I threw all my pre-wedding plans into Cecilia.

I'm just about to graduate from bachelor school...

"Whoa, I went that way!

I wasn't the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman, I was asked to do it as a yoki.

Purple bore that comes to vandalize the village's fields.

With my sense of smell, I can quickly find myself in the woods.

As the name suggests, the body is purple and poisonous, but it would be delicious if properly cooked...

Not alone this time, but with friends I can count on.

Yes, yes, I understand.

Duke blocks the exit where I've hunted him down.

"... restraint"

Happiness magically stopped me.


Seek raids from above the tree.

Apparently he was able to stab Dagger in a good condition, and Purple Bore screamed and fell on the spot.

"Yes, I've fulfilled my request."

It's easy to win.

"... I agree"

I'm not going to be a partner.

I can afford someone like this.

No, I'm sorry to call you so suddenly.

Grateful to the three while dragging the target Purple Bore.

I thought I might have an appointment, but when I asked them out, they were all available.

Sometimes it's unusual.

"I don't mind. It's not a bad idea to have four people together occasionally."

"... I agree"

Me too.

After all, these are the best of them... whatever.

"Hey, why are you dragging me alone, Purple Boar?

"I'm a little over-trained, and my arms are falling apart."

"... luxury, thin arms"

"I can't hold anything heavier than the nipples I use when I mix herbs"

... you see, they're the best.

It's the same as when the three of us joined together and made a fool of me.

Well, if that's what you want, I've got an idea.

"Duke... if you're too tired to train, why don't you ask Irene for an elf massage?


"Happiness... if that's why you can't hold your gorgeous thin arms, I'll train you. I think it would be nice to arm Raven with an arm that has become a kimchi. Raven's working out. Does that suit you?

"... strengthen, reject"

Seek is that. If you want to cook so much herbs, you should get along with Teal and Fiora. I'll play the story. "


Duke is touching his whole body about what he remembered.

I'm relieved that nothing happened, but... what have you done?

Happiness usually refused.

Remember the feeling of wearing Raven's arm, touching his arm.

Seek... seems to be struggling.

I seldom see troubled faces.

Ahahah... I've laughed and deceived you, but you're not laughing well.

... we're all starting to hold on to a lot of things.

When I was at Demon King Castle, I was just training and playing.

"We're growing up."

"The captain is the biggest grower. Graduated from a drawstring school!

"... reverse jade"

You've got a lot of friends too.

All right, just punish Happiness.

Don't say reverse balls.

We're making good money, too.

My identity... that's it, but I'm doing my best with my money.

I don't know Cecilia's deposits, so I can't say it strongly.

"... pervert"

Wow, Captain, you're a pervert.

You're a pervert. You're weird.

"I wonder why your unity is the best thing you can do when you make fun of me."

I want you to use it at a different time, but is it impossible?

Three people reacted to my stupid gaze and started talking with their eyes alone.

Secret talk doesn't make sense in front of me.

The three of them who have known each other for a long time are taking strange measures.

Duke opened his mouth as if he had just finished discussing his gaze.

"I knew the captain was a pervert, so I agreed with him."

"What are you talking about?

I was a fool to expect from Serious.

I feel like I want to pull myself down because I thought it was a little serious consultation.

I feel like I want to talk serious... at all.

"What's Duke gonna do now?

"Suddenly something"

I'm talking about getting along with Mr. Irene and working for the Knights.

"That's right... I don't have anything in particular I want to do. I wonder if Irene and I are still in the Knights."

Duke stays in Minerva.

"How's Happiness? If Raven says Happiness is better off living in the woods, he'll quit the Knights and build a house."

"... irresponsible"

I see. I think you should do your job. "

"... of course"

It is Happiness' opinion to finish the job thoroughly rather than prioritizing yourself.

Raven seems happy to hear that.

"Seek... good luck"

"I'm the only one who asks questions differently."

"You're still a kid. Have Celia protect you. Don't bother."

"I won't call you. I'm not the captain."

He's not cute.

Well, Celia wouldn't treat Seek badly.

Teal and Fiora have Quinn.

I'm relieved to have friends of the same generation.

I don't know.

"... sick?

"No, the inevitable limit may be to go to a critical battle."

"I'm not going to a fight where I risk my life and death whether I'm weird or sick.... I thought you guys were good."

"What's going on?

"You know, I'm marrying Cecilia. You've been chasing me. Something like this... just now. Is that all right?

I was honestly happy when I followed him.

After that, I went to Cecilia's mansion with momentum.

Happiness is maid, Duke is knight, Seek is weather... no, gardener apprenticeship.

It's not the way it was supposed to be, but don't you regret it?

What are you talking about?

"... mystery"

"Captain doesn't understand."

I've been very brave and listened to this reaction.

What's wrong with you?

"I'm glad I came to Minerva. I had a hard time reuniting with the captain, but I had such a good meeting that I was able to remember. I don't think it's going to be any worse if these days continue."

"I had a regrettable experience, too. It's hard to be chased, but it's better than Demon King Castle. Captain, brother Duke and sister Happiness."

"... happiness, that's all"

"What is that?"

Where's my deployed Serious?

It seems that everyone is not dissatisfied with the scene.

Did I think too much? [M]

"I don't know if the captain is worried about people in the first place."

"... marriage, anxiety"

"Cecilia, my sister was worried."


Damage to my spirit.

"Even after spending time confessing and becoming a lover, I don't know if I'm afraid to marry you or not."

"... a slut"


Anyway, Duke and the other two are mean.

I can't say anything because what I'm saying is right.

"Where does the captain go to be cool with the usual waste!

"The two of you are going to graduate with your marriage."

"... marriage, change, no"

"Happiness, my sister says..."

Happiness and Seek can't give me back anything.

Cecilia didn't react well either.

"Captain... my patience is not good. I don't want you to hide yourself."

"Duke... when we get married. Sometimes I have to abandon myself."

"... anger"

"Wow, Happiness, there's a flame of anger coming from my sister."

Looks like you came here to buy Happiness's wrath.

No, why!?

"... marriage, change, no"

"I just heard that!?

"... alone"


I did a lot of mental damage again.

Seek is laughing.

"... part of"

"What do you mean?

I don't understand Happiness' words only this time.

What's part of it?