After a lonely dinner, I just went to bed... and I heard the door slam.

I wonder who it is at such a late hour... with a pale expectation that it might be Cecilia, I head to the door.

This is the only time I have a Savior that I don't call.

I will open the door to be a brave man soon.

"Hey, I'm sorry I'm late."

A messiah has come to me.

Kaius, known as Cupid of Love.

If my chest is moyamoya and Kaius... there is hope.

"I don't mind at all. Come on in."

I took Kaius to the living room.

But there's something wrong with it.

Caius is just entering the house smoothly... hmm?

"Kaius, don't you have a coffin on your back today?"

"Oh, I'm afraid I didn't bring you here today. Looks like you've been working too hard lately. When I tried to restrain him as gently as I always did, he ran away."

If anyone doesn't know what's going on, we can't wait to contact the Knights.

Unfortunately, it won't come in.

I know what's going on, so I'll finish in a word.

"So what brings you here today?

"Of course. I'm here to ask you where the ring is."

"Is that so? Caius knew I was ready."

Were you reading when you proposed when you bought the ring?

I don't think Kaius can come at such a good time.

I have no choice but to pay tribute to the observation eye of Kaius, who has been in love with Cupid longer than by chance....

"The song 'Swear Love in the Night Sky' is popular in Brilliance. I knew it when I heard the song."

"That's it!

It was true that it was spreading to the Clariness Kingdom.

I wonder if it would be better not to react one more time.

Every time I hear you scream, I lose my throat.

It was you guys after all. There were rumors on the way here. Congratulations, you are blessed by the people of the country. "

"Yes, what is it? That's it."

Sometimes I'm embarrassed.

Cecilia is in trouble because she is not full.

"I understand your troubles, but please be happy now. Your wish came true. [M] Take this as a toast."

That's the pair of glasses that Caius gave me.

When the dishes moved, Cecilia and I went shopping together.

Neither Cecilia nor I drink much alcohol.

I often drink Cecilia's tea.

"I recommend drinking occasionally when you're spending the night with a couple. It will be a place where you can talk inside your heart. Of course, it's not compulsory, so I'm glad you can use it when drinking fruit liquor that doesn't get too drunk."

"This is also a popular product sold in Brilliance."


Thank you for letting me use it.

Well, Caius came for me.

I want you to listen to me.

"Actually. Ever since my marriage to Cecilia approached, I've been moaning. I think Cecilia's sealing the kitchen. They told me not to push myself to kill because I was married."


"I wonder which is right. I don't know what to do for Cecilia."

"Hmm... that's the trouble. Well... do you remember when I told you that it wasn't bad for me to get to know them carefully?

"Ah... I remember."

When we had the boys' party.

Yuga, Duke, Raven.

"Pay attention to the other person and lose their personality. If you keep doing that, you'll be a boring husband."

"It's boring....."

"What did she want from you?

"Cecilia gave me...."

When you close your eyes, it is the days of preaching that come to mind.

Sit down and listen to Cecilia's thankful story, and get caught in trouble again.

"No, no, no. That's not what I meant."

Shake your neck to the side and reconsider.

"What Cecilia wanted from me... exciting?

"I feel like I've chosen the wrong word... well, that's where it is. It's not good to embarrass you too much, but don't lose yourself."

Yeah, I think something's different.

Should I stay like me?

After all, consultation is important.

"Hahaha, I guess so. You should realize that you have someone to rely on. [M] If you depend on someone else, you might as well wait with your chest for your turn to be relied on."

"Does the relationship evolve because it changes that much?"

"That's right. If they don't solve it, you can call me. Kaius, the Cupid of Love, will attend to the consultation. Oops, I only ask about romantic counseling."

That's what Caius left behind...

"That's right. Please call me for the wedding. Then I'll bring Shia."

"I'd like you to leave me alone with the coffin."

"Oops, you have to think about that area. Well, now that I've missed Shea, excuse me.... congratulations on your successful proposal."

Caius left a blessing.

Really... that feels like a love cupid.

That's why I slept well the day after I was lonely.

Cecilia visited me as early as possible.

Recently, I have come to the house with dignity, but has it not been given to me by an informant?

I'm curious, but now let's listen to Cecilia.

"Youki-san. I was very worried."

"No, I'm sorry Cecilia was thinking about it. I got Duke and the others to talk about it...."

We need to explain that Cecilia doesn't have to worry any more.

"Does that mean it's solved?"

Well, I guess it's refreshing.

Caius came too, so I felt like I could recognise what I had to do and what I was prepared for.


I was distracted by the sad look on my face.

That's funny, I don't have to worry too much anymore because I'm out of trouble.

I thought you'd be delighted.

"Pre-wedding trips are cancelled...."

How did that happen!?

"Wait a minute. That's not the case."

Even if the problem is solved, Cecilia and I would like to travel together.

"Youki-san's troubles have been solved, so there's no point in going."

Don't look so sad.

What's going on, what's going on here?

Was it a case I shouldn't have solved on my own?

"I want to travel with Cecilia. I want to go without my worries. [M] I feel excited and excited and want to keep it in my memory."

Combined with the feeling of thickness, it is persuaded with a hand gesture.

If you ask me so far, Cecilia will convince me... oh?

I noticed something suspicious about Cecilia.

I've been lying down from the middle of the persuasion... if you look closely.

You're not sad, you're laughing.

My shoulders are trembling, my mouth is pressed, and I'm sure of it.

"That's funny. I don't think Cecilia felt that way."

I'm not angry, I swear.

It's just a mystery.

"Fufu, actually, I was told to try this attitude once I talked to my mother. Youki-san began to hurry more than I expected, so I laughed unexpectedly."

That's Celia's wisdom.

Gu, I'm sorry to get caught, but I'm glad to see Cecilia.

Yeah, we can't just let it go.

Let's try something I don't usually do here either.

Slowly approach Cecilia and touch her cheek with one hand.

"Let me see a different side."

There are not two things you are not used to doing at the same time.

As a result of a thorough bite, I grabbed my lover's right cheek and solidified it.

A few seconds of silence, and...

"Youki-san is still Youki-san."

I was able to get a smile.

... let's do it better.