil shows up with a nice woman she wants to cherish... I don't think she'll miss it.

"... Cecilia is a terrible person. I was shaken once."

Fufu, Soleil murmured with a small smile.

You proposed to Cecilia.


"The opponent was this Black Thunder Magus Swordsman. I can't help it!

"Why not? The feeling that the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman was the opponent is now faint. For that reason, I was convinced today that I couldn't get between Yoki and Cecilia."

I don't remember doing anything so special today.

I bet you know who I am.

I'm not going to let you in... but I'm not going to.

"It's time for me to go home. It was dinner. Let me just say one last thing... it's bad to be unconscious."

"What about it?"

"So, the next time we meet, will we have a wedding? I'm looking forward to your invitation."

Don't throw the last bomb and go home.

I've lost all the board games... and I'm sorry, so I'll tell you what.

Bye. Next time I see you, show me walking with someone you care about. "

Reacting to my words, he turned his back and looked at us with only his neck moving.

"... I'll build a nice relationship like Yoki and Cecilia. Someone I haven't seen yet."

Hmm, Mr Soleil left behind.

Someone I haven't seen yet... hey.

"Does Soleil have any good friends around?

"I've never heard of it."

"According to my information, Soleil's party consists of three men and one woman. Garnett the red dot is Soleil's sister. Though Soleil has many fans, there is no information that there are women who are intimate with him."

I don't think he's caught up in Woodwin's network.

Still no one to see... Good luck, Soleil.

"Excuse me too. Cecilia gave me a good range of articles. I would never do anything that would bother you both. The identity of the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman is still pending....."

"Yes, please do."

"If you break a promise and leak too much secrets. I'll let you down from above with a black thunder of justice worthy of facing the sinner....."

"Shall we stop making noise and threatening?"


"Yes, it's okay. I had a deep and deep discussion with Cecilia."

Woodwan's eyes are swimming.

You certainly didn't need my nail penetration.

Seems Cecilia's done enough.

"Please let me cover it again!

Woodwan also left the house.

Busy guy, Woodwan looks like he's got a girlfriend at work.

Well, we can both go home and be alone with Cecilia.

"Yoki, I'm worried about Happiness and Raven. Why don't you two go pick him up?

I see. Let's go pick them up. "

Because it's not a date at night.

I'm just going to pick them up.

I went to both of them, relying on my ability to search for enemies.

I don't know what they're doing.

"If nothing happens, that's fine. Mr. Raven wasn't a detour, except with Happiness."

"I'd love to walk around the city at night with my lovers. Except for shopping for ingredients."

"That's right. Just a little detour."

Raven and the others predicted what was going on, and walked to the Knights' headquarters.

You came all the way from my house, but you didn't make it.

"Hmm, I didn't see the store where the two of you were supposed to be stopping by. Let's look for it."

I use it here to enhance my usual sense of convenience.

Now, where are you...?

I found it.

You're early.

I'm at a nearby tavern.

Is it a tavern? It's unusual. "

"If you go, you'll see why."

Take Cecilia to the tavern.

When I entered the tavern, I saw a lot of excitement, mainly Happiness.

"Er... this is..."

That's what I'm talking about.

I don't know what that means.

Happiness is singing my vows in the heart of the pub.

That's all.

All right, let's get a fist.

"... Yoki and Cecilia. I'm sorry, I don't think you picked me up because I didn't come to the house."

The disguised Raven was leaning against the wall with his arms braced.

I keep a certain distance, but if anything happens to Happiness, I'll jump right out.

I feel such a sign.

Let me ask you about the situation.

"What's the situation?

"... walking along the night road with Happiness, the drunkards who heard Happiness' nose sing asked for a song. Look, there's going to be a popular song recently."

"Oh, I know you well."

"... I said no, but I think Happiness is just the right thing to do in public."

Happiness is bad for people, it used to be traumatic.

Does Raven make you feel much better?

That's a good thing.

But singing my vows in public is not a good thing.

"... I want to give you my full support for Happiness's courageous step."

"I know he's funny, so I want to give Chop my best to the sky."

"... do you think I would allow you to hurt Happiness?"

"It's a family issue. I'll give my stupid sister a proper response."

Yes, that's it.

Cecilia stopped me and Raven from beeping.

"You can't really do this here. Mr. Raven, I know you're thinking about Happiness, but please don't take it easy on Youki. Youki-san cares too much."

"... I see. It got a little too hot without a pattern."

"Wait a minute, I don't give a shit. I don't care, bye!

Even though they don't know what I'm proposing, they're singing.

It's impossible to worry about it.

Don't you care about Cecilia?

"Youki-san cares. I... don't think it's a bad thing."


Cecilia says this situation, which is widespread throughout the country, is not bad.

Do you think it's okay if I die of agony?

"Just listening to this song reminds me of that night. Once in a lifetime... that sight and feeling you'll never experience again. Youki certainly made the best proposal that surprised me."

"No, it was a coincidence that it became a song...."

"There's no such coincidence. I'm sure it's because of Youki-san's edge somewhere."

"... Raven, it looks like this song started with a mermaid."

"... if that's what Yoki thinks."

I knew it, those two!?

I'm not sure, but did Shike-chan and Misaki do it?

I want to check with them, but I can't get in touch with them.

"You have an idea, right? That's what this is about."

I wonder if that's what this is all about.

"Even if Youki-san doesn't like it... I don't like the songs that are popular right now."

Cecilia won't be able to say anything if she tells you that.