Cecilia convinced me to accept the song.

So there's no punishment for Happiness.

"Nevertheless, Mr. Raven. How long will Happiness be singing?"

"... I don't know"

I don't know.

It's what my lover did, so keep an eye on when it's gonna end.

"There's a lot of enthusiastic cheering from the people around you. It's hard to pull Happiness out of that place."

Do it hard, Cecilia.

When I pushed out the audience and tried to get Happiness out, there was more excitement.

"Hey, what is it? Why are you cheering when the song has stopped?"

"I can see Happiness holding the sign. Probably because of that."


Convenient sensory enhancement, visual!

"What... let's celebrate with us. The moonlight, which was empty, tied the two of them in the dark waters on which they depend. I sing so many people will bless us both. Let's wish them both happiness."

Well, Happiness is for us...

"Hmm, that would be great!

He's definitely enjoying it.

"Bless me!

"Me too!

"Me too!

"Let's spread the song!

"Stop it!

Don't try to spread the word, don't make such a beautiful conversation.

"This makes the song even more popular."

Cecilia, don't be so happy.

"... even though Happiness was written, can you convey your feelings in a long sentence?"

Raven, if you're impressed to see your lover grow up.

"... singing"

You're not singing anymore!

Raven stopped me trying to stop Happiness.

Cecilia told me to watch, and I listened to Happiness' song with no heart.

I can't stand what happened...

"Hahaha... this is going to spread even further, my vows"

"... thank you"

"Well, thank you, Happiness...."

"... collapse?

"... leave him alone now, Happiness. Yoki seems to take time to recover. Recently, I was finally getting used to the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman."

Raven's right.

Even though Kitchen Two graduated and got used to it to a certain extent... I've made a new story.

I managed to get Happiness out on my way home.

I'm sure my back looks the smallest when I'm walking alone.

"... dinner"

"... oh, I'm looking forward to it. But it was much slower than I thought. It doesn't matter if it's simple."

"... do your best"

"... I see. Don't overdo it."

"... acknowledging"

The two of them are showing a steady figure.

I'm just talking about dinner.

A little happiness, Raven holding her hand gently around her shoulders.

I can't believe I'm trying to develop a world between two people.

After all, I gave Happiness a sanction chop....



Cecilia suddenly peeked into her face from the blind spot.

I was surprised because I was focused on my thoughts and relaxed.

"I was walking a little back. You won't be so surprised."

"No, just think about it....."

"to the extent that"

Cecilia seems to understand.

I feel a little cold in my eyes...

"Youki has an unexpectedly delicate side, so there's nothing to be ashamed of. I know you care. But I'm walking along the night road, so can you mind a little bit?

"You're right...."

This is a boyfriend disqualification case.

Raven's full, I'm red.

A situation where nothing can be said but an excuse.

Cecilia can't help being angry.

"I'm not mad at you."

"I didn't say anything."

"You don't have to put it in your mouth. You can see it in your face."

"Am I that simple?

"... honestly, there's a big difference between knowing and not knowing."

"Is that so!?

"Sometimes I get in trouble because of it. It was helpful this time because it was easy to understand. So I'm not angry."

No, I'm not mad at you.

I want Cecilia back somehow.

Watch Raven and Happiness walk ahead.

Wouldn't it be better to be a couple?

But even if you do the same thing, there's no trick... I see, I'm walking the night road.

"... why are you walking with your arms covered to protect me? And what are you on guard for?

"No, it's the night road, so be vigilant...."


Cecilia complains that she's joking, right?

I don't want to piss you off any more.

I need to think about what Cecilia might be happy about before I get home.

I don't know what to do... I can't increase my speed of thinking.

Cecilia laughed a little as she tried not to show any haste.

"After all, Youki-san is an easy person to understand."


"Here, I'll catch up with Raven and the others. I'm getting separated."

Cecilia pulls her hand and thinks as she runs.

I didn't know why I was in a better mood when I got home.

"I made Cecilia angry. Cecilia's mood got better even though I didn't do anything.... I wonder what that means."

"... you're asking me?"

When you get home, Cecilia and Happiness make Raven's dinner.

Raven and I decided to go for a consultation because we were free.

"Cecilia suddenly laughed when I was thinking of doing something to stop Cecilia from feeling better."

"... look at the look on Yoki's anxious face."

And he laughed.

"... I think it's highly likely. You know better about yoke than I do."

Raven follows me where it hurts.

That's right, if you don't know me.

"... well, I'm going to be a couple. You should know it slowly."

I see. Take the time, at Cecilia's pace with me. "

"... when you become a couple, you should avoid any prominent behavior by Yoki. Cecilia's reputation."

"Am I that soft?

"... you must be doing something remarkable. If we're going to get married, we have to announce that the Black Thunder Swordsman is a yoke. We should get married and have a peaceful life for a while."

"Maybe for Cecilia."

"... not just for Cecilia, but for both of us. Marriage is not about being alone."

Well, maybe I'm a little nervous.

"... rest assured. Me, too."

It is comforting to have a companion with similar concerns.

"I wonder if the kitchen will be sealed for a while after we get married. Do you normally accept requests?"

"... that's right, my job. You may want to take it from yourself, but you may want to turn in the appropriate request. What if the yoke moves freely?

Does Raven know about the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman's Forced Leave?

Isn't it too soon to turn to the information?

"... that's funny, but since I met Cecilia, Yoki has been running for not just herself, but for people she knew. There's no one here to complain about a break."

I don't know.

I don't think it's too early to take a break.

Later, the chat with Raven continued with dinner.

After all, Raven also saw the difference between Happiness and Cecilia.

Well, the reason is, Cecilia's food was eating like every day when she was traveling.

No, you said that the cooking duty was mostly Cecilia.

"... strong enemies"

Happiness was unusual and turned his mind against Cecilia.

Both were delicious.