Family Happiness.

We should have known each other even if we had the smallest number of units.

I can't read in Happiness's mind.

"Ah, Captain. I know, so I'll speak for Happiness so the captain can understand."

Duke seems to know.

It's a pretty shocking story, but even if I think about it, I don't think I'll get an answer, so I think it would be better to listen to the story very carefully.

When I stopped dragging the Purple Bore and stopped there, Duke started talking.

"Happiness is in a state the captain doesn't understand."

"Don't say I'm not sure."

Don't say that like you don't know how to switch on my cook.

The Black Thunder Swordsman is angry.

"Well, from Happiness, I don't know. That's it. That's what the captain has."

"That's true....."

"Happiness says it's not good to push yourself to death for marriage."

Is that so?

Happiness nodded small, so Duke was right.

"Captain, don't you want Cecilia to stop her hobbies and correct her personality for marrying you?

"I don't like that."

"I guess. That's what I mean. In the case of the captain, I think it would be better to grow up a little."

"... adults"

"I'm not relaxed right now, Captain."

That's all I want to say, guys.

But I won't complain because it is helpful.

They all have romantic situations, and I'm not saying anything wrong.

Will you grow up and calm down without losing your personality?

That's a tough one.

"Well, I think a pre-wedding trip would be nice. Even if the captain and Cecilia went on a trip, it felt like they were mostly going on a hug."

"What is it, hugging me?"

Does that mean something to you?

Traveling together... exploring ruins and picnicking in the mountains.

Oh... have you ever been on a proper trip?

Happiness' gaze pierces my mind.

I just don't feel like being told what to do as a boyfriend.

Turn your eyes away from Happiness subtly while pulling your mouth.

Stop, don't look at me like that.

"Captain. Happiness, take a good look at your sister. I have really cold eyes."

"I don't want to see it, so I'm distracted."

"That's not good."

She said that she was punctured with a faint voice.

I regretted not being told by Seek, so I looked back.

"... contempt"

"You're making a fool of me!

"Captain, I can't help it."

"You have no choice but to clean it up."

You don't often use insults on people.

I'd rather use it on me like a family.

Am I that guilty?

Not for a captain like that.

"Hey, what are you talking about?"

If we change the subject, it'll be like I can be despised.

"... fine"

"Captain, don't worry about it. Let's go."

"Gu... okay."

I can easily pull back after losing the push.

Funny, I'm the captain for these guys.

I'm just a junior who came in handsomely.

"We're worried about the captain... The captain fell in love with Cecilia, left us behind, and jumped out of the Demon King Castle that he had dragged on for years. There's so much going on, we're getting married, and this is it."

"Don't say that."

"... a slut"


"You guys, stop!

Is Happiness and Seek in charge of Gaya?

But you can't help saying it's a rat.

"That's all we can do for a captain like that."

Duke gave me the parcel.

I gave it to Happiness and Seek, confused by sudden gifts, suddenly.

I want you to use it if you have trouble with your pre-wedding trip.

"... helpful"

"That's how I feel."

"You guys...."

I've come here to cry about gifts.

I received a parcel from the three of them as I was about to cry.

The sizes vary, so I think they were chosen individually.

Well, what's in it?

"Wait. I'll open it when I go on my pre-wedding trip."

"... secret"

"If I open it now, I can't get bored. Open it where we're not."

The three of them stopped and stopped trying to open their hands.

When I open it here, I think I'll put a stick in it depending on what's in it.

Should I leave the contents as a mystery?

I carry a gift from three people without opening it.

You've got more luggage.

"Thank you all. Now then, purple bore...."

Well then, let's go.

"... oh"



The three of them kept leaving me and Purple Boar behind.

Aitsura, you really have a good personality.

After all, I carried the Purple Bore alone.

It was tougher with more luggage than before, but I carried it alone.

The villagers thanked me as usual, so let's do it.

I was surprised that Happiness was singing in the village square when I was reporting the completion of the request to the village chief.

Duke is backsliding, Seek is dancing to the song... and of course, the song he's singing.

"Don't sing that!

I swear by love in the evening sky that is fashionable.

I recently learned the name of the song.

Happiness influences you, it's complicated and I can't say anything.

It's exciting because Duke advertises that the villagers are also popular in Minerva.

I forced myself out after singing the same song three times.

Enough is enough.

I'm tired of being messed around on the carriage on my way home.

Dinner for the four of us.

When I got off the carriage, it was just dinner.

I wish I had come this far.

"Captain's luxury."

"Well, you asked me out and I got you a present."

"... luxury"

"High Store"

"We're going to the right pub!

The two idiots are saying something they don't know.

Don't be a bit shy.

Speaking of which...

Duke murmured as if he had thought of something.

What the hell is that?

"Nothing happened while I was working with the captain."

"... strange"

"Captain, you always bring in problems."

"You... what do you think I am?"

Sometimes I spend my time in peace.

Did you want so much happiness?

I hope so.

"Fu, I've predicted my misfortune in the mirror before."

Wow, that's painful.

"... weirdo"

I don't know what that means.

Be strong, me!

"It's only now that you can say that. I wish for my own misfortune, but not for my family's misfortune... you will be happily ever after."

I made a firm decision in the kitchen posse.

Should the three of them look at me and laugh?

My prophecy comes true.

I'm on my way to the tavern doing such a stupid thing.

"I'm glad you're not Seek. This is a coincidence."

When I found Seek, it was Teal who grabbed her right arm.


Fiora also showed up and grabbed Seek's left arm.

This one can't escape.

But you two aren't running at a time like this.

"Hmm, isn't that the kid? Looks like we got company. Did you get in the way?

Guy arrived late.

I knew you had a guardian.

"No, what's the matter with you two girls?"

I feel bad about the way you say it.

"It's my fault. So what's the situation?"

"Well, the Associate Guild Master asked me to take two of my best friends to dinner."

Crayman did this to you.

Is Quinn absent? [M]

Well, is that what happened?

Behind my gaze is a Seek who is unlikely to escape at the earliest.

"Let's go with Seek. I have a lot to talk about. Every day with the guardian gods, every day with the guardian gods, about the bravery of the guardian gods!

"Seek, I want to hear about the medicine again."

"Uh, uh... okay, Captain..."

"Go Seek. This child-friendly uncle will buy it for me."

"Hey, kid!

Well then, Seek, good luck.

We walked out with Seek in Guy's hands.

"Captain, this is terrible."

"... abandoned"

"What are you talking about? I'm sure it's the family who sends me out silently because two of my girlfriend's invited me."

I know where you're going.

Now, Seek has left and has become three.

Where can I finish dinner?

When I'm looking for a restaurant, I see a familiar figure running around.


"... Happiness!

It was Raven.

This is a position where you grab your shoulders and don't miss.

Happiness is confused by sudden developments.

"... I'm hosting a ceremony at the Minerva Theater, but one of the poets fell ill suddenly. I was guarding the theater, but they asked me if I had a substitute."

I can see what's happening.

"... I don't want you to hate Happiness. However, this event was designed to be enjoyed not only by the nobles but also by citizens. As far as I'm concerned, I want you to enjoy yourself until the end. I want Happiness to sing in the tavern and swear love in the night sky."

It is also unusual for Raven to persuade so desperately.

I don't think I want to put happiness in public.

Happiness isn't just singing about me.

How will Happiness answer?

"... refuse"

"... that's right."

"... I won't, I'll do my best"

I was glad you said no.

"... thank you, Happiness. I'll thank you when I get back. Let's get to the theater. There's a costume match."

"... costume?

"... ahh. Find a costume that fits Happiness. There's a cosmetician in the troupe."

"... confused"

"... it's okay. I'll take care of Happiness. I won't let anyone touch the decorated happiness."

"... Captain"

"Go on."

Last time you asked for help.

But I want to say good luck there.

The creepy Raven took Happiness with him.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Raven will do when he gets back, Happiness.

Well, I guess I ended up alone.

"No, what are you talking about? I'm here. I'll eat as much as Seek and Happiness."

I'm staying with Duke until the two of them left.

Your kindness has been well communicated.

Thanks, Duke, but...

"Duke, for the record, I thought you were the first to leave."

"No, what are you talking about? I'm the one who assisted the captain the most of the three. It's not that easy."

Even if I was told that I couldn't leave easily.

"In your case, you won't be able to leave easily."


Here we go.

Behind Duke's dumb voice is a shadow that rushes at a fierce speed.



Irene hugged her beautifully with her arms and legs without killing the momentum.

Yeah, I thought you were coming.

"Come on, Irene. I'm off duty today!

"I know. I'm done in the evening. I miss Mr. Duke... and when I hear about the Knights guards watching the theater cheaply, I come to distract him."

Yes, yes, by the heat.

"Hey, Captain. What are you pointing your back at? He said," I'm going to walk slowly in this situation. "

"You don't need me here. Everything you need... Duke, you should know."

"What do you mean you don't know what it means... Irene? Let go of me!"


Yes, yes, it's a treat.

In a different sense, it's a treat for the three of you.

Dinner was easy at home because I didn't like going into the tavern alone.

I was supposed to have dinner with the three of us, but I missed dinner alone.

Cecilia's not coming today either.

I'm probably busy scheduling and scheduling my pre-wedding trip.

"Fu, I'm tired of carrying the Purple Bore by myself today, so let's get to bed."

I was going to get used to living alone.

I wanted to live with Cecilia early.