Oh no, the wedding's over.

I was wondering what would happen for a while, but with Celia's help, Cecilia and I had a successful wedding.

"Yuga and Raven helped me blow up the mirror."

Mirror came to our wedding and challenged us.

The awakened Yuga and Raven didn't put me on the spot, they didn't do much damage.

Cecilia didn't get rough like Mikana, it was retrieved by the Knights.

"Andrei and Amy's wedding cake was amazing. Duke and Happiness cried.... no, thank goodness."

"Um... Youki-san"

Cecilia spoke to me modestly.

I wonder what you're reluctant to do.

If there's anything you want to hear, I want you to be clear.

"Something, Cecilia."

"... it's not over."

Cecilia shook her shoulders.

It seems a little angry.

"... sorry, I didn't hear you."

Cecilia raised her voice that I would still succumb.

"The wedding is coming!

"It's... right?"

Yes, nothing is finished yet.

Soleil, it hasn't been three days since Woodwan told me who he is.

I'm at home with Cecilia today and I'm having lunch.

That's when I made a speech that saved my time. [M]

"Why did you suddenly start the conversation in an atmosphere where everything was over? At first, I didn't know what it meant, so I had trouble responding."

That's right.

"Absolutely, your mother is doing well with the ceremony. From now on, our confirmation work will also come in. Well, it's our ceremony, so you can't throw everything round to your mother."

That's right.

"... Youki-san, are you kidding?

Yabbe, I bought Cecilia's anger when I just nodded back.

No, I'm not kidding.

"Pathetic story, there's me here scared for the wedding."

"Rest assured. I'm next door."

Well, then, I'll be fine.

Yes, that's the solution.

It was us who restarted lunch.

"No, no, you're solving my problem too quickly!?

We resumed lunch, didn't we?

How do you solve my problems from here on out?

"Is Youki not satisfied with me just being next door? Or I don't want to have a wedding. Some couples don't have ceremonies, and if Yoki wants them, it's fine."

"I want to mention the ceremony, and Cecilia is next door, and I'm satisfied."

"If you're satisfied, you won't be anxious. I am pleased to hear Youki say that. If you're still worried, I'll talk to you after lunch."


I knew I wasn't worried.

I didn't tell Cecilia to lie to you.

What is this moyamoya?

Assuming I'm not anxious.

Good luck, I'll always give you answers here.

I didn't know what was causing me, so I finished lunch in the sky.

"Clean it up, clean it up...."

"Wait, Youki-san. I need to talk to you before I clean up."

"No, troubleshooting is fine after the meal is done."

Because it is difficult to consult in a mess.

I was going to say no.

Today, the cooking is Cecilia, and it's my turn to clean up.

But Cecilia joined me in cleaning up, worried about me.

I'm about to cry.

Sitting face to face at a clean table... Cecilia's counseling has begun.

"Have you been sleeping lately?"

Soooo quickly. Especially when Cecilia is coming to stay. "

"Are you dissatisfied with work?"

"Recently, I was told to work too hard and solemnly."

"Are you feeling well?"

"Slightly healthy"

"Are you unhappy with your partner's marriage?"

"Not at all.... ah!?

The last question would have been the one you wanted to hear the most.

If I suddenly wonder what the question is, is that so?

"That's strange. I don't know where Yoki's anxiety comes from."

Hmm, Cecilia is roaring with her hands on her cheeks.

I like this kind of technique, and above all, you think about me personally.

I feel even more attractive.

"... you're not feeling well either."

"Oh, they found out?

"I can tell with my gaze."

"I'm sorry."

"No, I'm not angry. Instead, I'm relieved that I can recognise myself as a lover."

"That's why!?

I stuck to it by accident.

"I'm kidding. I won't tell you how far. So now you're talking about Yoki. Has anything changed recently?

"No, not particularly. Speaking of which, Soleil and Woodwan are here."

And then Raven and the others came.

Raven also tastes happiness... no, I could sort it out because I knew the taste of Cecilia.

"Raven and the others are here, right? I was talking to Raven while Cecilia and Happiness were cooking. When they get married, the cooks will weigh on themselves for a while."

That's it.

"What about the cook's double seal?

That doesn't make me blue.

Although teasing has decreased, it's time to graduate.

There shouldn't be any practice.

"That's not true. Youki-san thinks if she marries somewhere in her heart, she won't be free to do anything."

"Isn't that... obvious?

I wish I'd been a Black Thunder Magic Swordsman after I got married.

It's not just me, it's Cecilia.

It would be natural to weigh oneself.

"I'm prepared to propose. Cecilia's right. If I have a problem, I can fix it. That's why I have a good idea...."

"I'll handle this one."

Cecilia blocked me from planning for a long time.

"I'll take care of it....."

"Youki-san. Let's go somewhere before we get married. Alone."

Cecilia offered me a trip...

It is unusual for Cecilia to be so good.

This is where we have to do everything we can!

"All right, let's go. Alone. It's not a honeymoon. It's a pre-wedding trip!

Try not to be as clear as you can.

Let's let Kitchen Two out sometimes.

Protecting minimal manners... it's getting fun.

"When you proposed to me, Yoki went beyond my imagination and gave me the best gift. Now it's my turn to return it to Yoki."

"You don't have to be so upset."

"I think a honeymoon would be a pleasant trip for both of us. So this time, I'll try not to say anything about Yoki's behavior... but I'll be careful if it's too late."

"No, that's helpful. In many ways."

I want you to stop being completely careless because you can run wild.

"If that's the case, we'll have to make an appointment. I'll go home and think about it."

I was supposed to spend some time today, but Cecilia went back like that.

I suddenly missed you so I decided to go out.

I went to the store to shop for dinner.


"Hey, Yoki."

I ran into Yuga, who was coming to buy food.

Aren't you with Mikana?

I can't believe we're meeting here.

"That's right. Regardless of Yoki, I almost left the cooking to Mikana. I can't say that right now."

You discovered Mikana's pregnancy the other day.

Purchase of ingredients... is the household chores done by Yuga?

"I'm doing everything I can to keep Mikana out of this house. Mikana says she's still fine... but there's only so much I can do. Births are women's fights, and I'm an assistant. I don't think it's good to sleep, so I go out."

"You're alone today."

"I'm in trouble when I need my stuff. I'm anxious if my hands aren't in perfect condition. Except for Youki-kun, I'm sure I won't be late."

Yuga is also awakening more and more with her love for Mikana.

I don't think you need to worry about that.

"Ah, it's time to go home. I've got Mikana waiting at home for 24 minutes and 56 seconds."

"You're scary."

Because I'm usually afraid of counting time without a clock in seconds.

"I don't want to leave Mikana alone for more than 30 minutes. Now if you'll excuse me.... if anything happens, come and talk to me anytime!

Left behind, Yuga flew in the light of the Holy Sword.

... when the baby is born, he's going to wake up again.